Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Beloved "Saturday Night Live" personality - and the longest serving anchor on the show's wildly popular "Weekend Update" - Seth Meyers takes over as host of NBC's "Late Night," home to A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy and the best in musical talent.
Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers weeknights 12:35/11:35c.
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25 dagar sedan
Not Now, Murder Hornets
25 dagar sedan
johnhodges05221981 11 minuter sedan
This guy sucks! All of his monologues are about trump. Did Jonny Carson just rip the president every episode? Kind of stale
Leon Dreshaj
Leon Dreshaj 11 minuter sedan
And she still has not fixed the roads
nikemac84 11 minuter sedan
My man, Mac............still kickin' it at 61! Mac too, had his own talk show called McEnroe in 2004. It was HORRIBLE and lasted just a few months.
Leon Dreshaj
Leon Dreshaj 12 minuter sedan
Democrats won't win in michigan. Hahhahaha
Shona Lovely
Shona Lovely 17 minuter sedan
I would sick as a dog drinking all that different stuff.🤢
Miguel Peña
Miguel Peña 21 minut sedan
Our gov is better than yours
Thomas P
Thomas P 23 minuter sedan
I feel that Charles Booker is a better candidate. I've seen her speak and I'm just not impressed and she lost congressional race against boring Andy Barr.
John Kenny Thundermans
John Kenny Thundermans 24 minuter sedan
I love the way they sound like they don't swear
Richard Neal Armstrong
Richard Neal Armstrong 26 minuter sedan
Ok dude it's now 3 books did the other two copulate and have a baby book?
Mick B
Mick B 27 minuter sedan
Please give this some thought before you answer. Do you really think your lives would be worse if you had been born and grew up in socialist Sweden or the Netherlands ( er that’s Holland by the way ) than where you were.
Kaye Williams
Kaye Williams 28 minuter sedan
Iwish he would wear a mask I wouldnt have to look at his lying face
李智 34 minuter sedan
the most scary horror movie ever
mega blaziken
mega blaziken 40 minuter sedan
Markiplier is a cool name
kbrock 9146
kbrock 9146 47 minuter sedan
If we're warriors, where's our hazard pay and government issued gear?
Christopher De Leon
Christopher De Leon 48 minuter sedan
I'm guessing your a bit racist
James Kerr
James Kerr 49 minuter sedan
Her legend status went through the roof for me when she just grabs that Veuve bottle and starts necking it!
Selina B
Selina B 51 minut sedan
That was such a good buzzer sound it shocked me that it came from his mouth 😂 he should put that on his list of skills 😂😂😂
Rimane Griskeviciute
Rimane Griskeviciute 56 minuter sedan
You so stupid.... “I don’t even know anything about these countries”... yes cause you are ignorant excuse of a man. Who can’t even be respectful towards his own president... And obviously even your mom prefers your brother over you. Obama’s only little flaw is Obamagate😂😂😂 But you enjoy your sleep😂😂😂 🐑🐑🐑
King Bobbie
King Bobbie 59 minuter sedan
Seth saying like it’s for kids, nah bro D&D gets real intense when everyone is committed to the game.
Limario 59 minuter sedan
lmao the lady on the beach killed me
Nik Timme sedan
His talent is underutilized... He is Foking awesome in Peaky Blinders...
Heather O'Day
Heather O'Day Timme sedan
Arizona has consistently undertested yet at the same time, they have always discouraged it so our numbers look a lot lower than they actually have been. Arizona has always been really good at pretending the pandemic doesn't exist.
senta ukrai
senta ukrai Timme sedan
You'd think Trump would favor the cardboard cutout concept. It's what he did for the Trump (con) U photographs with "students".
Kristin Uhrig
Kristin Uhrig Timme sedan
Oh my gosh...he sounds just like him!!!
rjnagle Timme sedan
On the Mother's Day bit, kudos for adding a piano accompaniment,. Nice touch.
paul smegal
paul smegal Timme sedan
To The Point , great informative presentation
Tom Swift
Tom Swift Timme sedan
Anagram of "A Closer Look": "So kool, Carole".
yvonne savoy
yvonne savoy Timme sedan
laronis Timme sedan
Actually Trump thinks exercise is bad for you: "Trump considers exercise misguided, arguing that a person, like a battery, is born with a finite amount of energy." www.cnn.com/2019/02/08/politics/donald-trump-exercise-health-physical/index.html
Brian McKay
Brian McKay Timme sedan
If my granddaughter had the same level of English as the President of the United States I would be looking to find her a better school!
Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly Timme sedan
Fox commentators reporting from home while encouraging others to be the guinea pigs.
