The Road to PS5 

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PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.



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Mesai Plays
Mesai Plays 6 timmar sedan
I play this video before I go to bed every night, give this man an audio book!
Yozu Yozu
Yozu Yozu 6 timmar sedan
Holy shit..i laugh so hard reading funny comment in this video...HAHAHAHAHAHA
Twitch_baseball 7 timmar sedan
So dose it have more than 60 frames yet?
Gamermo 7 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2230">37:10</a> i finally believe he is human
Diogo Art
Diogo Art 7 timmar sedan
Este é o comentário português que você estâ procurando hehe
José edberg Santos costa
Encontrei um ainda bem😟 Eae parceiro👍
Corvus Morve
Corvus Morve 7 timmar sedan
Gods this in ASMR gold.
dager sab
dager sab 7 timmar sedan
Sony is focusing on immersion and presence with the ps5. Greatly enhancing 3 senses sight,sound and touch: Physical sensations from heptic feedback so you can you feel within the game world. Increasing sound sources and sound quality to better replicate the ambient sounds of real life. No loading screen so the immersion isn't interrupted\broken. Lessons learnt from VR. Adding these layers to increase presence improves the gaming experience far more then 2 extra teraflops or a few extra pixels ever could. That's why the new controller is called duelSENSE ;]
James Michael
James Michael 8 timmar sedan
Anyone else get a Dana Carvey vibe from this dude or is it just me?
BLVDES 8 timmar sedan
Dude’s prolly a speech professor
LemonBoy 8 timmar sedan
*Que viva Xbox*
Pat Mc Coy
Pat Mc Coy 8 timmar sedan
Ps6 without mark yes yes seeing he's found his son a men
Pat Mc Coy
Pat Mc Coy 8 timmar sedan
Mark PAT'S waiting on you
Pat Mc Coy
Pat Mc Coy 8 timmar sedan
Gerardo Martin
Gerardo Martin 8 timmar sedan
Who is back here because of the dual sense controller revealed ?
William Alvarez
William Alvarez 9 timmar sedan
This guys voice is calming
FaZe Phoenix09
FaZe Phoenix09 9 timmar sedan
I really spent <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3164">52:44</a> of my time watching this very interesting presentation
Arth P.
Arth P. 9 timmar sedan
So everyone's just going to talk about Mark Cerny in a 50 minutes video about PS5?
413 Studio Productions, INC
He's the cool calm villain in a movie explaining his plot to take over the world. "You can't stop me".
413 Studio Productions, INC
Wow, this was an excellent presentation. Even more impressive is the amount of effort that Sony Puts into creating a system that will produce epic games.
Osama Bokanan
Osama Bokanan 9 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1033">17:13</a> I can’t believe he stuttered. What a disgrace to Sony. 😂
Jack You
Jack You 10 timmar sedan
Is it a class at university?
mycdu edu
mycdu edu 10 timmar sedan
anybody realized what would be the price after watching this presentation ?
Clapz 6 timmar sedan
Maybe like $500 or $600 because the ps4 was $400 when it came out
Beanz 10 timmar sedan
99% this guy is a robot 1% talking about the actual console
Mooneken 11 timmar sedan
Awesome presentation! I didn't know I was this interested in the tech behind a console and this sounds really promising. I like the focus and thought put into the development process.
@di.rena 11 timmar sedan
We cant go grocery shopping while loading gta 6 :(
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Star Wars Battlefront 2 11 timmar sedan
The bad thing to can’t play ps1 ps2 and ps3 games
yu nows youknowwhatimsayin
Playstation: how many stops do you want in your speech? Presenter: yes.
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Star Wars Battlefront 2 11 timmar sedan
Scorpion 11 timmar sedan
Hopefully quick menu is still a thing
Phoenix Dawn
Phoenix Dawn 12 timmar sedan
I love this guy! (Knack wasn’t great but you can tell he gets more excited about technology and pushing the console’s tech in software than actual game design which is fine, as far as gfx/physics demo Knack was fine, but not as a game.) I love his passion, his knowledge, and the calming way he explains it all.
Γιάννης Καλημέρης
It's not what I expected, but appreciate the big variety of info they give us. Can't wait.
TPranara 12 timmar sedan
Besides 3D audio, not a whole lot was said about VR.
Nour 12 timmar sedan
I think Sheldon Cooper would definitely get along with this guy!
Rizike 12 timmar sedan
Who's here after they revealed the PS5 Controller...?
Chandara Chheng
Chandara Chheng 6 timmar sedan
K C 13 timmar sedan
Backwards compatibility was the one thing i wanted to know about. Now i feel sad that its just ps4 games
Adam Gonzalez
Adam Gonzalez 13 timmar sedan
Like...if you want them to make a new gen for the PS Vita 🤯🤕....miss it
Jared Luceroabarca
Jared Luceroabarca 13 timmar sedan
Some how after watching dis video I can make my own console
Alexei Burcolf
Alexei Burcolf 14 timmar sedan
Unknown Default
Unknown Default 14 timmar sedan
Black controller not white
7zeen 702
7zeen 702 15 timmar sedan
When the PS5 will be in the stores
moon0123 14 timmar sedan
December 2020
Steve Paraiso
Steve Paraiso 15 timmar sedan
Make vr,, a full dive be pls
Death 15 timmar sedan
This video helps me fall asleep faster. I recommend
Death 15 timmar sedan
This video helps me fall asleep
Efi Kabak
Efi Kabak 15 timmar sedan
Incredible presentation. The guy deserves a trophy for this.
