Watch live: President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force hold briefing at the White House 

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Members of the Coronavirus Task Force, charged with leading the U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic, are holding a briefing Thursday at 5 p.m. At Wednesday's briefing, President Trump said he doesn't want to give a date for reopening the economy, even as he expresses a desire for that to happen as soon as possible.
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9 apr 2020



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sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Månad sedan
el es un
C N T Månad sedan
Shrimp viruses are in vogue in China now, I think China should just disappear from the world I'm so ashamed of myself as an Asian. I’m from korea
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Månad sedan
Testing in India is free. What about USA ?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Månad sedan
I hope this is live! I thought he Said Friday..can someone please let me know if this is live.April 11,2020.thank you.
Joseph Gibson
Joseph Gibson Månad sedan
CBS, people will look back and for full hearings and briefings, not cut outs etc... all you're doing, is destroying your own credibility. More importantly, people will remember how the media had not rallied behind it's government, and waited until after the crisis, to criticise. Disgusting.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Månad sedan
Did he just tell us that the price of oil was too low and the price needed to go up? So gas prices can go up?
Sweet Truth
Sweet Truth Månad sedan
We don't want to hear with who they had meetings with or what about. What we want is disclosure of every conversation and every meeting . Those who pick these presidents to lead them should demand proof of everything said and done. Anyone can say anything and that means nothing. Transparency is needed and the people are the ones to judge. We have no privacy anywhere . They can hear and see all we do and that's considered ok for them . How about us hearing all they do , has anyone thought of that ?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Månad sedan
Just think, this guy is in charge of America and doesn't take responsibility for it
bill boyd
bill boyd Månad sedan
Maybe if he does the Sword Dance with the Saudi king again, he can put a hex on the virus for the evangelicals waiting for Jesus to come soon.
bill boyd
bill boyd Månad sedan
God Bless Donald for not counting nursing home deaths, they were almost dead anyway.
bill boyd
bill boyd Månad sedan
Just put Putin up on your stage Donald, I trust him more than you and your 15 cases you predicted.
bill boyd
bill boyd Månad sedan
@Joseph Gibson I remember Donald saying "I Trust Putin" over his own Intelligence services in Helsinki, I remember Donald saying "I believe Putin" after his nerve agent attack in England, I remember "I Believe MBS" after Khoshoggi was bone saw hacked to death, I remember Donald saying he and Kim Jong Un had a love affair after Kim nerve agent murdered his own stepbrother. I remember Donald and his friends Hannity and Judge Jeanine saying it was a hoax and a hyped up attack on him. I remember Donald on the Whitehouse lawn admitting that he couldn't turn down the Moscow Hotel deal, "It was a very big deal he said" after lying about it through the entire election. Don't you listen to the very smart stable genius ?
Joseph Gibson
Joseph Gibson Månad sedan
Can you remember the media's reactions at the time? I can, can you? Or do you need the internet? I remember this whole thing being played down and hyped up, hyped up by those on the left than want this to destroy the economy and hurt many many people... can you? I wish the worst on you, hope you fail in life.
bill boyd
bill boyd Månad sedan
It will be a "Big Bounce rather than a small bounce", "I knew long ago the virus would be very big or very small", So much winning, unless you are losing, it will be so much better than before, unless it gets worse, I'm a very smart stable genius, just look at me point to my head and call myself a Ratings hit.
bill boyd
bill boyd Månad sedan
His test is highly sophisticated and very accurate, every dead body tested dead.
Watogo Månad sedan
bill boyd and the NBA sent pro basketball to COMMUNIST China. Stop your nonsense talking points. Trump 2020
bill boyd
bill boyd Månad sedan
@Watogo Donald says he wants to send ventilators to Moscow now, I hope Putin has the right AC adapter's.
bill boyd
bill boyd Månad sedan
@Watogo If calling yourself a "Ratings Hit" and "!00,000 dead is a Great Job" is what you call a Great Job, as Jared states "The Masks are not for States Use" is your idea of great, perhaps November will prove just how great he is. 16,000 lie NY Mobster Don, "Everyone can get tested" "Its a hoax" "15 people and it will all be over", how do you determine the truth from the BS and lies, a Ouiji board ?
