Trump Wants Everyone to Forget He Ignored Repeated Coronavirus Warnings: A Closer Look 

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth takes a closer look at the president speculating about an unproven medical treatment for coronavirus after ignoring repeated warnings about the threat of a pandemic.
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Trump Wants Everyone to Forget He Ignored Repeated Coronavirus Warnings: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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8 apr 2020



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Kommentarer 80   
HZ 2 dagar sedan
I see this is a Donald Trump deranged syndrome channel, I can’t stand Trump but I hate people like you even more ..you’re ranged as fkk you guys need to be locked up in your house for the next 18 months, don’t come out, because there’s a dead virus out there ..in the Heat, 😂😂 and the UV light killing the virus, 😂😂but you just stay in there with your Mask on😂😂😂😂😂 because the great not so great fake expert Dr. Fauci face said the virus is coming back on November 3 election day imagine that ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..Plus fake doctor says the mask don’t work one day and then the next he said it might, and that’s your expert ?yeah pound sand..Better experts around the world and that little Napoleon shrink a dick
Ellie May
Ellie May 6 dagar sedan
Yes, thank God he closed the borders, and protected us from this scandemic. I know you all think he jumped in to fast and it was xenophobic of him to protect us. But I'm glad he did.
BaldingClamydia 8 dagar sedan
>.< They couldn't ride on the Eagles. Until they destroyed the Ring, it was too dangerous for the Eagles to go near Mordor. I believe they had already lost someone out that way, but I may be misremembering.
Sphereslip 9 dagar sedan
You could tell Trump a thesaurus was a dinosaur and he would believe you..haha
BraxtonWise 10 dagar sedan
Ride the Quin! (shakes tiny bag of drugs)
David DeLaney
David DeLaney 11 dagar sedan
A month and a week later? We find out Trump decided he had nothing to lose, and has started taking hydroxychloroquine. --Dave, as an acquaintance noted, it's only a matter of time before we find out he's also drinking bleach
Martin He
Martin He 12 dagar sedan
The funniest part is that both the World Health Organization and President Obama warned everyone in 2014 that the US and the world was not prepared for the next global pandemic. Who could have seen this coming? Everyone except for Mr. Trump.
Booker T. Dooley
Booker T. Dooley 13 dagar sedan
Just so fucking stupid@Trump!🤦‍♂️
STOP STOP 13 dagar sedan
😆 Only dumb republicans are injecting💉 themselves with disinfectant.
Kadui Saui
Kadui Saui 17 dagar sedan
Access to the attic?
Ms Linda
Ms Linda 17 dagar sedan
Birx always looks like she's thinking "Calgon, take me awaaaaay!"
Jean D
Jean D 19 dagar sedan
MrMagooo 19 dagar sedan
Nice job using the servants quarters to film from. #ImNotAMillionaire
Alistair Marsh
Alistair Marsh 20 dagar sedan
I think the little doors should get their own show
Mexiken 👀
Mexiken 👀 20 dagar sedan
The I.C.P. is running this country and Juggalos keep protesting. 🤮
DARON EKAS 20 dagar sedan
Then why was Trump the first to close airlines from other continents clear back in January 2020 ? "SUCH AN ASSHOLE LIAR!, SETH MEYERS"
Jason Pason
Jason Pason 21 dag sedan
Go hang out with the guys stuck begging for money see if you enjoy it .
themissy 21 dag sedan
i love how early this was published when singapore had so few cases but now we have 20k :-((((
Wuzic 21 dag sedan
Trump translations: Nobody knows = I don't know People don't know = I just realized I know = I just heard / I'm a genius
Humphrey B
Humphrey B 24 dagar sedan
I read about the warnings on you tube, why couldn't trump? He's the President, Or is he?
