YouTube's Copyright System Isn't Broken. The World's Is. 

Tom Scott
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No copyright infringement intended. | Watch Money, my new Nebula Original series, with a 30-day free trial of CuriosityStream: curiositystream.com/tomscott
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AUDIO MIX: Graham Haerther
EDITOR: Isla McTear
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Tom Scott
Tom Scott 24 dagar sedan
Yep, 42 minutes of video. This was a big project. Plus: I've got an all-new five-part original series called Money over on Nebula, which you can watch as a bundle with CuriosityStream! curiositystream.com/tomscott
Jimothy Turtle
Jimothy Turtle Dag sedan
Hiya, just FYI, it's actually pronounced, 'Norse Korea' 😉❤️
Jimothy Turtle
Jimothy Turtle Dag sedan
Hiya, just FYI, it's actually pronounced, 'Norse Korea' 😉❤️
Jimothy Turtle
Jimothy Turtle Dag sedan
@Ivan Nava Hiya, just FYI, it's actually pronounced, 'Norse Korea' 😉❤️
Gabriel Gonzalez
your content has gotten so much better in a very quick amount of time. for the past 2 years i've been really entertained and educated by your content. But this is video is entirely different.
hoylemd Dag sedan
This video is amazing! I almost said incredible, but that's the opposite of true.
Just Mavi
Just Mavi Timme sedan
One take !
rayvids Timme sedan
Geo Timme sedan
SEvid's Copyright System Isn't Broken Recommend for you what are you trying to say SEvid?
Katie Quirk
Katie Quirk Timme sedan
What about doctor who 😔
Alon Ben Dov
Alon Ben Dov Timme sedan
Best channel. thanks
matt ashley
matt ashley Timme sedan
“The video gets copyrighted”
Masterpj555 Timme sedan
copyright law needs loosening and a lot of change.. with music a lot of things can be considered a remix... and with more things being made and restricted ... the freedom of creavity and innovation is also restricted.. time for change.
JamesThereNowWhat? 2 timmar sedan
That was the map men dude. Best cameo ever.
Rhids 2 timmar sedan
In my opinion, at the very most copyright should only last until death of the creator and no longer, and only be able to be passed on to living relatives if the copyright is within 20 years of creation.
Dark GT
Dark GT 2 timmar sedan
- <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="286">4:46</a> while true, the copyright system can't always distinguish between different recordings of same public domain work. - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1036">17:16</a> not so wide, if you happen to upload game footage at day 0 of the launch you will get copyright claims. Also companies like Konami and Nintendo abuse their copyright rights to claim everything their own. - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2160">36:00</a> There is big issue about the public domain, big studios like Disney find a way to change the law in their benefits, or public domain of a movies when the characters turn into iconic only know to appear as they are in that particular movie, so nobody can't make a movie from the book for the Frankenstein, because the look of the character is copyrighted. The law is shaped to match the interest of the big companies.
JI Rony
JI Rony 2 timmar sedan
This is why I pirate movies and musics from big companies.
TehKazlehoff 3 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2280">38:00</a> one workaround for this would be grandfathering. if you made one song in 65 that made you a ton of money, its good for the lifetime. then public.
Abundant Videos
Abundant Videos 3 timmar sedan
What about for the purposes of teaching? And what about explanation of the medium/artwork without actually criticizing the medium at hand?
Andy Gilleand
Andy Gilleand 3 timmar sedan
I would suggest one more change: Licenses should be priced relative to the expected target audience size. The smaller the creator's audience is, the smaller fee they would need to pay to properly license the copyrighted content. This is the biggest hurdle right now for people who want to use that content legitimately. Thankfully, I have seen some companies doing this, such as lickd, which was designed specifically with youtubers in mind. Hopefully more companies join this mindset, and hopefully the law gets modified to make this a requirement. Honestly, I'd argue that if an audience is small enough, there shouldn't be a fee.
aycc-nbh72 3 timmar sedan
I think that one of the problems is that the US and UK both use intentionally vague language in their statutes, meaning that contracts must be long and complex, as the English Common Law legal system allows for statutes to be overturned or altered by judges. What they COULD do is move over to the Roman Civil Law system that’s used in Continental Europe and have highly detailed language in the statute, with simpler contracts. The downside, however, is that the “innocent until proven guilty” standard in criminal cases gets flip-flopped, so doing this would uproot one of the US’s core national values.
