What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day 

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After being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19, it can take as few as two and as many as 14 days for symptoms to develop. Cases range from mild to critical. The average timeline from the first symptom to recovery is about 17 days, but some cases are fatal. Here's what it looks like to develop COVID-19, day by day.
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What Coronavirus Looks Like, Day By Day



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Science Insider
Science Insider 17 dagar sedan
Additionally, If you've lost your sense of smell or taste, you could be a 'hidden carrier' of the coronavirus. Learn more here: bit.ly/SenseOfSmellCoronavirus
coldogno7 15 timmar sedan
my fart suddenly no smell i become panic
Lisa Kistler
Lisa Kistler Dag sedan
nvillamena myself and several people in my family had this - although despite going to the doctors in 2 different states -TN and VA none of us were tested. My daughter- who eats primarily vegan and runs 25 miles per week plus doing yoga is the one who brought it to our family the from Italy where she lives when she flew n 5 February. 2 months later and I am still struggling with tiredness and loss of breath - have never completely gotten back sense of taste. My poor dad ended up in a hospital for 16 days and many of those on a ventilator, and he was not tested. I read that the whole state of VA only had 600 tests when the body count started increasing while waiting on more tests from CDC. They couldn’t test - they didn’t have the kits. Don’t kid yourself- this virus went through my family like a hot knife passing through butter. 3 who got it just as quickly were complete health nuts. Admittedly, the health nuts recovered faster, but my dad still has to have twice daily pulmonary treatments. My daughter has seen awful things in Northern Italy. When you are asymptomatic is when you are “ viral shedding copious amounts.” 17 days after evacuating passengers, live Coronavirus was found on multiple surfaces of Princess cruise ship. This is going to get way worse before it gets better, and by the end, almost every family will be touched either by a death or serious illness of a family member or co-worker or friend. Do not rely on FOX News for an accurate account of this virus. Check out CDC website or NIH reports for up to the minute updates - not a President who is not known for telling the truth. Please stay safe and follow guidelines for yourself and others. When the antibody tests are readily available, I believe the numbers of numbers of infected and deaths will sky rocket. How many have already been hospitalized or died without being tested because the government didn’t want a panic and didn’t prepare properly for this with test kits.
shanthini jeyakumari
shanthini jeyakumari 2 dagar sedan
Evon Ramirez
Evon Ramirez 3 dagar sedan
HYPERBARIC TX'S!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>???????????????????????
wiki DZ
wiki DZ 4 dagar sedan
Coronavirus cases from March 1 to April 2020 ​sevid.info/video/aYbUe8Wzm33b2qA.html​
Lucky Davis
Lucky Davis 21 minut sedan
Is tonsillitis a symptom? That’s all I have
Jem Bo
Jem Bo 38 minuter sedan
Do you know what the small print says below the number of deaths and infected from Covid 19 on the CDC website ? No I didn’t think so . Well I will tell you and I quote “ Data contains both confirmed and presumptive cases of Covid 19” In simple English “We are grossly exaggerating the numbers” Don’t believe me go check the website ! That is just the tip of the iceberg of the lies Why are they doing this to scare you into compliance and acceptance for the NWO .iF YOU THINK THE NWO IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY :“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” - David Rockefeller THINK! IT AINT ILLEGAL YET!