NO JUSTICE NO PEACE 15 timmar sedan
Ps 4 belom pernah main skrg udh mau ps 5 bgst lah wkwl
Panda_deadshoot360 15 timmar sedan
Anyone here when they realest a photo of the ps5 controller
Blue Kater
Blue Kater 15 timmar sedan
Panda_deadshoot360 Yes Hype!
Michael Bowden
Michael Bowden 15 timmar sedan
Who ready for the ps5‼️🔥
Kage1128 15 timmar sedan
xbox x 16,7% faster
Kage1128 13 timmar sedan
@The Crow of Yharnam Awww PS5 fanboys crying
The Crow of Yharnam
The Crow of Yharnam 14 timmar sedan
Garbage console worst name since the wii u
ISAAC 16 timmar sedan
Please more FPS!!!
Newbodie 16 timmar sedan
Nintendo Switch
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 16 timmar sedan
pss sponge bleach eiejejdndsoeodj
RandomTechS@#T 18 timmar sedan
People have no idea what's just been presented lol. You will see in 3-4 years once AA titles made specifically made for PS5 comes out.
happyVilliger303 AnimalCrosser
Viantastic wants to see it now please
Maor Amar
Maor Amar 19 timmar sedan
jim ryan looks like gordon ramsy
Abhimanyu Chauhan
Abhimanyu Chauhan 19 timmar sedan
Apple VS Samsung PlayStation VS Xbox
Molnár Robi
Molnár Robi 15 timmar sedan
Compare the models not the brands. PS1>N64>Sega Saturn>3Do, Phillips CDi PS2>Xbox>Gamecube>Dreamcast Xbox 360>PS3=Wii PS4>Xbox One>Nintendo Switch>>Wii U We'll see the 9th gen when it comes out
Jakob Dudiak
Jakob Dudiak 16 timmar sedan
Apple > samsung Playstation = xbox
Abhimanyu Chauhan
Abhimanyu Chauhan 20 timmar sedan
I got a PS3 Super Slim Looking forward for a PS5
Banane Krumm
Banane Krumm 20 timmar sedan
My Denon AVR supports only DTS X and Dolby Atmos
JACK RAY 20 timmar sedan
Guys i’m getting the ps5 in about 10 years whooooooooo. *cries in poor*
Kwaku Bempong
Kwaku Bempong 20 timmar sedan
BUBBLES 22 timmar sedan
is the peoples there are stills
I Am WestCoast
I Am WestCoast 22 timmar sedan
Really hyping your fans Sony :100k dislikes lol
AnimeTopProductions 23 timmar sedan
This guy is a robot
Cynical souls Gaming
Cynical souls Gaming 23 timmar sedan
*Video ends* Me : that's cool dad Dad : can you connect it to TV or what ?
ReekRade Dag sedan
Rui Liang
Rui Liang Dag sedan
PS5: The road to 5Sd.
Sanuch Nita
Sanuch Nita Dag sedan
I love PlayStation
AleXiz !
AleXiz ! Dag sedan
Alán C.
Alán C. Dag sedan
So basically ps5 doesn't exist
احمد الطائي
اكو عربي يترجم
Love Dag sedan
He's a host
Andy96 Dag sedan
I was in the opinion that the PS5 would be lacking the computing power to achieve even 1080p 60fps with all games, but now, having understood the kind of approaches they took for ease of development and the allowing of previously not possible optimizations, I think that all games can run at even 1440p 60fps. Now this, I WILL buy.
Abhimanyu Chauhan
Abhimanyu Chauhan 5 timmar sedan
1 23 yes but also 8K resolution at 120fps
1 23
1 23 6 timmar sedan
Andy96 the PS4 pro does 4K 30, how could you possibly think the PS5 would run1080p 60 fps?
Andy96 15 timmar sedan
@Abhimanyu Chauhan You sound a little misguided. Just because it is capable of rendering 8k resolution, doesnt mean that it can do it with a decent framerate. 8K would probably give 15 fps tops
Abhimanyu Chauhan
Abhimanyu Chauhan 20 timmar sedan
Andy96 this thing supports 8K resolution LOL 😝
Pow3r Snowyy
Pow3r Snowyy Dag sedan
So is there gonna be more than 60 FPS?
juclout Dag sedan
Ismail Ahmed
Ismail Ahmed 19 timmar sedan
@Abhimanyu Chauhan this has a 1/3 ratio of likes
Abhimanyu Chauhan
Abhimanyu Chauhan 20 timmar sedan
juclout we already know that u r trash 🗑
Ayoub Melkia
Ayoub Melkia Dag sedan
how can i reach this level in speaking and understanding and creating and knowing in general !
MogelKaiser187 Dag sedan
Too much technology. I. gonna buy a xbox mini fridge.
Jakob Dudiak
Jakob Dudiak 16 timmar sedan
Its better
N O Dag sedan
ray tracing NICE
Keiro Rozen
Keiro Rozen Dag sedan
I want to play games like john wick simulator
General Grievous
That cool and all but what the frick am I gonna pay 500 dollars for JUST SHOW US THE CONSOLE
rj minton
rj minton Dag sedan
Is that audience real?
Abhimanyu Chauhan
Abhimanyu Chauhan 20 timmar sedan
thought so
Devin Isaacson
Devin Isaacson Dag sedan
Giddieon Exodus
Giddieon Exodus Dag sedan
Mark you are awesome and Sony is not paying you enough.... Cheers and thank you and your team for the best console I ever had, the PS4, looking forward to the PS5
Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)
This is the PS5 Controller...
PS5: Official Release
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