The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For 

Doug DeMuro
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The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the Tesla Model Y during a thorough tour of the Model Y. Then I'm driving the Tesla Model Y, and I'm going to tell you what it's like on the road.
Model 3 - sevid.info/video/qJqajdSlxqO4uXE.html
Model 3 Performance - sevid.info/video/javXpayFknqtpqQ.html
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shoarectube Timme sedan
Aaand next up is the next up!
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas Timme sedan
You’re wrong Doug it’s fucking beautiful.
z d
z d 3 timmar sedan
Doug shills for dangerous autopilot. Good job fuckhead.
z d
z d 3 timmar sedan
TSLA is a huge publicly traded fraud.
JoKe6 3 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1350">22:30</a>- Be gentle, Sempai
Hybrid Athlete
Hybrid Athlete 3 timmar sedan
Everyone but me.
815 Garage
815 Garage 4 timmar sedan
It looks the same as every other tesla
Matt Thew
Matt Thew 5 timmar sedan
too bad when the touch screen stops working :((
bruce hain
bruce hain 6 timmar sedan
...but it doesn't have automated interchangeable batteries so no one wants to bother with it, or pay the $40,000. The tendency towards expensive and sometimes dangerous batteries could easily be solved by making them interchangeable automatically. Put you card in the pump, wait ten seconds and drive away. But instead all this energy and resources - some of it environmental resources - are put into these fancy and expensive batteries to squeeze the last tenth of a mile out of them, when nickel/hydride would do, for a fraction of the cost. Is this a concession to the oil industry?
Eyco :D
Eyco :D 8 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1213">20:13</a> joe mamam You fell into this one Doug
unchboy 8 timmar sedan
If you can afford 80k you can afford 70k.
unchboy 8 timmar sedan
The BMW x6 was really ahead of its time.
František Kvintus
František Kvintus 9 timmar sedan
Unfortunately, everything looks so cheap. You feel like you are in a check 20k car, with the exception of the functions of course.
TheDanishSpaceman 9 timmar sedan
Backseat passengers in my Model S used the app to turn on seat heating same goes for my Model 3. A feature that was not used that often. Independent climate control would be awesome though (3-4 zone AWAC)
Resonance 10 timmar sedan
(Doug's girlfriend meets doug's parents for the first time) Doug : Mom and dad, Thisssssssssssssssssss is my gurlfriend.
Laurentiu Trifan
Laurentiu Trifan 10 timmar sedan
The glass roof is highly unsafe. And this thing is a deal-breaker.
BKD Vickers
BKD Vickers 11 timmar sedan
I have one question. Since many people make monthly payments when they purchase a new car, what kind of payment plans does Tesla have?? Or do people have to pay in full up front before ordering one?? I haven't heard anyone discuss this.
Sr H
Sr H 13 timmar sedan
It looks like a pregnant Model 3. But sure, Y is much more practical.
Ana Kasparian's Old Nose
Ana Kasparian's Old Nose 13 timmar sedan
Cool, I still won't buy a Tesla, inside and out blandness, but interesting engineering.
simone marian
simone marian 13 timmar sedan
this is the most beautiful tesla car in my opinion. I love the proportions and the back is gorgeous with that integrated spoiler...
Abster the Dabster
Abster the Dabster 14 timmar sedan
Parents were thinking of getting this car until they found out that the “long” range is 300 miles. Electric cars can be good but for family trips 300 miles is nothing. Our current Mercedes can do about 1000km which is about 600 miles.
Chris Storer
Chris Storer 14 timmar sedan
Anyone else lost yet?
Nidz Mldnvc
Nidz Mldnvc 15 timmar sedan
That dog mode isn't reliable because people are stupid and they're gonna forget to turn it on. In that case, car should be able to recognize the presence of a pet and turn it on automatically
Altamash Parwaiz
Altamash Parwaiz 15 timmar sedan
Not everything needs to be digital
Chris Storer
Chris Storer 15 timmar sedan
I have been waiting for this!
mounir naji
mounir naji 17 timmar sedan
Porsche front shape influence & "Prius" for the rear .....
KRS2 Gaming and Tech
KRS2 Gaming and Tech 19 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1209">20:09</a> JOE MAMA
Jay 19 timmar sedan
It's like a Model X and Model 3 had a baby
Ryan R.
Ryan R. 19 timmar sedan
I’d still buy a rivian r1t
Itsjustme 20 timmar sedan
Still Doug with the "heads up display" instead of the correct "head up display"! Love your reviews but, as a specialist, would like you to use the correct nomenclature.
dimzay 20 timmar sedan
Joe is a plumber.
Appu Joseph Jose
Appu Joseph Jose 20 timmar sedan
Oh the times we live in !
Frank Ober
Frank Ober 20 timmar sedan
Minute 27 says it all. Great reactions Doug!
Roldan Vera
Roldan Vera 21 timme sedan
Joe mode: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1189">19:49</a>
Secret Guy
Secret Guy 21 timme sedan
Video starts <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a>
AlexH07 22 timmar sedan
How much better do you think the ride quality is on the regular long range model without the stiffer suspension and smaller profile tires??
Sam Iam
Sam Iam 22 timmar sedan
He sure likes flapping his gums....😅
pwrshots 23 timmar sedan
walk backwards and put a piece of chewed gum on the cameras. hey doug , where's the quirk where the door lines finish in the middle of the center pillars?
