Joyner Lucas ft. Logic - ISIS (ADHD) 

Joyner Lucas
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Written and Distributed on Tully: bit.ly/2BFcGEV
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23 maj 2019



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Zander Jones
Zander Jones 14 minuter sedan
I like how he called out machine gun kelly
R-I-V V-I-R 17 minuter sedan
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crrip boss
crrip boss 54 minuter sedan
Look I ain't raciest but how is white rappers better than black rappers like if agree 👇🏾
dream hills
dream hills Timme sedan
When you’re a girl with ADHD and it’s worse for you because you’re not supposed to act that way period
Andrea Ohman
Andrea Ohman Timme sedan
The guy on the left in the beginning is very pretty.
MatanGames 2 timmar sedan
LOL we is my call of duty modern warfare montage we !?!?!
Radical Kill
Radical Kill 2 timmar sedan
That thumbnail though XD.Thats what made me click...
Divine YT
Divine YT 3 timmar sedan
Imagine if logic dissed mgk 😳
Paulo 4 timmar sedan
Joyner is going bald man. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="59">0:59</a>
Alex Shinoda
Alex Shinoda 7 timmar sedan
Nobody: Me and the boyz on Warzone :
mr MXYPITZ 8 timmar sedan
Trip to middle east: Girls: we have a sad history because of them Boys:
ben L
ben L 9 timmar sedan
The bitches in the south shore are intolerable
The Warrior
The Warrior 10 timmar sedan
In the start is that rhino from loveliveserve
I shit myself
I shit myself 10 timmar sedan
Its so sad that Hummer stopped makin cars and Marussia cuz I love Marussia B2. Peel p50 is da winner
BluexXx 11 timmar sedan
ISIS better watch out that ADHD nothing to play with real talk
BSA 悟 11 timmar sedan
Isis: kidnaps, tortures then beheads America:
WITHERxPREDAT0R 11 timmar sedan
smokin on Osama glad seals tossed you
Kakashi Senpai
Kakashi Senpai 12 timmar sedan
is this song copyright ? can i use it for montages in gameplay ?
Bills Fan
Bills Fan 13 timmar sedan
Beat go hard
Harsh Garg
Harsh Garg 14 timmar sedan
Joyner: Turn the whole world into a crisis. Corona: Take notes!! Take notes!!!!
SHADOW STRIKER 7 14 timmar sedan
OKay so logic is the only one who has trigger discipline
James Bond
James Bond 14 timmar sedan
Who else clicked the like button b4 the song came on
Eric Osborne
Eric Osborne 14 timmar sedan
This is fire
Red Screamer
Red Screamer 15 timmar sedan
joyner lucas the type of rapper my mom wont say is bad
Code Newb
Code Newb 16 timmar sedan
I was waiting for this to turn into the Hills have eyes 2.
Princesanarcedalia Quintero
They were wrong
David Morales
David Morales 17 timmar sedan
Bunch of mikes I can see
River Ameye
River Ameye 17 timmar sedan
2: 48
Shane Dawson’s Cat
Shane Dawson’s Cat 18 timmar sedan
Joyner Lucas is the best and logic always brings the flow
ONLINE ROBOT 18 timmar sedan
Looks mostly black and white no Mexican!!!
Alex PR
Alex PR 18 timmar sedan
Birch Bees
Birch Bees 19 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a> Harry Styles?!?
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 20 timmar sedan
Biggie explained what is beef
tealiteraltea YT
tealiteraltea YT 20 timmar sedan
this is da meaning of epicness
Andrew Yee
Andrew Yee 20 timmar sedan
Aye, we gotta get this man on a Tiny Desk Concert ASAP....