Ill Uminate
Ill Uminate 44 minuter sedan
You are a brainwashed moron and I can prove it . 1)You believe that (on 911) some cave dwellers with muskets were able to outsmart the planets most sophisticated defence system and two planes made 3 buildings (dont forget building 7 like the commission report did) collapse at free fall speed and dustify everything , leave pools of molton steel and have a paper passport magically found in the dust . 2) You believe Bill Gates is a good guy who gives millions to charity ( that is peanuts to him and it pails against the billions he is going to make from his magic vaccine that by the way not only contains aborted human fetal tissue , toxins , but as a free bonus this time will contain HYPER GEL with sensors to track and monitor c/o D.A.R.P.A. ) Here’s a fact : NAUGHTY BILLY forgot to tell you what the vaccine insert 13 says for every vaccine :"THIS VACCINE HAS NOT BEEN TESTED FOR CARCINOGENIC POTENTIAL , MUTAGENIC POTENTIAL AND IMPAIRMENT OF FERTILITY " In basic English If you get CANCER , TERMINAL ILLNESS THROUGH GENE MUTATION OR CANNOT HAVE BABIES as a direct result of Billy's little vaccine . There is legally nothing you can do .Billy gets his billions and reduces population double wammy ! You dont think he wants to ? “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care & reproductive health services, we could LOWER that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” ― Bill Gates Don’t trust me watch the TED TALK . Listen I could go on forever but here’s the deal :There is a video that has been banned / deleted by youtube and vimeo . You need to ask yourself 3 questions 1) Why are they so scared people see it if it doesn’t credibly threaten their narrative? 2) Am I A PATHETIC SCARED CHILD IN ADULT SKIN who needs to be protected by big brother and told what I am allowed or not allowed to watch? 3) Am I a free thinking curious adult open to both sides of the story ? You can’t turn back now you have a choice BE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT OR A PATHETIC SUBSERVIENT BABY . Be careful now one of these choices will lead to regret , tears pain and suffering of millions the other will help avoid it . You have been warned Are you really prepared to gamble that I am not doing God’s work and and that instead I am just a “conspiracy nutter” when all that was needed was a few minutes of your life ? This could well be the most important decision of your life.WORD watch here the banned london real interview : www.davidicke.com
Karzan Abdullah
Karzan Abdullah Timme sedan
It's been 20 days now since I felt a fever followed by headache, fatigue, diarrhoea and breathing issue and also loss of taste and smell, still have problems with breathing. I pray to allah help us all.
Ultra Store
Ultra Store 2 timmar sedan
If God can't kill corona , I am going to be an atheist.
Mr Paine
Mr Paine 2 timmar sedan
I have a question, All the symptoms of the COVID-19, Well, I had them all, but it was back in November 2019? I remember it because it was horrible, people called it a Flur like bug, and I had a sort of Asthma attack, and I don't have Asthma, but my chest hurt greatly and the mix fever, feeling dizzy and it was horrible. My confusion is that I had this while in November and I live in the UK, so was this a Flu or is the COVID-19 a super Flu, an evolved form what I had, I am very confused.
Jane Clark
Jane Clark 6 minuter sedan
I had every symptom in November 2019 also...I'm trying to be level headed, but starting to think its been around longer than reported.
JayDaYoungan23x 3 timmar sedan
I still gotta go to work aint shit changed in ohio
KsThrowBackGoGo 3 timmar sedan
Thanks for the info✔
Scorching Blaze
Scorching Blaze 5 timmar sedan
🙏 Stay safe everyone, my best prayers to you and your family 🙏
ΠΕΤΣΟ CUT 5 timmar sedan
I need an explanation.... How can you get a dry cough as a symptom and simultaneously getting phlegm production?? Cough with phlegm is a ''wet cough''. So how can you have dry cough and phlegm together? Or do you have them seperately? If so, that would mean a symptom could be a wet cough. Thank you for anyone who replies, if i get a reply
misolou fout
misolou fout 5 timmar sedan
What about the NBA player who tested positive and said he didn't gete any symptoms.