Fat Pickle Studio Magdalena Turner
Ye I said the same thing when I finished watching Lord of the rings, they could have saved me 9 hours of my life I’ll never get back if the bird took them there and back.
darlingUSA1 25 dagar sedan
Your eyes, Seth, give away the truth. That it is *you* who is the true sociopath. Been to any of those great hellywood parties lately? Do you really believe you little "g" god has a chance against Almighty Holy God? You bring others down because like your "god", you actually hate humankind and wish to take them with you. I almost feel sorry for them...but not you.
jessie yager
jessie yager 24 dagar sedan
darlingUSA1 hahah what, this is just ludicrous, you obviously love trump so much you’re blinded to see any other side to the matter
darlingUSA1 25 dagar sedan
You are a liar, Seth Meyers. There is no nice way to put it other than that. You are lying. This life on earth is not forever and when you vacate you body and you will, you will answer for leading others down you own ugly path.
Tae Adaramola
Tae Adaramola 26 dagar sedan
Trump is so funny. Seth doesn’t even need to try. The material is already hilarious 😂
kvdgadj 26 dagar sedan
Future History Books will have all the information on why the warning was postponed by trump and his close peoples.
A L 27 dagar sedan
Dump and dumper..... or Trump and dumper !
MSN Volts
MSN Volts 27 dagar sedan
It’s the door to narnia
유투브 많이 안 보려는데Quarantine 때문에
trumpers made their bed by supporting him. They should be the one who lay on the bed, NOT the rest of us!
Cherie Landry
Cherie Landry Månad sedan
Trump was warned and knew the Virus was coming here ahead of time??Seth,you mentioned he had the heads up YEARS BEFORE?.....WOW
Matthew Burkhart
Matthew Burkhart Månad sedan
It wouldn't make a difference how long a warning we had, listening to this is ridiculous BS! Sugar coating a political and democratic message like this from all sides. I'm not fooled , the message is clear vote for Trump.
Austin Bryan
Austin Bryan Månad sedan
Y'all are so obssed with Trump it's insane. Can't go one week without bashing him
Holly Helmstetter
Holly Helmstetter Månad sedan
Isn't it illegal for him to give medical advice?
Holly Helmstetter
Holly Helmstetter Månad sedan
He is a lying sack of snot.
Felicity Halsey
Felicity Halsey Månad sedan
Trump is retarded
FOZZ ROSS Månad sedan
it has been established that this fake president is a moron, nothing is new, he is uneducated bullshitter so why the KKK still support this pumpkin head.
Moon Hendrix
Moon Hendrix Månad sedan
David Swain
David Swain Månad sedan
give the fucking goof a class of beach and a few tide pods
David Swain
David Swain Månad sedan
why is this orange ass clown still president
Don Reed
Don Reed Månad sedan
Hey, look, it's the marooned and very-unfunny-without-an-audience Whatshisname in his basement (smells klind of musty, even from here. Better get some "French drains" installed, runs about $50-100K). Oh yeah, reminder, DJT is STILL president. Mr. M., thank you again for baiting the president to run for the office. I never thought I'd see the day when it would be possible for ONE person to make the same mistake that an entire fleet of Japanese sailors and aviators --- on behalf of an ENTIRE NATION --- made on December 7, 1941, but by golly, YOU --- JUST ONE MAN --- DID IT!
Steve F
Steve F Månad sedan
People need to get out and vote this year. Trump won in the first place because of complacency. Too many thought there was no way he would win and didn't vote. Get out there and vote him out!
dhx 77
dhx 77 Månad sedan
How in Gods green earth is Trump still President??? Sacking the extremely professional Captain Brett Crozier, USS Roosevelt who 'spoke up' for his men who were tested positive for the Coronavirus...😳🤯😱😤😡🤬 Then telling the American people to consider taking disinfectants or uva to get of rid of the virus??? IS HE DELUSIONAL??? The American people deserve a President who acts like a President and NOT a supercilious dope!!! God Bless America 🇺🇸
Timothy Kwong
Timothy Kwong Månad sedan
How is it possible to elect a imbilicic , moron to lead ,.... the so - called , most powerful nation in the free world ????? .....WTF ???? ....do your voters have a serious crack adddiction ?????.....if this idiot is re -elected in Nov. 2020 I will have to move to China ,. . . and I have never been their !!!!!!!!