lazarusledd91 3 timmar sedan
i love how his alternate name is actually Scom Tott
Satrio Arif
Satrio Arif 4 timmar sedan
that one screaming lawyer, i felt his emotion deep inside me when the deadlines creeps in and someone give me a call
khawar ashfaq
khawar ashfaq 4 timmar sedan
this video was informative i did not have any idea about the copyright law thanx
Anson Thai
Anson Thai 4 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1010">16:50</a> Giphy: *nervous sweating*
Kameron Briggs
Kameron Briggs 5 timmar sedan
just be smart.
Khanh Phạm
Khanh Phạm 6 timmar sedan
This is a very good presentation about a view from the other side of the copyright argument. I love my creators but just blaming youtube for the strikes is not fair. They do what they can, they are still trying to fix the system but people put them in the same light as the greedy big music companies just show how people don’t look at this problems from all perspectives.
Jonathan_407 6 timmar sedan
Tom Scott: The copyright system isn’t broken. Onision: Observe.
David Hembrow
David Hembrow 6 timmar sedan
Not fundamentally broken? I've had hundreds of copyright claims for videos with SILENT soundtracks. How can there be a match between any music at all and complete silence? This is obviously not possible so yea the system is definitely fundamentally broken.
David Hembrow
David Hembrow 6 timmar sedan
And by silent I really do mean silent. I.e. every single sample in the soundtrack has the same value. There is nothing to be heard. Yet every week there are new claims against these old videos.
SuperSauron 6 timmar sedan
Are those yoshis on the bed?
ZH2912 6 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1488">24:48</a> and... Who is it?
陈北宗 7 timmar sedan
There was even a time when Sintel got flagged. That is an explicitly open source movie by the Blender Foundation and made entirely on donated money and computing resources and with their own 3D animation software Blender kind of as a show de force, yet just because Sony used the 4K render of it as a test video it got flagged by Sony on Blender Foundation's own SEvid channel.
Deep hug
Deep hug 6 timmar sedan
Depending on the video game streaming could add sales or decrease sales. Stuff like Detroit become human doesn’t help, but stuff like hearthstone gains sales.
Levy2k9 8 timmar sedan
Why is Tom wearing an oversized red shirt, with a strap they give special kids to keep their lunchboxes closed?
Deep hug
Deep hug 6 timmar sedan
their lives, and if an artist was to die soon after production at least the estate can have some profitability from the production
Apoorva S
Apoorva S 8 timmar sedan
I'm in mg final year at law school and I'm planning on becoming a copyright lawyer and this was such a refreshing take. Thank you so much for such a quality video.
OmarFW 8 timmar sedan
Once again a major problem with the internet boils down to the fact that companies can afford to lobby and we can't. When are we going to end legalized bribery?
Arthur Pimenta
Arthur Pimenta 8 timmar sedan
Ancaps would be crazy with this video
Grant Lindahl
Grant Lindahl 9 timmar sedan
to say that we should revoke old music copyrights because the people it would harm is a minority is the same mentality that introduced slavery and prostitution to the world.
Number 27
Number 27 9 timmar sedan
Copyright just sucks. That's the short-and-sweet of it.
C13R 10 timmar sedan
I've written, performed, recorded, engineered and produced over 1,000 original songs with music videos. (No, really - just look) and on no less than a dozen occasions I have had MY MUSIC claimed by a music company and have claimed any income from those songs. (Bad luck for them, I don't have an audience, so no $$) On EVERY occasion - I counterclaimed and they let the 30 day response time just count down and NEVER respond. NOT just one company. Several. This is ABUSIVE and knocks the momentum out of ANY single that I release that someone else sees as competition. I never receive an answer nor does SEvid compensate nor the claimant suffer ANY penalty for this abusive behavior. I'm just Out Of Luck for 30 days. But the "system isn't broken"?!? I, and creators like me are outright being denied the ability to monetize our work, *without any recourse*. Consider perhaps making a follow-up about these "RARE EDGE CASES". i.e. People struggling to achieve the level of success that you have by blathering on about topics that interest you...
lukas 10 timmar sedan
there should be a "small" publisher law. For exampel Videos/ Memes up to 20.000 views cannot be claimed, unless the claimed part of Art doesn´t have a reach over 20.000 or so. Thus small artist would be protected.
lukas 10 timmar sedan
and i don´t think that music or so should have 50 or so years of safety. If it was so famous, it has a nostalgic effect, it should have brought enough money for the works worth in 20 or less years.