Mark Rios
Mark Rios 6 timmar sedan
Syed Nyamathullah
Syed Nyamathullah 6 timmar sedan
At this critical time, Doctors are the heros, gems and saviors of our society. We should pay grand tribute to these brave hearts. Please watch this amazing video.. sevid.info/video/a6fPaJqdlam3mG0.html
misolou fout
misolou fout 5 timmar sedan
Please pray for my sister, she’s a nurse and just got tested positive for coronavirus :(
Otto Müller
Otto Müller 7 timmar sedan
Thank you China
MEDIA ANARCHY 10 timmar sedan
we lose our sense of smell and taste when we get sinus infections. here we go another shill for scam. unbelievable
FashionablyLate 11 timmar sedan
I’m showing signs of this omg i thought it was flu
Alpha Male
Alpha Male 14 timmar sedan
My Best Friend had COVID-19 he was in a hospital for a week and he defeated the virus, But now he looks skinner. He wanted to hangout but i rejected a few times, I have a family to take care of sometimes you just have to sacrifice for others. Trust me it’s tough i know, it’s been 3 weeks since i’ve went out to hangout but we must adapt to current circumstances Stay Blessed and Stay Home! 👏🏻
bigbangnone 14 timmar sedan
It could escalate. Especially if COMMUNIST CHINA tries to hide the virus while arresting Doctors !!!!!!
Calvin Miyazaki
Calvin Miyazaki 15 timmar sedan
If people who get coronavirus, can get infected a second time.. wouldnt someone who is quarantined, just get sick over and over again because of the virus being spread and incubated in that quarantine space?
coldogno7 15 timmar sedan
i just farted and it has no stinking smell!
AJayWBD 16 timmar sedan
my grandma tested positive for covid-19 but i live with her so what should i do,i only have one symptom i think
Lucky Davis
Lucky Davis 18 minuter sedan
AJayWBD she needs to quarantine into her room. You need to clean sanitize the house. Prepare all food for her. Sat it in front her door. Medicine and all.
Jake Lopes
Jake Lopes 17 timmar sedan
roberto blackman
roberto blackman 20 timmar sedan
Who and china study? I dont trust them a bit. simply because they hid the info early in the pandemic stage.
Ricardo Chucky
Ricardo Chucky 21 timme sedan
why the percentage is not in the graphic?
Saul Palacios
Saul Palacios 22 timmar sedan
Please pray for my sister, she’s a nurse and just got tested positive for coronavirus :(
Jerry Browne
Jerry Browne Dag sedan
What about the NBA player who tested positive and said he didn't gete any symptoms.
misolou fout
misolou fout 21 timme sedan
some oxygen therapy); I can't imagine how painful the severe and critical category is, my wishes go to everyone.
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones Dag sedan
WHO and China collaboration??
Geoffrey Gachuki
The best way to avoid getting sick is to avoid getting exposed.
misolou fout
misolou fout 21 timme sedan
I had Pneumonia once, it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced, and I think it was in the mild category (I had to be admitted to the hospital and took antibiotics and
Abd2op Dag sedan
I feel fever with shortness of breath with a dry cough imma go to hospital tomorrow
amados74 Dag sedan
And don’t panic ! LOL Stress kills also, so don’t believe the hype.
Mana Sewakanund
Mana Sewakanund Dag sedan
So many new researchs about the fact is from person to others. Not just person to person.
Stay safe: sevid.info/video/aY24kcShqK2cvm0.html
Anony Mous
Anony Mous Dag sedan
Kill the one who make that virus ,
Next Level HD
Next Level HD Dag sedan
All people watching this, please stay safe at home, and stay safe, for the sake of your kids and your loved ones. keep providing charity to poor ones around you
dodgeguyz Dag sedan
First off....less than 25% will see symptoms, and of that a smaller percentage will get sick where they feel really sick. Don't make it out to be worse than it is.