Hot 88s
Hot 88s 23 timmar sedan
Sorry, a dopey looking car
sphinct Tear
sphinct Tear Dag sedan
Nah I’m waiting for my cyber truck. Synth wave neon nights here I come 😍😍😍
burning hills
burning hills Dag sedan
The best part about the back seat was the fact that it features an armrest with cupholders?
Gwen Walravens
Gwen Walravens Dag sedan
Why are Teslas so bland. Their concept cars look awesome but somehow they refuse to give the Tesla any identity as a brand.
Strategic Thinker
Surprisingly good looking. The photos didn't do it justice, at all.
delete delete
delete delete Dag sedan
Sentry mode huh??? What weapons does it have?!
kenan dzaferagic
The interior of this car reminds me of my Volvo s40.
Marex Kai
Marex Kai Dag sedan
When will Tesla start making good looking cars? This shit looks like a Chinese fake Tesla.
manfr edo
manfr edo Dag sedan
I never would buy a car with a glas roof! Unfortunatly tesla makes it in every model! So therfore I have to by an internal combustion engine vehicle!The third row is only for vomiting,
Brandon VanVorst
Its like they are getting cheaper and cheaper as Tesla goes on. I get it but at the same time come on, the seats on blocks/spacers...
Matt Dag sedan
It’s disgusting
/b/ hangout 414 262 area codes
Who are joe's kids? I dunno, but joe momma
webbo games
webbo games Dag sedan
This guy is the most boring prick ever
/b/ hangout 414 262 area codes
Why do you say TH instead of S? Are you reviewing a Tethla?
/b/ hangout 414 262 area codes
God what a fucking ugly car
Owen Reuben Hilton
Third reason for not buying one: it looks like a jelly-mould.
Carl Hagemann
Carl Hagemann Dag sedan
I thought you said SUV coupes had no purpose and people that bought SUV coupes were horrible people?
Jarle Tronerud
Jarle Tronerud Dag sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="456">7:36</a> - I'm bored of Tesla and Doug's extreme passion for this brand. Where I live, Tesla is synonym with "my Tesla brake down, and I'm now driving my Volvo".
Paul Fletcher
Paul Fletcher Dag sedan
Great vid. Solid review. TOO many commercials......is this Must See TV, Thursday's on NBC?! Good Lord.
Evan M
Evan M Dag sedan
Still not a mid class America car company
chevymike1968 Dag sedan
Nice to see you driving in my neighborhood. :) Nice review.
muskcode Dag sedan
No Spare tire?
Vinnie Davis
Vinnie Davis Dag sedan
Joe is some guy on twitter who complained to Elon Musk that Autopilot was waking up his kids
Bossy Bryner
Bossy Bryner Dag sedan
Even if I had this car, I would always take my dog with me (if I have)
F D Dag sedan
Still don’t like how they are forgetting about the driver. After all the driver is the one who needs all the info not to mention he’s probably the one who paid for the car. They have to bring back the drivers instrument cluster. They could also use better seats. Maybe a set of Recaro seats would do some good.
Neel Javia
Neel Javia 10 timmar sedan
Both Model S and X have that.
Arnav Rawat
Arnav Rawat Dag sedan
[Obligatory joe joke]
Red Pill Aesthetics
Tesla investors and customers are the absolute worst. They literally cannot stop smelling their own farts
A little bit Intellectual
Lots of cars have this undercargo space, and many could have more. But instead they opted for a spare tire...
James Hoffman
James Hoffman Dag sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1954">32:34</a> 'A HUD to tell you ... what gear you're in ....' Maybe to tell you how many wheels you have ... I hate having to look over at the screen to check.
James Hoffman
James Hoffman Dag sedan
Pretty ok review. All those mean things I said about you over your CyberTruck videos are hereby retracted.
Ana Kasparian's Old Nose
Ana Kasparian's Old Nose 13 timmar sedan
Kinda creepy bro.
James Hoffman
James Hoffman Dag sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1356">22:36</a> "Close console lid gently". Santa knows when you've been naughty and nice.
Hanna Lee
Hanna Lee Dag sedan
Do u have a script? How r u doing this without note cards.....?
Copper Key Racing
I literally fell asleep three times while watching this Tesla video. 3hrs later and 3 naps later, this thing is the most boring vehicle I have ever seen! The exterior, I give it a boring rating. The interior I give it a boring rating. The sound of the vehicle, I give it boring rating. The sound of anyone mentioning the vehicle, I give it a boring rating. The self driving mode, I give it a "I am going to fall asleep again" and a boring rating. I could never own one, as I would ABSOLUTELY fall asleep while sitting in whatever you call this boring thing when you are going down the road in it, because it's definitely not called driving. I might as well shoot myself if I ever stepped near one, I might just pass out and knock my self into a coma/death. Edit: I'm an Electrical Engineer and I do not agree with having electric cars...I do not like them one bit... so far.
Neel Javia
Neel Javia 10 timmar sedan
Nobody cares about your opinion. EVs are the future. Whether you like it or not.
NHK Zombie
NHK Zombie Dag sedan
To think I’d see the day an stock electric family sedan clocked in 0-60 mph in a little over 3 seconds.
Zabijaq Zoltan
Zabijaq Zoltan Dag sedan
Good replacement for VAZ 2103. Slightly improved interior, but not that much.
Devin Winchester
Your reviews are very redundant aren't they.
dardoukLYS Dag sedan
Interior looks really cheap for 50k!
nathan okpik
nathan okpik Dag sedan
I think the Tesla Model Y is the most beautiful tesla.
Sergio Gee
Sergio Gee Dag sedan
Do the Aston Martin one77
Erick Robinson
Erick Robinson Dag sedan
This car is garbage to be honest
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