Earnest T Bass
Earnest T Bass Timme sedan
Distract😁 yeah we all know how you low life liberals can't concentrate on two things at once😆👍 1 conspiracy theory add time okay we got it... don't want to take our minds off of Obama gate to🤪 What a stupid headline
Raymond Ortiz
Raymond Ortiz Timme sedan
You are very funny! Great.
Jules Timme sedan
What a king. Nathan Lane now stars in the new series "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels" on Showtime. He's killing it in a dramatic role as a detective. Incredible!
Strad and stuff
Strad and stuff Timme sedan
The GTE Channel
The GTE Channel 2 timmar sedan
Burnavier Messi
Burnavier Messi 2 timmar sedan
I can cut bread into slices with that jawline, Kumail has been eating bricks ig.
ASeasonedWitch 2 timmar sedan
Keep savaging this useless bone spur. Perhaps the head will explode if enough pressure is put on. Cheers
Little Miss Muffet
Little Miss Muffet 2 timmar sedan
And don't forget the "Real ", reason trump doesn't want there to be mail in voting . He said if we had mail in voting , there would never be another republican winning any office anywhere in this country .. Because ppl in this country DO NOT BENEFIT OR WANT REPUBLICAN POLICIES .
Ramario Ricketts
Ramario Ricketts 2 timmar sedan
As a Jamaican man, I can agree they do do this😂💀
Scarlett O'Hara
Scarlett O'Hara 2 timmar sedan
You guys never comment on any real news. BORING.
nothingclever99 2 timmar sedan
You all know he's going to be voted back in, right? Yup 4 more years of fodder for these boring late night shows... Wooohooo! Trumps America!
RedRadJam 2 timmar sedan
I bet that this said “prank” was a fake rumor igniter that Jon Snow would be beheaded in the season. A indirect hint of sorts. Well played D&D and Kit 😂
snow flake
snow flake 2 timmar sedan
So it takes a pandemic for the US economy to crumble where as Obama did it because he could. Didn't trump bring up the US economy. Can imagine if the Obama administration was in office during this pandemic.
Darlene Hawkins
Darlene Hawkins 2 timmar sedan
Ivanka and Erik's wife.. In the hallway I'm guessing..
Garry Fay
Garry Fay 2 timmar sedan
That graph is actually the number of deaths per country . Yup you're still number one!
Garry Fay
Garry Fay 2 timmar sedan
Ummmmmm the prime minister of Canada is not a friend of Trump! His body language easily shows that!
Brettbren 2 timmar sedan
*Although I am a Vampire: The Masquerade fan, I can respect Joe's passion for D&D and Sofia supporting him. BTW: I can totally relate to Joe's Steelers passion, as I am a MASSIVE fan of their cross-state rivals The Philadelphia Eagles.*
jupiter moongauge
jupiter moongauge 2 timmar sedan
Trumps head looks a dead guinea pig lying on top of an unevenly cooked hamburger.
Jenifer Lore
Jenifer Lore 2 timmar sedan
She could be anistons twin. Her manerisims and expressions. Everything
James Cress
James Cress 2 timmar sedan
Am I the only one that thinks Mark Hamill is way under rated as an actor
MsSniper78 2 timmar sedan
Moderate christian lol sound so wrong lol
Yvonne Soto
Yvonne Soto 2 timmar sedan
Am I the only one to notice that the book on his left changed 4 times? lol
F L 2 timmar sedan
sorry guys, the cartoon president sevid.info/video/fZ7aaLR-2n-mtW0.html is better quality, can't help it
Scaramouchemusic 2 timmar sedan
She's so damn delightful
E. G.
E. G. 2 timmar sedan
feel the knees, yet?
dave dennison
dave dennison 2 timmar sedan
She is still a fox....
Rachel LaDue
Rachel LaDue 2 timmar sedan
You can see Seth's eyes light up when someone mentions he was in some way responsible for donald trump running for president lol. it always has to come back around to this eventually. it's like a good spot for a seth meyers bingo card
Jody Ross
Jody Ross 3 timmar sedan
The BornThirds
Jody Ross
Jody Ross 3 timmar sedan
the third borns..lol
Silvia Reyes
Silvia Reyes 3 timmar sedan
Jason Couture
Jason Couture 3 timmar sedan
I agree that Fox News is not reliable and they are extremely one sided but so is Seth Myers. There is actually a lot of truth to the allegations against the Obama administration. If they did not report on it it would be just as irresponsible
Amanda Reiche
Amanda Reiche 3 timmar sedan
The evil version of NOAH'S ARC--Martians are more selective than the US
Pamela Shore
Pamela Shore 3 timmar sedan
No way would he take Melania. To quote Mr. Trump..."Fake News" 🤣🤣🤣
Greg Claflin
Greg Claflin 3 timmar sedan
Yes Donald were a mask it will improve your looks. On second thought your whole face.