Jason Riordan
Jason Riordan Dag sedan
Why are you using the info from China and the WHO both are lying pieces of shit and can’t be trusted
Daniel Ward
Daniel Ward Dag sedan
Jesus can heal, provide, and maintain you through this crisis. Matthew <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="386">6:26</a> KJV Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? Jesus is saying are you not more better then birds? Come to Christ and live the life Christ want you to live. He wants you to live holy. 1 Peter <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a>-17 KJV 15 But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; 16 Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I(Jesus) am holy. After you have given your life to christ you can receive real peace, joy, and confort during this crisis. Watch my church, FGHT on there SEvid channel. Watch there recent preaching and come live this holy life and be at rest. This church will change your life as it changed mines. "...and him that cometh to me I(Jesus) will in no wise cast [you] out." John <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="610">10:10</a> KJV The thief(The devil) cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I(Jesus) am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
Jerry Loza
Jerry Loza Dag sedan
Well it seems like we all got the same problem my lady's got the same problem she got it from a nursing home and she's on critical I don't even know what's going on with her they wouldn't even talk to me they won't let me in it's pretty I think we're going to have to use our weapons and start shooting the government who don't take care of these kind of environment we got to help somebody responsible for all these killings and that is the government
Jerry Loza
Jerry Loza Dag sedan
My question who is responsible for all these killings we should go get them and put them in jail irresponsible government water China keeping quiet about the coronavirus for 3 months we should go start getting people and put them in jail don't care if it's a Mazda I've China or Europe or the United States that's what we should start doing put it in this reimburse irresponsible politicians
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Dag sedan
to 28'c (room temp ) and give us data. is it effective as it does to other micro?
internet troll
internet troll Dag sedan
They should make a scientific video on widespread panic and buying toilet paper in bulk
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Dag sedan
have not done practical with virous, thats why i shared it as food for thought. If i have lab i will do the experiment and provide concrete data about it, Thats also my question, as
Hedi science-Tech
Number of coronavirus infections by country of the world until April 7, 2020 sevid.info/video/k3m8p6ito5-stoI.html
Quench Dag sedan
Anyone else have anxiety overloaf
Ghaffar_KH Dag sedan
I had Pneumonia once, it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced, and I think it was in the mild category (I had to be admitted to the hospital and took antibiotics and some oxygen therapy); I can't imagine how painful the severe and critical category is, my wishes go out to everyone.
Day Good
Day Good 15 timmar sedan
Robert Linscott
Robert Linscott Dag sedan
I have a history of lung cancer so I have opted to where a mask in public. Unfortunately it is only a surgical mask, not an N95 that is required. I was trained by FEMA and was on a hospitals ERT for 17 years and also worked in the OR's and I dealt with many infectious situations, but any prophylactic is better than none. Stay home and limit your exposure risks. It's very simple to stay healthy.
Mark Reilly
Mark Reilly Dag sedan
I started feeling feverish this morning. Been doing everything they told us to do, stay inside wash hands etc. God please dont let it be COVID-19 :(
Danny Dag sedan
My dad had a 102 fever for 8 days! He had a horrible cough and was having shortness of breath. We went to the ER and they said come back once you can't breathe!! He's not on day 11 and has no fever and a mild cough.
Teresa Gary
Teresa Gary Dag sedan
These symptoms are really hard for asthmatics and people with bronchitis. Just think about it, wheezing and tightness of chest come with the territory. To include a dry cough. Before this outbreak, I was diagnosed with bronchitis (oh joy!). My doctor has been aggressively treating me, and finally I’m now at the place where my cough is productive (all the yucky stuff needs to come up and out YES!), and I have finished another does of Predinose, yes I am bloated, but FINALLY a break through!! I said all that to say this, if you were born asthmatic, as I was, and from time to time bronchitis comes to visit, the systems for corvid 19 and those with asthma and bronchitis, are too similar to be played with. STAY AT HOME, AND WORK VERY CLOSE TO YOUR DOCTOR TO AVOID AN ATTACK OF THIS RESPIRATORY SICKNESS!! Be blessed!!
