Joyner Lucas - Devil's Work (ADHD) 

Joyner Lucas
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2 maj 2019



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og sodi-q
og sodi-q 40 minuter sedan
He is actually giving me same vibe as Dax...(dear God))...aint knw y rappers like this dont get real recognition for their awesome work but instead gucci gang gucci gang will be treading😑😑
Deji Adegbite
Deji Adegbite 55 minuter sedan
This reminds me of Dax's "Dear God". sevid.info/video/oq-ngMiHyrCc1H4.html
LJai Smith
LJai Smith Timme sedan
Joyner is a real one🙌
Lil Fedora
Lil Fedora Timme sedan
Lol this has to be parody
spencer trump
spencer trump Timme sedan
Bad tune this mind
give us back juice and take that clinton bitch
Chief Red Hawk
Chief Red Hawk Timme sedan
Today is the devils work
Phondrasôn 2 timmar sedan
Emmett Till's Story is very sad and it's a shame that the murders didn't get what they deserve
Pecolia Williams
Pecolia Williams 2 timmar sedan
He speaks from the heart. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
P K 3 timmar sedan
vZ_oPhaZee 3 timmar sedan
I know that you got our back and that you're not against us, Or maybe you just love us so you doin' shit to test us, I just kinda thought that you would do more to protect us... They say that the good die young and I ain't on the guest list !! 🔥🔥FIRE BAR🔥🔥 Too Many WrongEns In The World And All The Good Vanishing !! Sad World We Live In 🙄🙄 UK Fan Here 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #England #Yorkshire 👌
Blu Diorr
Blu Diorr 4 timmar sedan
Give us Tupac Back & take that nigga suge please! 🙏🙏🙏😭
StuuDudeッ 4 timmar sedan
Rip Geroge..
Sébè Allah Y'e
Sébè Allah Y'e 5 timmar sedan
Here after Gorge Floyd, a brother who was cowardly killed by motherfucker pigs in Minneapolis
JL Hayes
JL Hayes 5 timmar sedan
Celina Beghwar
Celina Beghwar 5 timmar sedan
Justice for George Floyd....RIP ...Brother🕊🌹♥
Ask 13
Ask 13 6 timmar sedan
Fuck trump
Ajshsha Fldndndne
Ajshsha Fldndndne 6 timmar sedan
32 mill veiws is not enough for this song !
StreamDream 6 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> Just love it
karabo mokgohloa
karabo mokgohloa 7 timmar sedan
All glory to god. Just know all of those loved ones that have passed away are with god rn❤️
camaflauge 7 timmar sedan
Time to take ya shahadah and stop worshipping that slavemasters image.
Ratheesh MY
Ratheesh MY 8 timmar sedan
There is a reason why Michael Jackson is the thumbnail for this record..! Cheers..huge respect
C Hcgg
C Hcgg 8 timmar sedan
This is so disrespectful bc he is drinking and cursin Iin the House of GOD
The Lion Of Wisdom
The Lion Of Wisdom 10 timmar sedan
This gave me legit chills down my whole being. #adhd
lil fefe
lil fefe 11 timmar sedan
Bring back pop smoke
UncoverTheTruth 12 timmar sedan
God gives everyone free will. To cherry pick, would be to not let the people who are going to kill innocent black people the choice to do so. Everyone has a choice, and the Lord is not to blame for people's poor choices.
Isaac Baez
Isaac Baez 13 timmar sedan
All of his songs and videos are amazing
Elena Anaya
Elena Anaya 13 timmar sedan
I'm 16 rn and I've questioned God and my religion a lot. I felt like the only one who feels this way. Joyner lucas is one of my favorite artist (of all time) purely because he doesn't make me feel so alone with his music. He speaks the words I can't say.