Tim Demski Basketball
frump is going to bring in the LAS VEGAS MAYOR into HIS CABINET ASAP. He said today he will offer her a position, cuz she understands CHIIINNA and is as smart as trump0 hissself.
Tim Demski Basketball
Hopefully we lose him!!!! The South and Russia got him into this position, AND ALL Good people, ALL young people, are suffering as this is obviously the WORST "PREZ?" at he WORST TIME. CRAP. This subhuman is a disgrace.
Tails Doll Prower
Tails Doll Prower Månad sedan
Well this bored me to death-
Feline Faye
Feline Faye Månad sedan
My house has 2 very tiny doors. They lead into storage rooms. They have to be short due to the pitch in the roof.
Perro Pulgoso
Perro Pulgoso Månad sedan
The orange clown couldn't see it coming, he was too busy combing his bold head, putting orange crap on his face and kissing himself in the mirror.
Kiril Balukov
Kiril Balukov Månad sedan
Man the ring had to be hidden, thats why Frodo and Sam travelled on the ground. Its more stealthy.
Alexander Sussman
Alexander Sussman Månad sedan
I wasn't wondering about the door....
Rita Lashley
Rita Lashley Månad sedan
Just go back and check the information The President was given by the WHO. Check Nancy Polosi and see what she had to say in the beginning. You Trump haters will do or say anything to pull a powerful President like Donald Trump down. You should check your information before you talk crap. There has been no crisis like this ever not in 1917 or not even the Bubonic Plague in England. Common sense, idiot, the world did not have travel like it does now. You are a pathetic nut head. Eat your words in November.
Jun kiri Rae
Jun kiri Rae Månad sedan
Bill Gates saw the pandemic years before. He knew and tried to enlight people about the next war being beld at a microscopic level!
FlyingHorsesMedia Månad sedan
Thank you for mentioning TAIWAN. We need to start looking and acknowledging Taiwan b/c they've contained the virus well and #taiwancanhelp sevid.info/video/g6Terc6JuIKbsYI.html They don't get mentioned b/c of the Chinese government's horrible geopolitics. They are kept out of the WHO and the UN b/c china thinks Taiwan is it's territory even though its an Independent Democratic Nation with a great balance of capitalism and social health care system.
matador luis
matador luis Månad sedan
embarrassing POS.. the WH is an embarrassment.. a complete shi.. show with corrupt naive idiots
Kaze Xo
Kaze Xo Månad sedan
Yet people were like “China didn’t warn us!”
Gustavo Souza
Gustavo Souza Månad sedan
Seth alone will reelect Trump. Shut up about him already!
Alain Mellaerts
Alain Mellaerts Månad sedan
If he lives in a converted barn, the little door was used to pull up bags of grain with a rope to store them on the top floor.
DarwishEG Månad sedan
Heart stuff
DarwishEG Månad sedan
Haydar Al-assadi
Haydar Al-assadi Månad sedan
The spread of the Corona virus in this world is controlled by a group of powerful countries. First, the United States of America, then Canada, and European countries. For three years, it has had a deficit in finance, whether it is the Ministry of Health, the US dollar and the American economy. They are trying to rid of the older people as they are costly to the countries. Additionally, the United States of America has problems in the infrastructure and health and is on the verge of collapse. This is reason for the cause of the virus. There is no difference between Corona and Influenza virus except that Corona is being used to intimidate the community by using lies and media.
82ndAirborne BCo 2/508
No he didnt. He tried to ban travel to and from china and all msm outlets called it xenophobic. Hahaha! Four more years
김충열 Månad sedan
Beat COVID -19 in this way. Why are we 'who are made in the image of God' going through this suffering, when we only need to shield our mouth and nose because the virus seep into mouth and nose. Everyone should start this followings ASAP. 1st, Make your own masks with cotton clothes you have.2nd, Soak the masks in thick salt(It's natural sterilizer that God has given to us) melted water and dry them.3rd, Use a brush to put more salt water on the mask and dry them. Repeat this process 4 times.4th, It might be little bit uncomfortable to use but it will help you survive. Weakness of COVID-19It does not have any wings, It can't fly away out of a mask.It adheres anywhere, it it's gets stuck to a salt covered mask, it will not survive.All you need to do is covering your mouth, nose, and eyes. Make and wear the salt covered mask. COVID-19 virus will be stuck to the mask and be sterilized. Even the germs out of your mouth will be sterilized by the mask and the mask won't smell bad even after a few days of using it. It is the best way to beat the virus by shielding your mouth and nose. Hallelujah!