Andrea D'Alcamo
Andrea D'Alcamo 2 dagar sedan
sevid.info/video/q6Gwb6uptYXU1qg.html di buon auspicio italian Kids song
Merylin Mait
Merylin Mait 2 dagar sedan
Amelia Schwarz
Amelia Schwarz Dag sedan
jan veer
jan veer 2 dagar sedan
just seasonal flu,cov 19 does not excistvery uplifting voice and music,by the way
Dipi Ripi
Dipi Ripi 2 dagar sedan
dr Nada Jurincic on COVID: PEOPLE ARE YOU ACCESSING YOUR OWN KILLING? WHY - IF YOU KNOW GOD ?! For any doctor with a basic education and complete information, it is quite clear that in this case the appearance of the Corone virus to produce mass fear into the dark intentions of the authorities was misused. I am a retired pediatrician who has spent many years in Africa and was directly responsible for viruses that have high mortality rates. E.g. Rota virus. Basic information that everyone needs to know: The Corone virus is one of the many viruses in the Influenza virus group whose trait is spontaneous mutation and arrival in the winter months. The syndrome caused by this group of viruses is the upper and lower respiratory tract syndrome, from rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis to bronchitis and pneumonia. So, this squire of viruses has been visiting the human species for about 150 years every year. The proportion of each type of virus is known, so the proportion of Corona in the flu syndrome is 7-15%. It is no different from other influenza viruses, it does not like the nasal mucosa, so it attacks the pharynx, throat and bronchi more. Flu complications are not a matter of the "badness" of this virus, but of the poor immune status of an infected person, such as chronic debilitating diseases, cancer, cytostatic therapy, many drugs, diabetes …… There are no malicious viruses, but there are immune systems that have been invaded and cannot respond to the virus and kill it. That is why in the winter months more deaths of the elderly and the sick occur in the transition to spring. This is a FORM that has been going on for decades and centuries before us. The people even have their wise sayings for this time of year. That Corona came in 2020 just as she had come all the previous years and how she would have visited us all next years. But this year, the world's hidden powerlords, the criminals I guarantee you, have decided to bring a play with her that is not in the least naive. They renamed Coron to SARS-Covid-19 BECAUSE THE UNKNOWN DEVICE IS UNKNOWN, BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE UNKNOWN. TO SAY THAT EPIDEMIA AND PANDEMIA INFLUENZA-PEOPLE WOULDN'T BE AFFECTED AND THEN THEY WOULDN'T IMPLEMENT THE PURPOSE. tied to it - THE SAME AS 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 ………… And EVIL IN POWER IN THE WORLD HAS REMOVED CORON FROM THIS GROUP OF VIRUSES, CHANGE ITS NAME, MAKE AN UNFINISHED TEST AND START TESTING AND PRODUCING HORROR EPIDEMIA AND PANDEMIA. WHY DIDN'T THEY DIRECT IN 2019 OR BEFORE ?? THEY HAVE BEEN COOKED BY BIRDS, PIGS, COMES …… .. AND THE NOW CONCLUDED IT IS TIME TO INCREASE THE FIRE UNDER THE FROG. The reason or reasons are more FALL OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY AND THE THREATENING BREAK OF THE BANK. BECAUSE THEY MAKE A CHOSE THAT I CAN MAKE THIS THING BECAUSE THEY CAN READ. So-THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO THE REAL LIFE OF CORONA AND MAN IS NORMAL, NOTHING IS EXCELLENT. EVERY YEAR, BY DATA OF VIRUSOLOGICAL CENTER IN THE WORLD OF 1000 HUNDRED SICKNESS SINCE ONE OF ITS COMPLICATIONS, NOT OF ITS COMPLICATIONS THAT MEDICINE HAS NOT PREVENTED. And that is it. This year, mortality will be 1 ppm. But when this is presented with 3 press conferences a day, as on 600 patients, a third died…. then it is the production of fear in which people do not know how to calculate the percentages and ask for a COMPARATION WITH THE PREVIOUS YEARS. They're lying to you that these years, CORONA became a SARS COVID 19 and went on a deadly march on a human race. NO. FALSE DEATH EPIDEMIA AND PANDEMIA IN THE WORLD HAS AN IDENTICAL FORM OF THE POWER OF THE POWERS UNDER WHICH A SIGNATURE IS STANDING. By this it is clear that this CORONA is PEDRO - DIRECTED, DIRECTED. Why do they need it? To implement the ISOLATION OF HUMANS FROM HUMANS in order to