[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Echo Origin Story | Overwatch 

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Introducing Echo. An evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence, Echo represents the cutting edge of technology.
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jetblade 20 timmar sedan
someone else sees Echo as Dr Liao´s daughter?
Banana Eddie
Banana Eddie 14 timmar sedan
She Basically is .
Trent Kelly
Trent Kelly Dag sedan
Blizzard forces 2-2-2 (which is fine) but then has over 50% of its characters DPS and thinks hey lets troll the community and make the last character we release for a while a DPS because those queues weren't long enough as is.
AmanoGe Dag sedan
Adrian Kosztya
Adrian Kosztya Dag sedan
When the new amazon echo comes out
ya boi
ya boi Dag sedan
The fact shes not a healer sort of makes sense since some countries in the Overwatch world are still being attacked by omnic groups like Null sector. Liao made her when she was with Overwatch so it makes sense that she would want to make someone who could fight along side them.
Whimsical Apothesis
Whimsical Apothesis 2 dagar sedan
Gothem _
Gothem _ 2 dagar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="42">0:42</a> Jonsey? Is that you?
Ashley 18
Ashley 18 2 dagar sedan
Me counting right now how many people gonna search her on "bad type sites"
Erėn Covėrt TM
Erėn Covėrt TM 2 dagar sedan
why isn’t she here.. hurry up rip
-?????? 2 dagar sedan
when can we play echo? it's so annoying that blizzard tries to keep the hype going. echo is the only reason why I would still play the game. the game is getting worse
Vucazy Dag sedan
Jesus XD
Vucazy Dag sedan
Jesus XD
Banana Eddie
Banana Eddie 2 dagar sedan
Jesus XD
Tkhhayden 2 dagar sedan
my right ear likes this
isaac grant
isaac grant 2 dagar sedan
Can you put echo in Nintendo switch . DPS
Derp Memes
Derp Memes 2 dagar sedan
Where Is echo for xbox
Savage Scouttrooper
Savage Scouttrooper 2 dagar sedan
When’s echo Be on PS4
J L 3 dagar sedan
Liu Kang
Liu Kang 3 dagar sedan
so when is she playable...
B.G. Mutert
B.G. Mutert 3 dagar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="9">0:09</a> theres something in the light
오수아 3 dagar sedan
이해가 안가네; 요즘에는 브론즈 빼고는 핵과 패작이 넘쳐나고 또 정지는 안해 ㅋㅋㅋ 관계자들이 일을안하니깐 그러지; 만우절? 그런 이벤트 할빠에는 핵쟁이 한명이라도 잡으세요;; 이러니깐 내 주변 사람들도 옵치 접는 이유가 있지 에휴.. 모르겠다~핵이나 잡아라 블리자드야
H1O R1
H1O R1 4 dagar sedan
ZA WARUDO 4 dagar sedan
Nothing beats Sigmas origin story from this point on
Potato King
Potato King 4 dagar sedan
Yay, it’s been one year since Mcree saved her and left her there-
User 1
User 1 4 dagar sedan
Why is her forehead so big
Red Wrightyr
Red Wrightyr 4 dagar sedan
It started when an omnic device did what it did..
김도현 4 dagar sedan
I want tree overwatch
Sweetgraffix 17
Sweetgraffix 17 5 dagar sedan
TM about too be lit with echo
DaTrippster 5 dagar sedan
I’d die for an over watch TV show!!!!!! 🥺
Bruce Spitfire
Bruce Spitfire 5 dagar sedan
Yo echo dummy thicc
Ömer P.O.E
Ömer P.O.E 5 dagar sedan
sombra translocator buff pls
Senjuicee 5 dagar sedan
2.8k dislikes from Zenyatta Mains.
Silentyandere99 5 dagar sedan
Shes cool and all but she dont have two yokai drones and a suppressed mp5
Zai YT
Zai YT 6 dagar sedan
Sick, I wanted to cry for a reason?”
Abra Kadabra
Abra Kadabra 6 dagar sedan
I'm not that hyped about echo... Even though she's cool she will break everything
NotSoupp _
NotSoupp _ 6 dagar sedan
hey can we get a dark mode version of this origin story I am blind from the start
Mans Too Lit
Mans Too Lit 6 dagar sedan
Ok, so people can hate on the community, but this games Lore and the writers and artists/cinematography is A1. if there were a higher grade than an A+ i'd give the @playoverwatch creative team a lot of props.
ztullaub ztullaub
ztullaub ztullaub 7 dagar sedan
would be hyped if she wasnt another dps... We have more dps then tanks and supports combined.... Which means we have more chars for 1/3 of all players than for the other 2/3... and now theyre making again a new hero... which is a dps, wp
Fe Arce
Fe Arce 7 dagar sedan
Blizzard, when is Echo coming out on Overwatch, *Playstation4?*
smoll Delibird
smoll Delibird 7 dagar sedan
My fanmade hero Füler Füler is a failed artist from Austria at his age of art many time timetravlers tried to kill him this confused but in the future he creates an evil group in Germany where he moved 24 years after his birth
Nigga Miku
Nigga Miku 5 dagar sedan
Josue Lujan
Josue Lujan 7 dagar sedan
Is she to be just like her ?... anyways but I very excited to see a new character!
