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Joyner Lucas
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27 mar 2020



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Kommentarer 80   
Ax3Thr0w3r 17 timmar sedan
Bought the autographed vinyl. Record was too fire to pass on that
Ikuma Samungole
Ikuma Samungole Dag sedan
Juice !!!! This is beautiful track to track.
fricking gamer
fricking gamer 3 dagar sedan
CappuccinoLife 3 dagar sedan
This M***fucker it's 🔥🔥🔥🖤
Lyndon Onin
Lyndon Onin 4 dagar sedan
So much fire in this album 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I wasnt expecting Kevin would be in the skit! The shit's funny!
Dean Wissink
Dean Wissink 8 dagar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2588">43:08</a> hit different
Mohamed Naas
Mohamed Naas 9 dagar sedan
I feel he speak with me
SkyFire 10 dagar sedan
i love is amazing
gravedom 10 dagar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1647">27:27</a> so funny :))
tw0tone 11 dagar sedan
fuck that little nigga
Solo Dolo
Solo Dolo 12 dagar sedan
Amazing bro
SUKHI K 12 dagar sedan
Every Tune on this Album is FIRE🔥, Don’t even have to change over songs. 💯👊🏿🔥
SUKHI K 12 dagar sedan
Joyner Lucas is the HARDEST n REALIST RAPPER to DATE. So Glad he is here 💯🙏🏿👊🏿 Love from UK London👊🏿💯
LilNoobie 13 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie I just realized how hard ISIS goes.
Dooter Hanmi
Dooter Hanmi 13 dagar sedan
Thanks bro
Tsakane Ndhlovu
Tsakane Ndhlovu 14 dagar sedan
Joyner is probably the most underrated rapper of our generation....the nigga talented.....this is what perfection sounds like....
CrazyCan 14 dagar sedan
all the new stuff is ass that he dropped on the album
Anthony Burns
Anthony Burns 15 dagar sedan
Devils work and Revenge is so good. He's overrated
crazy aerodactyl
crazy aerodactyl 14 timmar sedan
Chaotic Echo
Chaotic Echo 15 dagar sedan
Wait wha-
Princess Summit
Princess Summit 15 dagar sedan
Rick and Sandra Taylor were not married or anything of the sort. She wanted him there as a witness to the man she committed to. Sucks when y'all hit licks and then make devil's work.
we got next077
we got next077 15 dagar sedan
Yooo this shit make you appreciate all the work he done💯💯💯💪🏾🔥🔥
StillYet Musiq
StillYet Musiq 16 dagar sedan
StillYet Musiq
StillYet Musiq 16 dagar sedan
OAN-AIRSOFT 17 dagar sedan
Gold Mine going cold ASF
Nicholas Fitzpatrick
Nicholas Fitzpatrick 18 dagar sedan
Ma man 🔥🔥🔥
HooksandBeats 18 dagar sedan
intro dialogue sounds like joker kinda lol
basichpfan 1
basichpfan 1 18 dagar sedan
I love the album but I kind of feel like he was trying to hard with the dr skits to be like em's relapse skits
Jason Jantjies
Jason Jantjies 18 dagar sedan
the fact that this album is not critically acclaimed, hasnt won a few grammy's and isnt noticed by the culture indicates how commercialised and disconnected mainstream rapping has become.. Joyner Lucas has offically become my favourite hands down
Mulchy YT
Mulchy YT 19 dagar sedan
Hey joyner with this covid shit i'm starting to wonder how much time we even have left on this rock. I just wanna say i feel you man. I feel like we have the same mind. You did fantastic making this feel like real ADHD.
John Owens jr
John Owens jr 21 dag sedan
Em Joyner Dababy Just need cole, logic ,meek ,webby
Tim29oco 21 dag sedan
Every song on this album is a banger
Daaang Bleezy
Daaang Bleezy 22 dagar sedan
After those first dumbass lines about the Devil. I had to stop listening more wack music.
SourCrouch 23 dagar sedan
devils work is fucking insane. one of the best rap tracks made in the past couple years at least.
YNG GNG 23 dagar sedan
Joyner i go to studio on monday wathc my trracks got saem diseases as u my soul now pure
Nathan Biffle
Nathan Biffle 23 dagar sedan
I was working and listening and heard what sounded like Chris tucker and was like “wow that sounds like Chris” the I looked at my phone and found a skit called chris and thought “well would ya look at that”😂😂😂
IROK-289 CROWN GAMING 24 dagar sedan
This is my go to album. Start to finish.
Natco Pharmaceutical
Natco Pharmaceutical 25 dagar sedan
#ADHD #TABLETS #PILLS #CRYSTAL #POWDER #INJECTION natcopharmaeuticaltd.asia@gmail.com
Team Aloof
Team Aloof 25 dagar sedan
1.4 million views? Good, we’re safe here
SaveIn24KaratGold Official Channel
This album is the truth...
Bryan Fawkes
Bryan Fawkes 26 dagar sedan
This album is a whole mood, thank you for it,...