break the nation-states by slamming the economy, which means the destruction of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. THE GLOBAL CAPITAL WILL REMAIN BECAUSE I HAVE TO STAND HUNTING. THE FEDERAL BANK TO THIS AND THE SERVICE, AND ALL OTHER BANKS, INCLUDING OUR CNB WITH THE Clown BEFORE AND THE CLAUSE AFTER-SERVICE IT. The next two steps of AGENDE are: forced vaccination and installation of G5 and G6 stations around cities and by facilities. Why do they need forced vaccination? Because in this vaccination, as in many others, there will be ALUMINUM which is a cellular receiver and amplifier of high frequency electromagnetic waves. This radiation destroys the pineal gland in children and destroys the human immune system and blocks cellular oxygen utilization. G5 and G6 (maybe more!) Stations need to be installed. For this they removed us from nature, and suddenly, as Will says in black and purple, the flu is better in the stale air of the house than in the storm and the sun. I didn't know if she was laughing or crying when I heard them. The G5 facilities are large around cities and they will install it in my estimation ARMY and not "domestic" but will be some military exercises such as defending Europe, so they will surround cities with G5 and G6 EM fields in these exercises. In schools !! and the facilities will do so on the pretext of cleaning schools or for some other reason. THAT'S WHY CHILDREN AND TEACHERS ARE REMOVED FROM SCHOOL. They are ALREADY STARTING in the USA and IRELAND, they come as police officers in civilian clothes, or as midshipmen in a police vehicle, I don't know which variant, it doesn't matter. People record them because they have been persecuted by the Holy Spirit and understand what the CRIMES are doing. Milanovic was not elected by the Croatian people - I'm sure neither was Plenkovic elected in the HDZ. They are ready for anything, and WE ARE NOT. We are the ZDS, so they push us into our home, and they roll with Satan's laughter as they used to make us ZDS. Croatian people, I am not the only doctor who raises her voice against this bloody scam, there is Sladoljev, there are American and German virologists, there are many doctors who keep quiet for existence .. PLEASE READ THIS, ASK WHAT IS IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT YOU SEE AND HEAR WITH YOUR EYES, OTHER THAN PREVIOUS YEARS. LET THEIR STORIES, REMEMBER ONE DAY AND GIVE YOUR HEALTHY REMEMBER TO ANSWER HOW MUCH IT IS ABOUT YOUR SICK, MORE DEAD… Fear not rationally grounded IT'S TRUE. NO TWO TRUTH. THEY'RE LIES I TELL YOU THE TRUTH. Wear masks in the winter when you go to places with lots of people because it's part of the general health culture and a way to naturally immunize yourself with flu viruses because you receive fewer viruses and lymphocytes get better at dealing with them. Masks YES, but CLOSING, THE PROHIBITION OF OPERATION AND MOVEMENT IS GREAT AND IS UNDERSTANDING. DO YOU AGREE FOR YOUR OWN KILLING? WHY - IF YOU KNOW GOD ?! dr. Nada Jurincic
Corona Secrets
Corona Secrets 2 dagar sedan
More than half don't show any symptoms at all.
my channel
my channel 2 dagar sedan
John Chou
John Chou 2 dagar sedan
I think i have the corona i been having cough for 3 weeks and feel something in my chest no other symptons
Amelia Schwarz
Amelia Schwarz Dag sedan
Stay home and if you have to go outside, wear a mask and stay six feet away from people
The Kalidor
The Kalidor 2 dagar sedan
Dry cough, then yes maybe. Stay home even a few days after you are totally free from symptoms.
Liza Galvez
Liza Galvez 2 dagar sedan
If this virus is so severe how come China's deaths are in low numbers? This is not a weather-related or environmental disease it is more like man-made warfare to scare people...the way its spread is weird.....something fishy about this whole thing.....we can't hide from death being isolated doesn't make everybody safe....you go shopping you can catch the disease anyone one of us can be a carrier so this manmade thing virus has a plan election is coming ..respiratory disease can be airborne, droplets...wearing masks s the way to combat the disease.....all these workers wearing a bodysuits looks like they are fighting for a biochemical agent rather a disease......