Ricardo Valls
Ricardo Valls 7 dagar sedan
Another DPS?!....
lexxy boy
lexxy boy 7 dagar sedan
yep we need another dps
Lovevideos Collection
Lovevideos Collection 7 dagar sedan
Everything about her design just screams to me support. And her creator made her to help people. Guess that means shes blowing them all up in plasma fire xD
basically my life is a lie
I’m still wondering ah, why she got no Singaporean ah lian accent?
Delyla Santiago
Delyla Santiago 7 dagar sedan
I just realized echos the girl who says " double kill" "
FFQA : 4 dagar sedan
Delyla Santiago Athena *
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith 7 dagar sedan
I cannot imagine Zaria got along with her very well.
Noah Brinkman
Noah Brinkman 8 dagar sedan
Coming soon they said........
Choi San's an Artist
Choi San's an Artist 8 dagar sedan
Why does Echo speak Singlish?
Travixos 8 dagar sedan
Its better version of Amazon Alexa or something like that
MrPorkingson 8 dagar sedan
Her legacy. Her promise. Her Echo.
Patchos 11
Patchos 11 8 dagar sedan
Will Echo be in Overwatch 1?
X 2 dagar sedan
Jasmine Tyes
Jasmine Tyes 8 dagar sedan
Poor Zenyatta echos designed to destroy him
Avrand lane
Avrand lane 8 dagar sedan
2.8k nobodys in this world that should'nt exist
LPS Forever
LPS Forever 9 dagar sedan
* Me wondering when it will come out on Xbox.... *
GOD 9 dagar sedan
so echo is out now,but she isnt in my overwatch,why?can some 1 help meh
〔 05w 〕
〔 05w 〕 7 dagar sedan
Ptr only rn
Bryson Stewart
Bryson Stewart 9 dagar sedan
is it just me or does anyone else her ashes coach gun right before " they've breached the labs"
Amirus 9 dagar sedan
Echo: "I will make the world a better place" Blizzard: "As an assasin"
Joe 9 dagar sedan
: ( i was forced to watch this Please call 911
Joe 9 dagar sedan
Pandashi that’s him! He is the one that made me watch it!
Pandashi 9 dagar sedan
Whatever you say boomer >:D
gweaver2006 9 dagar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> gives me chills!
Pandashi 9 dagar sedan
When she said "Her legacy, her promise, her Echo" gave me the chills!
Adam Merrigan
Adam Merrigan 9 dagar sedan
Did the scientist copy her mind into Echo?
Sldr76 - Games and Things.
GamerCat 596
GamerCat 596 10 dagar sedan
When is it coming on console
GamerCat 596
GamerCat 596 9 dagar sedan
The Red Foxxo
The Red Foxxo 9 dagar sedan
GamerCat 596 April some time
满子的奶油 10 dagar sedan
왜 딜러 캐릭터가 힐러와 탱커보다 그렇게 많이 만드는지 이해가 안된다. 딜러 하려고 대기 시간도 길고 경쟁전 캐릭터 제한도 수가 많은 딜러만 제한 하면 되는데 왜 탱커와 힐러도 제한하는 건가??
Joker 11 dagar sedan
that should be a support
Tiernan Walls
Tiernan Walls 11 dagar sedan
Echo is cool and all, but I'm still waiting for a left handed character.
〔 05w 〕
〔 05w 〕 7 dagar sedan
Tf lmao
Save For Waifus
Save For Waifus 11 dagar sedan
ngl this is sorta creepy
〔 05w 〕
〔 05w 〕 7 dagar sedan
TOPCLASS 11 dagar sedan
isnt she vaulted now
Racist Biscuit
Racist Biscuit 11 dagar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a> with subtitles: *WHIRRING INTENSIFIES*
Lil_Idris 109
Lil_Idris 109 11 dagar sedan
I can go ut is Corona virus 🦠 men
Muhamad Arif Mikhail Bin Muhamad Mizan
This in overwatch 2 or 1 ?
〔 05w 〕
〔 05w 〕 7 dagar sedan
TheEnderLord 11 dagar sedan
I can't wait for Echo's introduction gameplay!
I BROKEMYOWNHEART 12 dagar sedan
Can’t believe Echo is being released along side with her sit emote!
I BROKEMYOWNHEART 12 dagar sedan
Can we have her human as a skin?
leon leon
leon leon 12 dagar sedan
Now let's head to hup for rule 34! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
mtakrety 12 dagar sedan
Overwatch suck, full of kids and racists and mental retards
〔 05w 〕
〔 05w 〕 7 dagar sedan
The price is rice
The price is rice 12 dagar sedan
Can't believe they add kirby in overwatch
Zubayr 12 dagar sedan
who got shivers when yall were watching this vid
Petok_ Gaming
Petok_ Gaming 12 dagar sedan
Overwacht mobile plissssss
its kevbruh
its kevbruh 12 dagar sedan
Still not on xbox
its kevbruh
its kevbruh 5 dagar sedan
@〔 05w 〕 i think you meant imagine being able to afford an xbox
〔 05w 〕
〔 05w 〕 7 dagar sedan
Imagine playing Xbox
yk. Rae
yk. Rae 12 dagar sedan
Yep shes babey🥺👉👈🌸✨👌
Randomguy65 12 dagar sedan
My god Echo is beautiful.
Buildergamer 45
Buildergamer 45 13 dagar sedan
Why is there no echo for the switch?
ECHO ... For Noobs
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