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Candy craziness, mind blowing magic and a wheely unfortunate dude!
Time for another fantastic episode of Overtime!
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asma gowher
asma gowher 8 timmar sedan
You know a lot of people love twirlers
Sridevi gowri
Sridevi gowri 8 timmar sedan
I have ate 331 yards of nedos
Creepersrock24 Gaming
Creepersrock24 Gaming 8 timmar sedan
You should invite Zach King to Magic Show Time in Overtime.
Wayne Wear
Wayne Wear 9 timmar sedan
My name is Cody
Tyler Everix
Tyler Everix 10 timmar sedan
I’ve eaten 100 yards of nerd rope
A̸lmo̸nds H̸o̸n̸e̸y̸
my question from aus. WTH ARE THOSE CANDIES well lollies. Skittles i know but MILK DUDS AND IDK WHAT OTHERS< WHAT ARE THEY!
Llamacito or FellowFleshling
It’s a Leon 1688
It’s a Leon 1688 10 timmar sedan
I want more of Get Crafty!
shawn campbell
shawn campbell 10 timmar sedan
luka tw
luka tw 11 timmar sedan
tour!!!!!!! big fan bros :):):):):):):):):):;)
Luke Asbell
Luke Asbell 11 timmar sedan
I like how Coby was just eating Flipz after Top10, I love those
Co Everything1234
Co Everything1234 11 timmar sedan
Bobby Farrelly
Bobby Farrelly 12 timmar sedan
Brandy Gouker
Brandy Gouker 12 timmar sedan
I can't believe BIG LEAGUE CHEW is not on the list
balachandran cp
balachandran cp 12 timmar sedan
Did any of you guys notice that the second kick of Cory's wood landed upright taking support on the bag?
Togetic ONE
Togetic ONE 13 timmar sedan
unsub bc m&m's wasn't on the list
vanshik T
vanshik T 13 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="898">14:58</a> look at Coby's face
Albatross Panda
Albatross Panda 14 timmar sedan
Prithvi Drego
Prithvi Drego 15 timmar sedan
get craft you are literally using pine wood the weakest type of wood i should know my father is a carpenter and i help him a lot
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 15 timmar sedan
people think its great but its the one Cory will hate
Charito Pantin
Charito Pantin 16 timmar sedan
I got 90 yards bro!!!
Shyamala Suryavanchikesh
Shyamala Suryavanchikesh 16 timmar sedan
True judgement
Pratham Lal
Pratham Lal 16 timmar sedan
65? Weak. I have eaten approximately 80yds. Get to my level TT
Dayton Pickering
Dayton Pickering 17 timmar sedan
Kit Kat all day
WIlliam MURboch
WIlliam MURboch 17 timmar sedan
When I was 6 I ate 100 yards of nerd rope
محمد محمود
محمد محمود 18 timmar sedan
انعال ابن نعال
TheBrainandBrawn 19 timmar sedan
Hard to find potentially cool things when all the non-essential markets are off the grid until further notice, huh?
1A3 26 Roy Puah
1A3 26 Roy Puah 19 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="991">16:31</a> his hand already has one match in it
jack crafts
jack crafts 20 timmar sedan
-4 yards
Frank Hilson
Frank Hilson 20 timmar sedan
We also want videogames a STEREOTYPES and school SYEREOTYPES
Jackson Peaslee
Jackson Peaslee 21 timme sedan
how not like reeses but nerd rope is amazing
Vincent Aigbedion
Vincent Aigbedion 22 timmar sedan
Awesome Gojira2017
Awesome Gojira2017 22 timmar sedan
To me, I don't like any candy and I'll never try them, except for one, and that is 3 musketeers.