Octane Never Give Up
Octane Never Give Up 21 timme sedan
Woman sound is from Apex legends 🤖🔥
Robert Oprică
Robert Oprică 22 timmar sedan
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or better known as ADHD Is a mental disorder that affects an individual's ability to focus Causing them to move around more frequently They may also have trouble controlling their impulsive behaviors One time for them prayin' on my downfall (Yeah) Two times for the homies in the chow hall (Whoa) Three times for them hoes on the internet Shittin' on niggas when they really should get out more Four times for the days I would hold back (Woo!) Five times for the bitches who ain't called back (Yeah) Six times for the kids like me who got ADHD just to (Brap, brap, brap) Kidnap a nigga like ISIS (Whoa) Turn a whole world to a crisis (Whoa) Walk around the city with a ice pick I been paranoid, usually, I ain't like this (Boop, boop) Ain't no tellin' how crazy I might get, uh (Woo!) Beat the police with a nightstick (Boop) And my whole life, I been lifeless Now I'm so fly, I'm a motherfuckin' flight risk (Woo! Whoa) Fuck a couple hoes 'til I pass out (Whoa) Niggas throwin' stones at my glass house (Whoa) I remember sleepin' on my dad's couch (Whoa) Now I got the Bentley, and it's blacked out (Whoa) Family lookin' at me like a cash cow (Whoa) Errybody dissin' just to have clout (Whoa) Thought you had a chance, now you assed out Nigga, I'm the motherfuckin' man, where you at now? (Whoa) Fuck it, I'ma hit 'em 'til they jumpin' I ain't trippin', this is nothin' (Brap, brap, brap) I been livin' in the dungeon I done held a couple grudges Went to hell and got abducted, meet the devil I'm his cousin, I ain't settlin' for nothin' (Brap, brap, brap) Got a metal in the truck, I keep a semi when I'm bussin' Niggas duckin' (Bop) Even Stevie Wonder couldn't see it comin' (Brrrap, brap, bop) I ain't judgin', I just want the money, I don't need a budget I been hungry, I ain't got no oven (Bop, bop, brrrap, brap) But I got the munchies, nigga How you gon' move on the front line? (Woo!) If I don't fuck with you, I just cut ties (Whoa) My high school teacher said I'd never be shit Tell that bitch that I turned out just fine (Joyner) And no, I don't know you for the twelfth time (Woo!) We do not share the same bloodline (No) You love to run your mouth like a tough guy Hope you keep the same energy when it's crunch time (Woo!) According to the American Psychiatric Association It affects roughly eight percent of children And two percent of adults Commonly believed to only affect boys Because they are perceived as rowdy and rambunctious One time for them prayin' on my downfall (Yeah) Two times for them bitches in the South Shore (Whoa) Three times for them days on the block Gettin' chased by the cops like a motherfuckin' outlaw Four times for them days that were all bad (Woo!) Five times for the bitches who ain't called back (Yeah) Six times for the kids like me who got ADHD just to (Brap, brap, brap) Me and Joyner need a couple hearses (Woo!) Double homicide, kill the beat and the verses Everybody livin' on the surface But we came from the underground, yeah, we deserve it What's beef? Beef is when you murder motherfuckers on a beat, kill 'em all, kill 'em all Nah, nah, what's beef? Beef is brothers dyin' over shit that never mattered in the first place, lyin' in the street What's peace? Peace is when you leave it in the past, let it heal like a cast When enough time pass, and you blast Kinda like John Wick, bars like a convict Fuck around and you don't wanna start shit, woo Comin' with the hot shit, all they do is talk shit You could never top it, boy, just stop, stop it High and drunk, call that HD vision All these other motherfuckers full of indecision And I murder with precision all over your television I'm numero uno, number one and you is just a subdivision Never listen, we gon' leave them missin' That's the mission like ISIS (ISIS) Ain't no time to bicker over who the nicest It's Logic, it's obvious, just ask the audience I've come to body this shit (Body this shit) Yes, it's egregious, I'm Regis You Kelly, you pussy, you pussy Don't push me, I'm Louis Vuitton You at Target with your mom On the internet still hatin' on my last post (I hate this nigga) I just sent a steak back at Mastro's, my god Me and Joyner need a couple hearses (Woo!) Double homicide, kill the beat and the verses Everybody livin' on the surface But we came from the underground, yeah, we deserve it Yeah, uh, far from the minimum, killin' 'em with no Ritalin And 5'9" was the middleman to get 'em in the same room Now we on the same tune, and we still the gang-dum The illest of lyricists on the same shit Rattpack, clap back on the gang shit Do it for the love of rap, not for the fame shit, woo One time for the Grammy that I never got Two times for the Garden that I sold out Three times for the street crimes that I committed Yeah, I did it, but thank God that I made it out Four times 'cause I'm a fuckin' bastard Five times Platinum with my last shit Six times for the beats and the rhymes Fuck the heat and the crime Keep the peace like a waistline, woo ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS ISIS, ISIS, ISIS
xdalz 27
xdalz 27 23 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="186">3:06</a> Double Homo Sex
soviet is retarded
soviet is retarded 23 timmar sedan
Isis been real silent since logic dropped this
Melissa Braley
Melissa Braley 23 timmar sedan
ww III: China: what are they doing? America: 6 times for the kids like me that got adhd China: WHAT!?