Greg Claflin
Greg Claflin 3 timmar sedan
Did trump design that space force flag? He was watching Star Trek reruns on some FOX channel one night and 5 minutes after turning off the TV he came up with this inspired design but couldn't recall where the inspiration came from.
yelloworangered 3 timmar sedan
I love Trump and Python.
THRILLERCRIMEFAN5500 3 timmar sedan
Jaison t
Jaison t 3 timmar sedan
I support
Kumar Bahadur
Kumar Bahadur 3 timmar sedan
Contn watching her boobs
VE Readthetruth
VE Readthetruth 4 timmar sedan
SETH, Shame on you for spreading more propaganda! China started it all, and the Democrats would not agree, they said go to China Town have a meal, travel...well look at us now, because of the Democrats ....6 million jobs were created by the Republicans in 3 short years for the working man, you just pretend to work. What did the Democrats do in 3 years, NOTHING! Your TDS is so bad you'd rather destroy your own country, and shame on all of you for following this "actor" who thinks he knows more than the general public, he doesn't. (but) by all means, give him government handout that is for you to live on, he's a millionaire pretending "you all all in this together", giving your money to other millionaires. DESPICABLE!!!!!
oo saudade
oo saudade 4 timmar sedan
Stephen loves "Magical" Donny, 4 Eva. Xx
Mark Loukachevitch
Mark Loukachevitch 4 timmar sedan
The lyrics are much different than then this one
Alkause 4 timmar sedan
The Fraser reference was hilarious.
Bozo Jimmy
Bozo Jimmy 4 timmar sedan
a good title would have been "hope sets you free"
Mina M
Mina M 4 timmar sedan
Those Mulaney impressions were the highlights of the highlights.
Sierra ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ
Nitin Verma
Nitin Verma 4 timmar sedan
Pretty fake accent!....why can't people be normal while talking...?
Artemis Gruis
Artemis Gruis 4 timmar sedan
How is this better than Steven Wright?
Ru Ben
Ru Ben 4 timmar sedan
Totalitarians look up to other totalitarians. Kim IL Jun looked at communist leader Joseph Stalin as a role model. Cult of Personality is a big hint towards acceptance of a totalitarian. The North Koreans look at Kim as their Lord and savior, sound familiar?
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 4 timmar sedan
Jake and Logan in a parallel universe
Veronica Stewart
Veronica Stewart 4 timmar sedan
So Laura, I shouldn't wish bad things to happen to people. Are you wearing a mask?
T'Town Tim
T'Town Tim 4 timmar sedan
enjoy 200,000 dead by Sept and another 20 million (60 million total) unemployed...because trump is a worthless sack of crap
Jody Ross
Jody Ross 5 timmar sedan
The Thord of the rings..lol
noah 5 timmar sedan
Democrats are such a hypocrites. They want to investigate everything beside Biden. Like what are they hiding. Democrats are such liers. Wtf
Jennifer Dugert
Jennifer Dugert 5 timmar sedan
Twitter please ban this moron please!
noah 5 timmar sedan
Why do Democrats lie about gerrymandering and I'd laws. How is that voter suppression. The dems do the same thing when it comes to gerrymandering and I'd laws just make it harder for non citizens to vote.
Terry Low
Terry Low 5 timmar sedan
Dude looks like an Indian Roger Federer
Laura Laukkanen
Laura Laukkanen 5 timmar sedan
Tiny little Seth. soiling his pants again on utube😂 soyboy
Kim Haas
Kim Haas 5 timmar sedan
How did I miss this?? I’m in stitches. The two of them are reading each other’s minds.
Emma Frost
Emma Frost 5 timmar sedan
She has a nice voice💓her voice sounds like Cate Blanchett😂she is such a good actress with poise and elegance
robertjohnbanks1 5 timmar sedan
Came here to find out which football club she supports, she’s a blue, disappointing.
nour 9amar
nour 9amar 5 timmar sedan
Peter Jensch
Peter Jensch 5 timmar sedan
Arseclown Barbie doll Ivanka Trump is real
Akua Frimpong-Asante
Akua Frimpong-Asante 5 timmar sedan
So the part 2 never came😓
Andrea Mae Napuli
Andrea Mae Napuli 5 timmar sedan
Go day drinking with Jennifer Lawrence. I'd die to see that
Connie Keeler
Connie Keeler 5 timmar sedan
Love her in Ozark! Great actress....
brent blackstone
brent blackstone 5 timmar sedan
Trump =shitshow
just us
just us 5 timmar sedan
Ok brilliant
Seth, I think you should reconsider your career options! You're doomed in late nite! Your "comedy" is boring and dated! Your lies are redundant and predictable! And your wannabe reporter gig is as lame as Don Lemon!