Watogo Månad sedan
bill boyd not the ones Governor Cuomo counted. He was way off by thousands. 40,000 respirators we need 40,000 respirators, oh and we need 40,000 places to plug them in. His model crashed into the curve. Cuomo is a good person doing a great job and so is President Trump. Let’s be fair minded and hope for the best.
bill boyd
bill boyd Månad sedan
Thank God Donald consulted Putin and the Saudi King before today's rally, I hope he remembers their instructions on how to be a Ratings hit with 22,000 dead.
bill boyd
bill boyd Månad sedan
Thank you Donald for not allowing the trade war virus "Wash Over America" and allowing "Herd Immunity" solve the problem. Thank God ratings hit Donald didn't nuke the virus as he suggested with hurricanes.
sugarnspice pixie
sugarnspice pixie Månad sedan
U noticed those too huh?? Over hundred timed with impeachment hearings. 324 fires started in Oceanside. At least 2 hurricanes on The baja...desert. Fires deliberately started.
Katherine Shelley
Katherine Shelley Månad sedan
Pugile MoltoBene
Pugile MoltoBene Månad sedan
Joseph Gibson
Joseph Gibson Månad sedan
I know some idiot will highlight the caps here anyway... During this crisis, and thanks to the Captain of that Aircraft Carrier who let the World know, China has been expanding and pushing it's influence, especially where that US Aircraft Carrier is no longer present. Seems China has been taken advantage of the situation.
Mehmet Yilan
Mehmet Yilan Månad sedan
All bed comment come from who are imagrent and live usa .and its mean mr Trump always on right way ....
bill boyd
bill boyd Månad sedan
Spoken like a true Trumper.
Mehmet Yilan
Mehmet Yilan Månad sedan
God bless you and your peopls .im so sorry about that .write from middle east
Marthy Hall-Cooper
Marthy Hall-Cooper Månad sedan
There is no virus. It's candida auris and came from Japan in 2009. It's deadly to some people.
John J panighetti
John J panighetti Månad sedan
I hope this is live! I thought he Said Friday..can someone please let me know if this is live.April 11,2020.thank you.
John Keith
John Keith Månad sedan
Explain to my why you are stiffing millions of Americans out of a stimulus check? If you are an adult dependent disabled or on social security you get nothing stiffing Americans out of 30 million dollars signed by TRUMP.
Kfy news news 247
Kfy news news 247 Månad sedan
marc hujar
marc hujar Månad sedan
China started “ opening up” their economy and saw a new round of cases. Let’s go slow and be careful not reckless!
bill boyd
bill boyd Månad sedan
I hope Ivanka and Donald can get their Chinese products into production again, The Hotel businesses are a bit off these days.
Joseph Gibson
Joseph Gibson Månad sedan
China has lied, lied and lied... oh, covered up and oh that's right, imprisoned all kinds of people... yet, your beloved reporters who usually stand for human rights etc have been silent on these matters... while going after Trump. List is quite alarming really, especially the connections between WHO and China.
D Mack
D Mack Månad sedan
If you bought a pizzeria and 3 years later if you ran out of flour, aprons, sauce, cheese, gloves and hair nets. Can you blame the previous owner?