Gaming With Samuel
Gaming With Samuel 22 timmar sedan
No your today
Tj Huddleston
Tj Huddleston 22 timmar sedan
I’m turning off the video because you didn’t put Swedish fish in the top 5😂
Charlye Arsenault
Charlye Arsenault 23 timmar sedan
I’ve never had a nerd rope lol BrEaKiNg REcOrDs
Brandon Sagardia
Brandon Sagardia 23 timmar sedan
Just replace "waxed pits" with "teach an algebra class to the mentally disabled"
Evan S
Evan S 23 timmar sedan
Once my mom gave me orange tic tacs and said keep them in your bookbag so if you have stinky breath you can eat it by the end of the short drive they were all gone my mom was like son just why ..............you know what I don't want to know we laughed so hard well I love y'alls videos and I have up video games for this thing that we did and y'all are getting me through this suffering time so just putting it out there so .oh can you please make some more stereo type advertise videos there some of my favorite videos I've ever watched so thanks for making videos keep doing what your doing see yall. Oh by the way my SEvid name is footballover2020
AlecAwesome TV
AlecAwesome TV 23 timmar sedan
Get someone besides ty for top 10
Kate Golden
Kate Golden 23 timmar sedan
Can you send me some of them sweets we don't have them where I live!
Ellie Hunter
Ellie Hunter Dag sedan
Let’s face it my top 10 candies would all be gummy bears and anything gummy 😂
Jennie Shaw
Jennie Shaw Dag sedan
70 yds. of nerd roe
Jennie Shaw
Jennie Shaw Dag sedan
August Hao
August Hao Dag sedan
I'm SO surprised airheads and haribo didn't make it on top 10
Andrew Wildfong
Andrew Wildfong Dag sedan
Pugsley the Baker
The magician has a roll of toilet paper, not knowing how much of a luxury that would be to have in quarantine right now.
this annoys me how coby and cory were cutting the wood
Henry Cookson
Henry Cookson Dag sedan
Guys when are u going to do airsoft battle royal 3?? Just asking
I have ate 66 yards of nerd rope
hunrter Kahramanidis
The magician threw the ball over his head
Poopcorn Hotel Hideaway
Are you the 75 yards of gummy bears
Tru Pilditch
Tru Pilditch Dag sedan
Cool not cool
Kristi Schwarz
Kristi Schwarz Dag sedan
I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! fruity stripes😍
Alex Johnson-Fry
get crafty is the best segment ever
Colton Porter
Colton Porter Dag sedan
I have
Alex Johnson-Fry
Ok candy is so so so so subjective but like, Tyler's list is horrible
moist shell
moist shell Dag sedan
I just ate 66 yards of nerd rope
Deepika Ummethala
177 yards
Datboi gamesgood
I have 196 yards
Juan Kitshoff
Juan Kitshoff Dag sedan
Get crafty my new fav segment
Datboi gamesgood
Deseri Dunn
Deseri Dunn Dag sedan
Gil Torres
Gil Torres Dag sedan
You guys are probably going to hate me for this but black licorice is the best thing ever
Brannon Johnson
Brannon Johnson Dag sedan
Of nerd rope
Brannon Johnson
Brannon Johnson Dag sedan
I’ve eating a 100 yards
LUKINIO Dag sedan
Callum Daradics
Callum Daradics Dag sedan
75 yards
Usha Patel
Usha Patel Dag sedan
PvP raven you’re the worst
Chick Hicks
Chick Hicks Dag sedan
Why isn’t Charleston Chew on there????
Hank Peterschmidt
Did... did Cory just pick himself AGAIN!?
Aidan Sunday
Aidan Sunday Dag sedan
Taste test fries overtime 15
Carter Bos
Carter Bos Dag sedan
I can’t find nerd rope anywhere
ShadowNinja705 Dag sedan
Is that a kinder egg I see, send in the FBI bois
Luke Ruskin
Luke Ruskin Dag sedan
Please do OVERTIME 15
sayain52 og
sayain52 og Dag sedan
Resses are my top 1
Issak Pokemon
Issak Pokemon Dag sedan
346 yards of nerd ropes
Meet Patel
Meet Patel Dag sedan
Don't throw and waste candies , u don't like it put it a side
ATZ CLAN Dag sedan
before he does the trick slow it down to 0.25 and you can see the one with the hole in in and how he switches it into his palm
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson Dag sedan
.make a airsoft battle 3
Jonas Horner
Jonas Horner Dag sedan
i AGREE base it on FORTNITE
Gabe Lloyd
Gabe Lloyd Dag sedan
Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)
Christmas Stereotypes
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