muriithi irungu
muriithi irungu 2 dagar sedan
Hello, DATA REQUEST; Kindly if you have lab, how is this virus behave in bleach at dosage ( 0.8 to 1ppm) as other micro at room temperature? The data i shared with you in my field experience and also recommendation from all biocides and world water treatment starndards for disinfection of water ( we usually take 0.5 to 1 ppm dosage of chlorine daily in the whole world. This dosage is acceptaed as biocide (eg algae,virus, algae ) practicaly with ground experice i know it reduces (kills) algae, moulds ;;;oxidation.....but i have not done practical with virous, thats why i shared it as food for thought. If i have lab i will do the experiment and provide concrete data about it, Thats also my question, as other micro; algae, yiest, moulds, we can controll by these dosage, what of this virus as other micro.... I wish to share this question to people with lab to expose this virous at 20 to 28'c (room temp ) and give us data. is it effective as it does to other micro?
Acrylic Pouring Deutsch
A virus has an RNA, not a DNA (double helix).
Ken James Jr
Ken James Jr 2 dagar sedan
_Blue Crown_
_Blue Crown_ 2 dagar sedan
If you are still going outside to the normally or partying with friends please, stay home. It’s for your own health and everyone else.
Gustavo Flores
Gustavo Flores 2 dagar sedan
This shit is scary
Amelia Schwarz
Amelia Schwarz Dag sedan
Don't panic, but still take this seriously. Stay inside as much as you can, but when you go outside make sure to stay at least six feet apart from people. Wash your hands with warm soap and water for at least 20 seconds whenever possible.
armaan sidana
armaan sidana 2 dagar sedan
sevid.info/video/bH_UacauuJjRzag.html corona virus update
NohaxJustStqvez 2 dagar sedan
I have a dry cough and it hurts my right side of my lung and sometimes my left side. Should I be worried?
Co Ramos
Co Ramos 19 minuter sedan
I’ve had the same thing minus the coughing. At night it’s when it feels the worse. Sometimes it feels like a flaming sensation
John Chou
John Chou 2 dagar sedan
NohaxJustStqvez same here man
David626 gamer
David626 gamer 2 dagar sedan
Subscribe or you are gay
Amelia Schwarz
Amelia Schwarz Dag sedan
@David626 gamer tf is a joo
David626 gamer
David626 gamer Dag sedan
Amelia Schwarz you are a joo
Amelia Schwarz
Amelia Schwarz Dag sedan
@abbsnn cose make sure to cover your mouth when outside, stay inside and away from people and of course, wash your hands!
Amelia Schwarz
Amelia Schwarz Dag sedan
I am gay. Ha, I've fooled your system
David626 gamer
David626 gamer 2 dagar sedan
abbsnn cose thats so rad
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey 2 dagar sedan
Tommy robinson full speech sevid.info/video/iJrSbNhsuGnMmqA.html
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 dagar sedan
To much radiation take make it hard for you to breathe
Hadi Mahmood
Hadi Mahmood 2 dagar sedan
May you all be safe from Coronavirus
Jason Loves Jesus
Jason Loves Jesus 2 dagar sedan
With the COVID-19 virus claiming many lives have you come to the understanding that human life is frail. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone, people die every day young and old and it's a fact that each one of us will have to face death one day. 10 out of 10 people will die that said have you thought about where you will spend eternity once you pass from this life? Do you have any thoughts on the afterlife? --- God is perfect and Holy and He requires nothing less than His own perfection. But, we are not able to attain His holiness. He doesn't lie, cheat, or steal, but we do these things. Therefore, there's a judgment upon us because we have broken the Law of God, we have sinned by lying and cheating and stealing. This judgment is eternal damnation. However, God the Father loves us so much that He sent God the Son, Jesus, who died on the cross as a sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins. He died on the cross and physically rose from the dead three days later. This proves that His sacrifice was acceptable to the Father. Therefore, if you want to receive what Jesus has done to remove the wrath of God the Father, then you must receive Him and His sacrifice by faith. If you want forgiveness for your sins against God. Romans <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="203">3:23</a> For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; (Everyone has fallen short of God's glory, you must be morally perfect which means never sinned in your whole life; we all fail miserably if we are honest with ourselves) Romans <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a> As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: (No one is a good person we all have told a lie before or been angry or took God's name in vain etc. These are all sins) Romans <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="312">5:12</a> Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned: (You and I were born in sin because of Adam's transgression which made us all sinners by nature) Romans <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="383">6:23</a> For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (God will pay all sinners what they deserve which is death, but the good news (gospel) is that God made a way for you to escape the judgement through Christ) Romans <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: (All of creation testifies that God is real therefore no one will have an excuse ex. "what if I never heard the gospel") Romans <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="308">5:8</a> But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (The good news is that Jesus Christ paid it all in full, you can be saved by placing your faith in Jesus Christ in His death, burial and resurrection) Romans <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="609">10:9</a>-10, 13 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. ... For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Will you confess Jesus Christ? Will you believe in Him?) Romans <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="301">5:1</a> Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: (If you do you can be justified with God made righteous through Jesus Christ and you'll have peace with God.) Romans <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="481">8:1</a>, 38-39 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. ... For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Last but not least you'll never lose your salvation because it's a free gift which no one will be able to take away; and you'll have a home in heaven.) ---
Frank Ohh
Frank Ohh 2 dagar sedan
Even if I tested positive I still have Jesus Christ. Nothing can separate me from external life NOTHING. Don't let the media keep you in fear of this virus, just stay strong in your faith and wash your hands 😉 PS pass me some toilet paper I'm down to my last roll.. Seriously LOL
Max Salinas
Max Salinas 2 dagar sedan
I love your voice thank you. It is soothing in a way explaining how things happen. I hope we all do our part in keeping us safe.
ptw09261990 2 dagar sedan
I first noticed dry cough no fever. Day two or three I noticed a little bit of phlegm but nothing developed into serious issues like I can’t breathe or whatever. I just took hot showers for 20 minutes at the first notice of my symptoms and I ate two cloves of raw garlic everyday for a week. My symptoms improved and I never developed anything serious even after stopping the garlic after that week I continued to stay stable with no symptoms up until 2 weeks of when I first noticed my symptoms and I felt fine to this day and still fine. I thank garlic for its wonderful healing properties! It may be true garlic won’t prevent you from catching it but it WILL stop the virus in its track and prevent it from getting bad to where your immune system decides to over act and cause all that inflammation. Garlic will SAVE you from serious damage and allow your body to catch up in time!
MOHAMUD ADAN 2 dagar sedan
May Allah protect you all from this coronavirus and may Allah grant full recovery to all your families who are sick. Ameen
Turbo Turlet
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May Jesus protect you all from this virus and may Jesus grant full recovery to all your families who are sick. Amen.
Scorching Blaze
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Stay safe 🙏
beerlula ali
beerlula ali 9 timmar sedan
Allahuma ameen
Selma Gele
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Gold liljay
Gold liljay 2 dagar sedan
I removed my lungs so I can't get Coronavirus
UrSoMeanBoss 2 dagar sedan
"Don't panic!" *Covid-Karen goes to church, Novel-Brad partying on spring break "... Okay, panic alittle."
Picklepop Moreno
Picklepop Moreno 2 dagar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="231">3:51</a> I thought that squeaky noise was coming from me and I had a mental break down thinking I had coronavirus
Alinah hernandez
Alinah hernandez 2 dagar sedan
And stop buying so much bread you think y’all can eat allat before it expires 💀😭😭
L 2 dagar sedan
Arvel Williams
Arvel Williams 2 dagar sedan
Every body needs to go back to flip phones
Arvel Williams
Arvel Williams 2 dagar sedan
They can’t treat it because it’s to much radiation it’s not a virus
Arvel Williams
Arvel Williams 2 dagar sedan
To much radiation take make it hard for you to breathe
xberat 2 dagar sedan
Ok i think i might have flu i started to sneez I hope its not corona virus !
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 2 dagar sedan
2019 please come back !
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