Jeremiah Siens
Jeremiah Siens 14 timmar sedan
But i hope he means gods the devil. Which god was who created the devil too. Lol
Katherine Davis
Katherine Davis 14 timmar sedan
Anybody Who Can Think That Way Really Do Not Know The True Living God Who Created All And Everything. God Has Done Something He Created Us. His Way Is The Only Way To Survive On Earth Not Our Way. The Devil Can Only Do What You Allow Him To Do. Repent And Ask God For Wisdom And Understanding It Will Be Given To You. Everyone Has Their Own Choice To Make Who Side We On..... All This Is In Love God Bless Us All.
Douglas Jensen
Douglas Jensen 14 timmar sedan
Why Trump?! I love this song but this ruins it for me. Still gave a thumbs up...
Elena Anaya
Elena Anaya 13 timmar sedan
As Joyner says. Too much power for coward with no intellect
Josie Patton
Josie Patton 15 timmar sedan
Who's else is here after George Floyds death (unfortunately)
Summer Marie
Summer Marie 15 timmar sedan
I’ve loved this song for such a long time, especially in my worst moments. But it’s so great to see they’re so many people that came here after George Floyd’s death. Music is what I come to when I’m in pain and hurting, especially for a good person who died for a terrible reason. I didn’t want to watch the horrific protesting videos. This song really speaks to me and a thousand others too. Thank you ❤️❤️
bi mofo
bi mofo 15 timmar sedan
This hit me a different way
CrisXChevrolet 15 timmar sedan
All the dislikes are all the people, who murdered all our legends.
alfonso ternera
alfonso ternera 16 timmar sedan
YTB onyx
YTB onyx 17 timmar sedan
God Give us back all the legends you took from us please Fuck injustice
Playboy Kyle
Playboy Kyle 18 timmar sedan
I don’t see how you can hate this song. Mind you it talk about the innocents and the idols gone and who god really need to take off this earth.
El_Will_AAA 18 timmar sedan
Take that devil cop Derek Chauvin, give back George Floyd
Danielle LM
Danielle LM 20 minuter sedan
I wish I could like this 100000000 times
Reabetswe Hlatshwayo
Reabetswe Hlatshwayo 19 timmar sedan
I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees Tupac's dad
Bucket book
Bucket book 19 timmar sedan
I KNOW ITS NOT YOUR FAULT ITS THE DEVILS WORK A=and ppl are talking about him dissing god smh
pitflower uzumaki
pitflower uzumaki 21 timme sedan
To all readers, Hey my name ist kevin and yeah I don't know what to say protect people you love All will be fine 🍃 Don't give up 🥊
Tiizwiiz 360
Tiizwiiz 360 21 timme sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a> that hit me hard.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 22 timmar sedan
Give us biggie give us punk give us triple x. That's fire
Josselyn M
Josselyn M 22 timmar sedan
❤️wow. Just wow💫 so much talent
tealiteraltea YT
tealiteraltea YT 23 timmar sedan
underrated: Joyner Lucas. OVERRATED: Soulja Boy Song: Devil's Work Song: Crank That Do you see the difference on that Soulja Fans?
Brionna Thompkins
Brionna Thompkins 23 timmar sedan
you are a true legend
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Moore 23 timmar sedan
I like this!! never heard it before guess my mind was closed.
Kurviz Dag sedan
here because of george floyd RIP .