glen glen
glen glen Månad sedan
sevid.info/video/aGu4kJqRsZu32H4.html watch it or dont just understand the facts are simple and hard to hear for some but seth you arnt funny and you are a puppet
Victorian Sculptures
LOL 1917 flu!!!!
Victorian Sculptures
"Nobody could have predicted and epidemic or pandemic" REALLY?? so a city of 11 million gets locked down because so many are getting sick, and because it's a major city people get on jets and fly everywhere, including the USA, and BINGO, all it took was ONE sick passenger getting off in Washington and now it's in EVERY state
Billy Messimer
Billy Messimer Månad sedan
Seth Myers you are an idiot, just go jump on that corrupt leftest band wagon!!
suckitgoog zero
suckitgoog zero Månad sedan
Molly Spurgeon
Molly Spurgeon Månad sedan
As if I couldn't love Seth any more, he references my absolute favorite movie of all time.
Audie O
Audie O Månad sedan
Empty hospitals. sevid.info/video/dWK6rdeGw4Gb1Ho.html www.google.com/amp/s/www.bostonglobe.com/2020/03/31/business/boston-medical-center-furloughs-10-percent-its-workforce/%3FoutputType%3Damp
Eli Rhys Stark
Eli Rhys Stark Månad sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="491">8:11</a> my dog, Ingrid, popped up.
Jim Ross
Jim Ross Månad sedan
“They’re not sick, they’re British...” really? Surely it should be “they’re not orange, they’re British”.
Dr.Gillingstein Månad sedan
Of course Trump ignored the warnings. It is the result of the only wisdom he ever got from a book. The source of enlightenment was "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".
Andy Derksen
Andy Derksen Månad sedan
*November-and-continuing:* China has repeatedly lied about the origins and spread of this virus. *Jan. 14:* WHO said the virus didn't spread from human to human. *Jan. 21:* First case in the U.S. *Jan. 31:* Trump issues travel ban - gets labeled "racist"and "xenophobic" by leftist, globalist morons. *February-and-continuing:* Said morons continue to claim Trump didn't act fast enough - Ad ongoing studies drive the COVID-19 mortality rate lower and lower until it's not much higher than the flu. *The future:* Historians look back on this era and write about how said morons kept pushing it and pushing it, well beyond Trump's presidency, until they finally instigated the Second Civil War . . . which conservatives - genuine patriots - won with ease.
Emerald Archer
Emerald Archer Månad sedan
Trump, you have failed this nation
Roberto Paladines
Roberto Paladines Månad sedan
This demented clown AKA Trump needs to be stopped!!!
New Feature
New Feature Månad sedan
Remember when Pres. Bush made a serious ass speech about the next pandemic and everyone took him serious... 15 years ago because he was smart even though you might not like him.
Andy in Germany
Andy in Germany Månad sedan
I just found your video in my recommendations and you had me at "They're not really sick, they're just British..." I sprayed my British tea at that comment...
Simon Dewitt
Simon Dewitt Månad sedan
Wouldn't an empire full of monsters be able to shoot down a giant eagle? Not sure why that's a plot hole, the ring wraiths themselves ride dragon things. Surely they could catch one giant eagle.
euroyen420 Månad sedan
Seth is so cringy!
Sophia HABEL
Sophia HABEL Månad sedan
Lol he is loosing it.....lockdown is real. Lol love your channel....
PaulaakaPaben Månad sedan
first of all Trump is neither a Doctor or God!HE only knows what his advisior tell him!Sorry but some of the medicines are working and the death rates are lower then some of the flu viruses!OMG We are the biggest Country you idiot,of course there will be more cases!
Crew Demo-2
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