Bambang Sulistiyono Ahli Pusaka
Woles pak Trump... Lanjutkan
esim sim
esim sim Månad sedan
Let me break your leg and give you a pair of crutches for free. You must thank me for my generosity after that though because nobody have come close.
hey handersen
hey handersen Månad sedan
Pence: churches closed. god angry. trump drinking from toilet again. stormy daniels donald's tiny penis like a toadstool; data to be fudged....
kenneth jones
kenneth jones Månad sedan
The truth is I spent all this time slaying others for there actions but never took account of my own wrongs I have done
drummer Månad sedan
Viele Grüße aus Deutschland Herr Trump
do but why
do but why Månad sedan
Laaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Muhammadur-Rasoolu-llaah There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah accept my invitation Inshallah you will survive
Dennis Miracle
Dennis Miracle Månad sedan
Trumps motto save the rich and bury everyone else, how do people trust or vote for a con artist piece of trash.
upper cut
upper cut Månad sedan
CBS Truth tellers bwhahaha. Social distancing? Guess they have all been tested with a flawed testing kit. BeLIEve your Government, they always tell the truth... Sit in front of your scrying mirrors stay tuned in lemmings. 'Event201'. No one has died or is suffering from a fabricated virus, which incidentally, has the same symptoms has the flu... Come on ppl, open your fking eyes.
Dory anthus
Dory anthus Månad sedan
One of your own healthcare workers on Trump’s performance ““This country is truly a failed state, and it’s so sickening to witness firsthand, more blatantly than ever.” Wake up America to your idiot president who is so disconnected from your citizens needs and expectations of a leader in times of crisis.
Dory anthus
Dory anthus Månad sedan
One of your own healthcare workers on Trump’s performance ““This country is truly a failed state, and it’s so sickening to witness firsthand, more blatantly than ever.” Wake up America to your idiot president who is so disconnected from your citizens needs and expectations of a leader in times of crisis.
undogmatisch Månad sedan
Braglying as always. Meamwhile in Germany: sevid.info/video/envcr6ijpHzNxG0.html
4Gnet Mail
4Gnet Mail Månad sedan
A little empathy or sadness or in Trump speak... A Big Big Sad for the tremendous number of people who died, could be fake, you never know, maybe maybe not? We all hope the Stockmarket survives after all those dead voters, I mean people. Trump has no ability to be sad, it's only ever about how he looks, it's about rich people being able to donate money so he can be re-elected. WAKE-UP AMERICA, YOUR PRESIDENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. SO LONG AS HE KEEPS HIS JOB, HE CARES ABOUT NOTHING ELSE.
directormbj Månad sedan
Curts Sallee
Curts Sallee Månad sedan
Lets have a standing round of applause for everybody who voted for satan.oops iI mean the REALISTATE investor.don't switch up now...
One Drone Pilot
One Drone Pilot Månad sedan
Too concerned about where $2 trillion dollars has gone.. where is it..? Why did he get rid of the overseeing department of this money..? Not one bank has issued a single cent yet... no money..?
Ruben Saenz de Viteri
Does it bother anyone else that our government is just putting together a brain trust now to start thinking about re-opening the country?
Ruben Saenz de Viteri
Re-open the country on May Day, Mr Trump, no PR problem with that?
hanspritcher Månad sedan
Joyice Chase
Joyice Chase Månad sedan
Really why do we give a s*** about what those other people think especially Arabia and Putin this is our country and we need to take it back people especially from this traitor and pedophile rapist
Jordan Erdstein
Jordan Erdstein Månad sedan
Spread Shirt
Spread Shirt Månad sedan
Ciara R ♥ Plasma from infected survived people (donors ♥) has been already been used and injected to those in danger as transfusion now and in the past, so vaccine can wait - by the way, what the f4ck are you waiting for, inject blood, drink it, whatever, just do it!!! Fearmongers .... stop highten numbers of ppl infected or dead ...by the way mask you can do from t-shirt; as for you Trump, you want to win our hearts, start injecting plasma and give hope. Coughing, sneezing, diarrhea or fever/head pain are symptoms. ♥Anonymous France/Paris.
The Freeze Criminal Fetus video's
More Poisonous White Noise from Dr Trump
Perfect Månad sedan
If our leaders really cared, they would just make masks mandatory for everyone across the country for a long time. Not stop the flow of economy. Wear masks just like doctors and nurses do. Solved.