Johnny quantrell junior jq
They say they got the juice but I got the Corona
Johnny quantrell junior jq
He's amazing
Johnny quantrell junior jq
Joyner adhd is the best one yet
Julius Muertetgue
Julius Muertetgue 26 dagar sedan
the Skits are soo funny, especially Chris
nassim el halbi
nassim el halbi 26 dagar sedan
I never get bored of this Master piece at alllllll 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mic TV
Mic TV 27 dagar sedan
Hit This Link 🎥
u So Fatty Bruh
u So Fatty Bruh 27 dagar sedan
i understand the purpose behind devils work. and the song is fire. but no disrespect, when he was naming old and current rappers, dead or alive, it sounds like that one kid in gym class that wanted all the best players on his team. like get rid of the bad ones and bring back the good ones. if all those "shitty" rappers never existed and/or the ones that passed away never left earth, then we wouldnt appreciate the ones we got left like Joyner and Logic and EMINEM. HES STILL HERE lmao. plus every other rapper that IS here that i just didnt mention. dont get me wrong i fw joyner 10000% and i know he just pouring knowledge of the wizards and intellects in his music. much much respect to him. thanks for staying with us joyner
Chaotic Echo
Chaotic Echo 15 dagar sedan
But the thing is, it wasnt about if they were good or bad rappers, most of em were about how good/bad that person was
Максим Карнаухов
the album is on repeat for the third week.
jonathan love
jonathan love 28 dagar sedan
idk those skits kinda hit hard and idk why, i mean i have adhd but damn
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez 28 dagar sedan
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez 13 dagar sedan
@Officer Dva wow you destroyed me, can't believe you did me like that
Officer Dva
Officer Dva 14 dagar sedan
neither are you :)
ChrisCarGuy -
ChrisCarGuy - 29 dagar sedan
I Lied is the best song song on this album *Change my mind...*
Максим Карнаухов
Where is all "LIKES" 66k For real ?? This guy is huge talent!
AGE Esters
AGE Esters Månad sedan
Kev is funny on my life
Alexus Whipple
Alexus Whipple Månad sedan
i got adhd and this is so true
Neel Kaschura
Neel Kaschura Månad sedan
How does this have ads
A5lan 2
A5lan 2 Månad sedan
thank you for being the inspiration i need
Dustr232 Månad sedan
Hello Grammy
nfreson Månad sedan
I'm on my shit, you ain't gotta love me xD ...KO
Thalia Rivera
Thalia Rivera Månad sedan
ahh now there’s ads
Not Generic
Not Generic Månad sedan
Damn why does that beat for Finally remind me of Farewell by eminem.
Kanine Senses
Kanine Senses 28 dagar sedan
it actually does omfg
Rocky Rodriguez
Rocky Rodriguez Månad sedan
Living it living it.
Bill Bishop
Bill Bishop Månad sedan
Love this album! I haven't been able to say that in a long time. Thanks Joyner
francisco vazquez
francisco vazquez Månad sedan
first album i ever said fuck it and checked out from joyner i was kinda turned off by his mainstream stuff and the video of him betraying a friend to join a gang.... lol i mean that some fuck shit but this right here.... this some savage shit
Faris Gemeda
Faris Gemeda Månad sedan
is it just me or would the war be a good song on a 2k soundtrack?
Максим Карнаухов
A new legend born with this album!!! High-quality album, you the new GOAT. Respect!!!
Natjimo Månad sedan
Tupac was not a "good nigga", he was a rapist and murderer.
Natjimo Månad sedan
I miss triple X though
Zeeta Månad sedan
I feel like em would of been a good fit in “still can’t love”
Bill Månad sedan
This whole album is great
Jamme-Lee Pretorius
Jamme-Lee Pretorius Månad sedan
Always thinking deep when I listen to Joyner's legendary tracks🙌. Definitely appreciate the talent this guy has and how he brings reality to the lyrics.
GoodGuySalad Shendelzare
Joyner x Chris is a Matchmade in Rap Heaven.
DAVID_ EM Månad sedan
I wish we work together one coz I make music as well and God bless you with more
Randy Kellison
Randy Kellison Månad sedan
New fan here...4 weeks in... this album is helping me get through this virus shutdown Mad love
Julie Davis
Julie Davis Månad sedan
Devils work gave me CHILLS. I felt that song so bad.. i have been asking God for answers since a lot my family has been dying. Love when I find a song that touches me.
Cipher Månad sedan
Nice upload! Keep it up!
josh Gonder
josh Gonder Månad sedan
This world is so blessed with your existence joyner you keep grinding you will be a legend your words are so powerful man this album Is incredible.
Yung AK
Yung AK Månad sedan
top 5 songs (in no respective order) will isis i love devils work the war
Yung AK
Yung AK Månad sedan
he needs more respect then what he gets
Jacob Kane
Jacob Kane Månad sedan
So happy to have the beat raper to drop a album this good. I liked all the people he featured in the songs.👍 so good Joyner
zeekoes Månad sedan
Kevin is the funniest thing ever
Truss Empowerment Foundation
also will
Truss Empowerment Foundation
also adhd
Truss Empowerment Foundation
also revenge
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