LetsRoll 10 timmar sedan
Does that mean all these Corona virus songs are illegal..?
Markus 10 timmar sedan
Nice video, though there are still massive problems... Like Videos filmed in public, with music being played in the background, e.g. a radio the creator had no control about...
Sleep Deprived Potato
Sleep Deprived Potato 10 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="715">11:55</a> ... How?
Taneli Härkönen
Taneli Härkönen 11 timmar sedan
Free Roblox Accounts
Free Roblox Accounts 11 timmar sedan
If you send in a lot of copyright complaints, can you get terminated even though they are real? Do you need to wait to send a copyright complaint?
Nath P
Nath P 11 timmar sedan
Ironically, this got claimed
mcsub 11 timmar sedan
I think fair length for copyright should be until death plus 20 year, or 50 years which every is shorter. This means people can continue to profit from their work for the majority of their lives, and if an artist was to die soon after production at least the estate can have some profitability from the production
Phil Nye
Phil Nye 11 timmar sedan
Depending on the video game streaming could add sales or decrease sales. Stuff like Detroit become human doesn’t help, but stuff like hearthstone gains sales.
Gatzlocke 11 timmar sedan
Woah woah woah, are you using a computer to upload this? Is that part of fair use to Microsoft or Apple?
Kyle Saunders
Kyle Saunders 12 timmar sedan
Yep you areofficially the plug for all things righteous.
Phuc N. NGUYEN 12 timmar sedan
Are you young or old? I seriously can't tell.
Kenley 12 timmar sedan
Why did no one get the idea to buy the rights of Kevin Mcload's Sneaky Snitch???
kepster888 12 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1104">18:24</a> why all league streamers call the game trash. Then blame rito for imbalance as criticism. 😄
Steven First
Steven First 12 timmar sedan
Why did I just watch all of this video and enjoy it?
Jetlag Moto
Jetlag Moto 13 timmar sedan
I love stock photos. Cause you never know when you might need a picture of a family baking cookies while wearing WWI gas masks
Jacob Gasser
Jacob Gasser 13 timmar sedan
did i really just spend 45 minutes on this omg
Thaddeus 13 timmar sedan
I hope i will see you in SEvid rewind
MyOwnDesign 13 timmar sedan
thank you. i almost forgot to pay for the pictures i've used today :D
HolyPastrami 13 timmar sedan
SEvid is just doing the best it can with the hands its been dealt by law. However, if Sony can go around on SEvid and claim some random persons performance of a Beethoven piece, which that person then cant appeal, because appeals are handled by the same company who makes the claim, and even if after illegally claiming the video, they agree that they are infact in the wrong, they just wait out the 30 days until they have to reply, because they will get all the money the video makes while the appeal is in process, then to claim that the fault is in no way on SEvids end is wrong.
noob gamer
noob gamer 13 timmar sedan
we know this fix for this just false copyright your own video as many times as you see fit then you get your majority money back
Vikkilikki 14 timmar sedan
You should make a podcast on Spotify or something like that. Because in the videos you just talk, it doesn't really matter what the video is like, just the audio. I would totally listen to it on my way to school.
Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan 14 timmar sedan
How long until no one is allowed to even say the name of a movie/song/book online without having to pay someone?
Chris The Robloxian
Chris The Robloxian 14 timmar sedan
Yhea.... I'm going to live in Russia if all this crap keeps on
Frosty Racc
Frosty Racc 14 timmar sedan
Oliver Brotherhood in a Tom Scott Video?
Kelly Allen
Kelly Allen 14 timmar sedan
how did I watch this entire think and felt like its only been 15 minutes??