Mastani Deepika
Mastani Deepika Månad sedan
They have not been practicing the 6ft distance . Do you wonder why not ? Something wrong with this 🤬🤬🤬Probably already had the vaccine .
S B Månad sedan
President Trump is succeeding. Liberal heads are exploding. The media is bitter.
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt Månad sedan
Why does drumpf think he has some sort of control? he should be trying to comfort people. Advanced healthcare? What planet is he on? Sorry that the American people must endure this with the shittiest leadership on the planet. My heart goes out to you guys.
Chris Beug
Chris Beug Månad sedan
praaht18 Månad sedan
somehow this reminds me of Leonid Brezhnev
joe caterman
joe caterman Månad sedan
in the UK we call it statutory sick leave.
Richard Lee
Richard Lee Månad sedan
Hey you dumb @sshole Trump, where is your dr uncle, genius? You have defective gene called trump@sshole-scums.💩🖕💩
Beautysoul Vibe
Beautysoul Vibe Månad sedan
Stop using our oils and Fossil fuels go to those countries ask they to start making solutions for New innovative ideas and ways to come away from oils and fossil fuel‘s my God we’re just gonna have another pandemic down the line upgrade the car industry upgrade our equipment Cash out on the money that we need now over oil in fossil fuel is not going to protect our future
Nibelung Valesti
Nibelung Valesti Månad sedan
Garbage administration failing to own up to its past failures.
Rose Water
Rose Water Månad sedan
No one is standing around Trump anymore except a secret service person and there is always a different one. He has to have Coronavirus. Even his pale color looks more pale.
Nataliah Griffin
Nataliah Griffin Månad sedan
Need to close chinese embassy and expel all diplomats. The United States is full of chinese spies. There is nothing to be proud of when death angel is allowed to take lives because of wuhan corona virus we need to PRAY. The USA will be brought to PRAYER. SAD DAYS ahead.
Jay Muller
Jay Muller Månad sedan
Thank God at a time like this we have Trump. I just saw a doctor on TV he said they had a patient with pneumonia they laid him on his stomach to take pressure off the lungs and now he's going home.
Jay Muller
Jay Muller Månad sedan
You just can't give President Trump credit for anything can you? Go back down in mommy's basement and watch CNN and stay stupid.
some rat
some rat Månad sedan
That has absolutely nothing to do with Trump. Are you okay?
Topi Månad sedan
Nice u have time to lay on solarium on those chicken eys.jesus ur a fake.theres no risk u sayed .take a deep look what u done there times...ur chearleader of counrty,ur own words.omg,do u have any balls??????
Mine Finder
Mine Finder Månad sedan
Dems. which part of "you're never getting this country back" did you not understand? Thanks to Trump we own the Supreme Court for the next 30 years.
Mine Finder
Mine Finder Månad sedan
@msirull Oh so Trump's not responsible for appointing three right wing justices to the Supreme Court? Got it.
msirull Månad sedan
Wrong. NOT thanks to Trump. Thanks to Bernie Sanders' brain dead supporters. ESPECIALLY the 12.5% that voted for your buffoon idol. THEY are the ones that pushed the SCOTUS to the far right.
World Breaking News
World Breaking News Månad sedan
Tendo Pain
Tendo Pain Månad sedan
Paycheck protection program! Woot. We signed up.for that.. I STILL lost my job.. yeah.. not going as well as you claim
Susanne Hertzog
Susanne Hertzog Månad sedan
costa you must have a knot, why ask the same question over and over and over and over. They are so calm and understanding with your short memory and limited thinking.