Oliver Weissleder
Oliver Weissleder 23 timmar sedan
is it just me or does the beat REALLY sound like the 6 God beat...
Beats by MBB
Beats by MBB 23 timmar sedan
🌽 🔥🔥🔥🌽
FLATRA 23 timmar sedan
fuck you
Christopher V. Bellido
Still the worst camouflage ever issued
pro solution
pro solution Dag sedan
my high school teacher sad i wont be shit but tell that bitch i turned out fine
Ahmed Qureshi
Ahmed Qureshi Dag sedan
JayFour Dag sedan
How is this already 1 year old...
Jaddeh Dag sedan
UNLI - Flow-G
Wisdom Tam
Wisdom Tam Dag sedan
Tough verses
Nirosha Hapuarachchi
Jacob Deleonard
Jacob Deleonard Dag sedan
What’s logics ig?
Basic Scorpio
Basic Scorpio Dag sedan
He deleted all of his social media to focus on being a father.
ohitssnexus Dag sedan
want em vibe? speed it up to 1.25x !!!!!
Marianna Nestora
Joyner Lucas predicted Corona Virus
Shawn DeFrance
Shawn DeFrance Dag sedan
Does it bother anyone that their fingers are on the trigger the whole time?
Nour Arabi
Nour Arabi Dag sedan
this deserves more recognition
Paul P
Paul P Dag sedan
Plot twist: this a paid ad by ISIS
sarahstar786 Dag sedan
This feels like good riot music
Abaddon Noddaba
Abaddon Noddaba 23 timmar sedan
fuck yeah
FA NLE Dag sedan
Why does Logic get so much hate he did rlly good in this song
Kopano Yunni Ndlovu
Kostantis Mousamas
Killin en with no ritalin 😎
Chris T
Chris T Dag sedan
Eminem,joyner,logic,hopsin who can compete with these titans?
KaKAsHi !
KaKAsHi ! Dag sedan
song 😍😍 vid 💩💩😑
SteelDatBoi Dag sedan
When this was make that uniform was not a thing
Eric Webster
Eric Webster Dag sedan
Who let them into CIF?
I'm a bastard.
Anthony Hepden brown
Fire 🔥
Santa Claus
Santa Claus Dag sedan
Having ADHD kinda sucks I would know
cmt ers
cmt ers Dag sedan
If countries did dis tracks instead of war
Mikel Kiriakos
Mikel Kiriakos Dag sedan
"Double homicide kill the beat and the verses"! Logic
Komeil Hagatizada
ICE QUEEN Dag sedan
Logan Stack
Logan Stack Dag sedan
Malcolm in the middle really went hard
Jason Vorhees
Jason Vorhees Dag sedan
i got ADHD
albert ma
albert ma Dag sedan
It is interesting, on how people think ADHD is a mental disability. Although, there some people that have ADHD and think it is a disability. It could also be someone's advantage, because some people that have sometimes have more abstract thinking. I have seen people with ADHD being smarter then people without ADHD.
Blockrocc Dag sedan
Damn hot, but...so AWESOME track,- Logic, i listen to U, at the first time tonight.. Your Talent, is much more then Eminem can brings. Joyner i'll sent U greets from Germany,You're music is great ...
Big Dwz
Big Dwz Dag sedan
Why was Joyner aiming a AK at the back of Logic's head?
asfsfaf afafafaf
fuck your war
elemenop stuffnstuff
Logic makes too much money to have hair looking like that.
DirtBike Boyz
DirtBike Boyz Dag sedan
Aaaaaaand still a banger
jafra- 69
jafra- 69 Dag sedan
Oh shit I thought it was an armour plate ad
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