tian Cole
tian Cole Dag sedan
Came back to this 🙌🏻🙏🏽🙏🏽
HoodFighter 313
HoodFighter 313 Dag sedan
This shit makes me cry now more than ever
Cordell Jackson
Cordell Jackson Dag sedan
he´s not really dissing god and he´s spiting facts were losing good ass people we just loss gorge floyd we x died i fell to my knees who in the entire fuck would want to kill x even tho i wasn´t around when biggie died i still see how that effected brooklyn and the world when tupac died im still over here thinking why THE FUCK YOU TAKE YOUNG RAPPERS LIFES WHAT ARE U TRYING TO FUCKING PROOVE WHY CAN´T U TAKE TRUMP BUT U TAKE THE FUCKING RAPPERS I DON´T GET THAT BULL SHIT IT MAKES ME MAD THAT TO WAKE UP AND HERE A RAPPER DIE OR A FOOTBALL PLAY BASKETBALL PLAYER IT FUCKING HURTS MAN IT FUCKING HURTS TAKE TRUMP I DON´T GIVE A FUCK HE TRYING TO KILL THE WORLD but fuck its whatever god has in his plans
pitflower uzumaki
pitflower uzumaki 21 timme sedan
I belive in you
Ari nicole
Ari nicole Dag sedan
dis man is iconic
Ngoc Vinh
Ngoc Vinh Dag sedan
Found this today by God’s Grace. Today ppl are protesting for the justice of George Floyd. He’s yet another victim who’s died to racism, injustice, prejudice, hate, and a lack of knowing (better) & loving more. God is good, we will still pray. ❤️🙏🏼
Samuel Dutkanych
He made this in 2018. It’s the middle of 2020. We’re in the middle of a health crisis. And there is still racism and violence around the world taking innocent lives. R.I.P. George Floyd R.I.P. Breanna Taylor
jvsl1523 Dag sedan
Rip George Floyd
cancer Dag sedan
Rip george ..
prettygal philly !
MJB Dag sedan
This song comes to mind these days. #GeorgeFloyd #icantbreathe
therealusav yt
therealusav yt Dag sedan
they don’t really care about you until you die
707 SaV
707 SaV 13 timmar sedan
Hero's get remembered but legends never die Fam 💯🔥
Alam Abz
Alam Abz Dag sedan
I came back and listened to this after what happened to George Floyd rip
Tshering ghising
God makes no mistake brother.
tusheer datt
tusheer datt Dag sedan
Burn the nation down Black live matter Rest in power George Floyd
Chris Mua
Chris Mua Dag sedan
-George Floyd -
DrOpZ YT Dag sedan
victor paul
victor paul Dag sedan
damn and an 11 yo died today
Amar T
Amar T Dag sedan
Shit slaps hard and still gonna be relevant forever 🔥
Cody Thomas
Cody Thomas Dag sedan
I almost cried when he was rapping about bout bringing back the legends
ISJST Dag sedan
Nah leave all them dudes Dead lol.
Mr. Pickle
Mr. Pickle Dag sedan
Bro the fuck?
Melllisa Hewitt
Melllisa Hewitt Dag sedan
scott h
scott h Dag sedan
thank you for bringing the lord to hip hop
angel dottys
angel dottys Dag sedan
Who else was crying before the music video ended
Pyro Dag sedan
Ysk Babychopppa
Ysk Babychopppa Dag sedan
Rip Pop smoke Xxxtentacion Lil peep Da real gee money Juice wrld LA Capone Micheal Jackson Kobe Bryant
Baby Girl
Baby Girl Dag sedan
“Please i can’t breathe. My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. My everything hurts. They’re going to kill me.” That was George Floyd’s last words just like Eric Garner’s last words was that he couldn’t breathe. History just keeps repeating itself and is so messed up.
Sarcastic stiffler
Sarcastic stiffler Timme sedan
The people are acting now , so government don't forget.. The police need to learn some manners of arresting people.. FTP
Xipheria 7 timmar sedan
dove I did say these cops, cops that actually protect and serve are good, but screw these pigs.
dove 7 timmar sedan
Xipheria don’t start hating on all cops tho ;-;
Xipheria 21 timme sedan
Fuck these cops.
Miata_Erik Dag sedan
Maybe god is taking them because when comes back he’s going to have all that power🤔
Laith Ellabban
Laith Ellabban Dag sedan
Elrico Martins
Elrico Martins Dag sedan
The devils work
Griffin Wheatley
Griffin Wheatley 2 dagar sedan
"Too much power for a coward with no intellect" Haven't heard something so true in a long time.
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