khalid khawaja
khalid khawaja Månad sedan
(Nearly6 weeks before I posted the following comments, Now I am repeating them)(Please read full comments and ask more and more people to read it)This is the biggest human tragedy. Is it possible that there is 'foul play'? Meaning is there a human factor in causing the already existing coronavirus to mutate, make it extremely virulent see it can propagate, reproduce, isolate it, colonize it and then introduce to bats or otherwise? I have feelings that it can be done in a sophisticated lab. This is not the time to point fingers who did it, but ask look what have you done! This is the excess of money which makes people blind. What fearing is not the virus itself but the fearful power of human mind. Excess of money does NOT make you rich What makes you rich is if you love mankind and you are Loving Peaceful and Truthful person. Then Khuda (God) loves you then you are Rich regardless of how much money you have. This event is the major sign of apocalypse and End days or Last days. Soon there will be Descent of the True Messiah. But what is the identity or recognition of the true Messiah? What Khuda (God) told me that there are few extremely important things to recognize the True Messiah. He must be Extremely intelligent genius , he must have achieved something is his life on his own MUST NOT OWN any property or estate or any piece of land (Because his Divine message is his property and his identity as well), MUST have a SINGLE NAME (for example I have single name and that is Khalid). MUST be a believer in Major Prophets namely Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and others. He must be truthful PEACEFUL and love mankind regardless of color, race, creed, origin religion. There are already many false messiahs around. So wait soon he will reveal himself. Thank you for reading all this. (You can spread this message without change or post it on other media.)
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Månad sedan
brain damage or care for te people that loved you, still fkp
brnsuprmn Månad sedan
We surpassed other countries as the most cases why would other countries look at us as the leader in coronavirus. Absolutely ridiculous claim and he has said that on different occasions.
jeana sears
jeana sears Månad sedan
Trump 2020!!!
some rat
some rat Månad sedan
Are you okay?
Robert Roland
Robert Roland Månad sedan
Beware The Locusts
Beware The Locusts Månad sedan
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas Månad sedan
I knew something was up the minute gas prices went down.
Curts Sallee
Curts Sallee Månad sedan
Thankyou...they know we can't go anywhere...thats why they dropped prices....people are so stupid
Victoria Temnoff
Victoria Temnoff Månad sedan
njlm7659 Månad sedan
CBS quickly catching up to cnn for the most dishonest news outlet.
Eddie Castro
Eddie Castro Månad sedan
If it walks like a duck looks like a duck talk like a duck then it must be Donald Duck trump
Zomadee Månad sedan
Face masks will not be enough. We need new ventilation standards for buildings and restrooms particularly. Some large buildings have only one or two small, poorly ventilated restrooms. Pls, spread this info. 🇺🇸
george balmer
george balmer Månad sedan
So why aren't these guys maintaining social distance rule? Oh yeah, cos they know it's a lie
upper cut
upper cut Månad sedan
@Mastani Deepika The virus will be in the vaccine, lemmings will be lining up for it.
Mastani Deepika
Mastani Deepika Månad sedan
george balmer yes something very fishy here ! Probably had the vaccine which the people of this country and the other 180 countries won’t see for a long time.
Loyaltysmith 135
Loyaltysmith 135 Månad sedan
The world needs this 👉🏽sevid.info/video/hq6rat2wtp7H0YY.html
c c
c c Månad sedan
Manufactured World Theatre/ Psyop on the Masses , by the world elite .... All World Leaders are Scripted Puppet Actors Installed by the world elite
Victoria Temnoff
Victoria Temnoff Månad sedan
absolutely! The take over is happening....
segundo Davila
segundo Davila Månad sedan
Trump might win 2020 election, because he is good on selling nothing, And people will buy it.
ASK Månad sedan
At least he's not selling children
Reaper's END
Reaper's END Månad sedan
No solicitation should mean something.
Søren Kierkegaard
Søren Kierkegaard Månad sedan
??? Bla,bla ...!!!
Darcy. Månad sedan
Mmhh, seniors, low income and minorities are higher risk, interesting ¿¡♧♧♧
sunw80 Månad sedan
It's true, the Coronavirus is racist!
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