Nao Kimaji
Nao Kimaji 14 timmar sedan
so wheres your licence for those vehicles in the background?
JiggyMcPeebles 14 timmar sedan
Yo, I'm new to this channel, someone please tell me why this guy is so smart
dooks4life 15 timmar sedan
17.48 I undestand exposure won't pay the rent but given what complete liars most developers are these days I'll usually watch a video on it then decide if I'll buy ... I'm in no rush so no video no purchase Ijs
A Random Smith
A Random Smith 15 timmar sedan
So there actually is an example of a court declaring gifs to violate fair use. In the District Court for the Northern District of California (aka the court where all the silicon valley cases are) there was a case in mid 2018, Lucasfilm LTD. LLC, v. Ren Ventures LTD. In that case Lucasfilms sought to have the court find that their copyright had been willfully violated. The court found the copyright had been violated, but it had not been willful. In a discussion of fair use, they go through the four factors of fair use, but in the end, weighing purpose and market effect extra heavily, found that the defendants use of Star Wars GIFS to promote their Sabacc game without Lucasfilms permission was copyright infringement. While it's still an isolated case, the Northern District of California has a lot of sway when it comes to technology law, so it's worth noting.
brachypelmasmith 16 timmar sedan
Wait, you said that MST 3000 was absolutely nothing but review and criticism, but then just a few seconds later, you say that just adding wisecracks over the entire movie definitely wasn't fair use so they asked for rights for every movie they watched. What is it then? Are they allowed to use it or not.
Heidee S
Heidee S 16 timmar sedan
The Legal Eagle!!!!
Christopher Aaby
Christopher Aaby 16 timmar sedan
Fantastic thing to get to watch for free! On SEvid no less :D
gjoerulv 16 timmar sedan
Welp, imo, big companies are still a more in the "wrong", morally speaking, concerning "fair use". I'm all for free market and all, but at the same time don't pretend that the law does not gravitate towards the huge money dealers due to corruption and lobbying. If there were huge sums of money behind a law to consider parodies "fair use", then it would most likely happen. If Disney accidentally parodied something without permission, and got sued for it, definitions on parody would be all over the place. And there is a certain gray area on parody vs criticism. The criticism in this vid aren't really criticism are they??
berbandis 16 timmar sedan
Vidangel tried a model that was not tested in courts and found Disney suing them to the point that you cant even have Disney movies edited in your own home now, if you are watching Star Wars now and you fast forward through a scene with Jarjar Binks you may be violating copyright now.
Nkrlz 16 timmar sedan
Copyright should just replicate what patent law does (maybe reducing the required fees to protect it). It's a realistic solution, might not be all that utopian, but much more plausible, rather have a begrudging compromise than a "bloody" revolution. Edit: But also, talking about reality, a change like this would just accelerate to the nth degre the "everything-as-a-service" companies drool over now-a-days. Why will they bother with copyright when you don't own a single thing that's more than a dummy screen (it's like TV pre VHS and radio pre compact cassette bundle into a giant middle finger to preservation and consumers).
Adelinawrites 17 timmar sedan
I'm so impressed by your long takes.
Chadyo the Wallnut
Chadyo the Wallnut 17 timmar sedan
How are you this well spoken? Not a single slip of the tongue all while walking through London.
Immortal ZoDD
Immortal ZoDD 17 timmar sedan
My boy Sargon won his case
Scorp1u5 18 timmar sedan
What we need to do to promote the progress of arts and science is a graduated compensation system. So in the beginning it is 100% yours and drops 2% per year.
Dito 18 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="212">3:32</a> NOOO! We have to burn every piece of copy right law.
Kriss 18 timmar sedan
Did my mans just meme culture the “Nerdy underbelly of the internet “ 🤣
Kriss 18 timmar sedan
Did my mans just meme culture the “Nerdy underbelly of the internet “ 🤣
Yann G
Yann G 18 timmar sedan
*Mickey Mouse would like to know your location*
shellbournian 18 timmar sedan
10/10 legal eagle cameo
Jake Pittman
Jake Pittman 18 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1767">29:27</a> Tom “its entirely possible” scott
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