Joyner Lucas - Revenge (official video) 

Joyner Lucas
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10 feb 2020



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Syed Faruk Haider
Syed Faruk Haider 2 timmar sedan
Joyner lucas or Joyner class
Rhyeem Milwood
Rhyeem Milwood 3 timmar sedan
Everyone go subscribe and tell a friend subscribe to this SEvid channel alot of give away an surprises soon start air an you dont want to miss it sevid.info/user-xGJabtWzui8nrZ3WirGrcw
JustDennix 4 timmar sedan
watched it 3 times. wow
Tape De Raymond
Tape De Raymond 8 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> Music Starts
LastRouteBender 9 timmar sedan
Joyner....It just strikes me as funny as these things come...man shot point blank, laying there on the floor, shown exactly what happened..happens, Woman dies: just gunshots..no images..happens, Another man, poisoned, graphically dies, happens.. Last one? Another man, being seduced, woman shown exactly how she kills him..happens.. They way I love your songs is off tha charts, this video though is exactly how you or anyone who directed this has shown exactly the way man are deemed disposable.. You want to give me or any other sane person the right feeling about this video? Don't treat women differently, especially when you're on a murder spree. Don't worry, I'm male, I'm black, 48 already, so I guess my vote and thoughts will be lost in the avalanche of comments that will be directed to the responses of this great song itself.. but it hurts to see such a great video playbook being executed...
Caleb Hogg
Caleb Hogg 9 timmar sedan
cool song
Sobri Ch
Sobri Ch 11 timmar sedan
This is what happen when you get old but you remember your past.....
Isaac Baez
Isaac Baez 12 timmar sedan
This was amazing
Esau Nauiseb
Esau Nauiseb 13 timmar sedan
Shlok Kumar
Shlok Kumar 13 timmar sedan
Title should be : Joyner wearing multiple Wig
Anthony Floyd
Anthony Floyd 15 timmar sedan
Yo, ur story telling and the directors of ur vids are amazing!! I just found out about you from the Will Smith joint, and you are REAL HIP HOP!! You should create a TV Show someday.
Justo T.Baggins
Justo T.Baggins 16 timmar sedan
And what have we learned here? If you're gonna betray someone and kill them, make sure you kill them dead.
RekkaKien3 16 timmar sedan
this man's creativity is unmatched. shit was fire. video and lyrics.
fok007 17 timmar sedan
Doesn't he look like a mix of PJ Tucker and Tobias Harris?!
fok007 17 timmar sedan
Aand KAT.. 🙄
Axel Morgan
Axel Morgan 17 timmar sedan
I forgot this was a music video
BLACK JESUS 17 timmar sedan
PULL UP ON EM WHILE HE SLEEP U GON SEE ITS A FUCKEN MURDER STREAK U GON SEE Dis nigga must be happy he got His revenge 😂
WildLit Juliet
WildLit Juliet 18 timmar sedan
Make a movie
MrFrequency4twenty 18 timmar sedan
Best served cold.
XxJJforlife13xX 18 timmar sedan
Bruh, tbh on the last guy because he pulled out a cigar I thought he was gone put some gas on him and throw the cigar on him. That plastic bag was unexpected lmao.
killa_heder 19 timmar sedan
XTEKASHIX21 Lil 1469
XTEKASHIX21 Lil 1469 20 timmar sedan
DAMN SON! Great video
Jason Day
Jason Day 20 timmar sedan
This is a better scene than the dark knight
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Moore 21 timme sedan
That is what's up! fire!
FNGreeliz 22 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> so at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a> she was on the floor and now at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> shes now being held hostage again like this is some matrix shit
FNGreeliz 23 timmar sedan
im not the only one who was waiting to her the word "creeper"
Voidz -clan
Voidz -clan Dag sedan
dakota Dag sedan
Some of yall think yall slick buy I got a banana clip... fuckin bars
Rexlezz Dag sedan
What car is that????? I want it in gta...
死は一人で歩かないONI 鬼
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> ur welcome
I can't stop listening to this track
Carrie Hall
Carrie Hall Dag sedan
Reminds me of the movie the town
dibAKARA wolf
dibAKARA wolf Dag sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> just for the new gus😎💪❤️
Flex2285 Negron
Flex2285 Negron Dag sedan
So many text from me
Flex2285 Negron
Flex2285 Negron Dag sedan
Flex2285 Negron
Flex2285 Negron Dag sedan
I got fire
Flex2285 Negron
Flex2285 Negron Dag sedan
When he got diesgiesed as diffrent pepole
Flex2285 Negron
Flex2285 Negron Dag sedan
Ohhh I watch him songs damn this is scared a little bit of him geting shot but than it got fire
Andrea Woods
Andrea Woods Dag sedan
xxxlh 52
xxxlh 52 Dag sedan
God song, bad album
Bobby Phifer
Bobby Phifer Dag sedan
What up kg min timber wolf ,big ticket great times , they are going crazy ,resident evil 1
Hugo Zamith
Hugo Zamith Dag sedan
whe they kill your dog in minecraft
Shemana The third
Fr who think Joyner would be a dope ass voice actor😂😂😂
K!NG YT Dag sedan
Nobody: Zoey: yO iS wE gON dO ThIs ShiT oR WhAt.
cmt ers
cmt ers Dag sedan
Who else is here after 8.1M ??
Hhffbg Fghhtffddfvg
So fuckin underrated
DaWeed Dag sedan
Sophie G
Sophie G Dag sedan
this scene of the dark knight looks different
Carb0n Dag sedan
Every public payday heist
Apx Dag sedan
What the fuck is that recoil
707 SaV
707 SaV Dag sedan
Moral of the story, you BETRAY you boys, you fucking die or get fucked over like you did them.. that's life y'all, never burn a bridge you need to crossover
PhilipTheSavage Dag sedan
I like the fact that they actually ordered pizza to their workplace and they actually ATE the pIZZA then he uses pizza box
KINGinaNORTH Dag sedan
My man showed up with a Papa John's pizza carton and some random ass Pizza uniform and homie let him in and went upstairs lol...Damn come to think about it, Joyner you may need to do some post video editing or Papa may come looking for a piece of that pie...
EthAnimations 2 dagar sedan
This leaked GTA 6 gameplay looks active
powerzlo 2 dagar sedan
For the 1% of people seeing this my dream is to be a successful content creator
Trey Walton
Trey Walton 2 dagar sedan
So fire!!
Albert Fiter
Albert Fiter 2 dagar sedan
Joyner im back auto full listen👿
sw1tch 2 dagar sedan
Tommy's job was to watch his back he stabbed it
𝑅𝒶𝒾𝓃z 2 dagar sedan
“Girls Nah “Boobs” Nah “Planes” Nah “A whole movie” Yes
Sebastian Cisneros
Sebastian Cisneros 2 dagar sedan
Joyner Lucas disguises are me making new 7 day trial Netflix accounts.
Meraf Teame
Meraf Teame 2 dagar sedan
One of my favorite song.
Емо И Алекс
Емо И Алекс 2 dagar sedan
He is leaving so much evidence and DNA behind 🤣🤣
MADz193 2 dagar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="28">0:28</a> isnt that guy from geography now?
Tyler the Spammer
Tyler the Spammer 2 dagar sedan
Do you wanna die Person: well fuck sure
Austin Everett
Austin Everett 2 dagar sedan
Bro the cinematic is beautiful
speed 2 dagar sedan
yo why the girl at the end of the vid has her butt show when she puts the bag on his head but we know that wasnt supose to happen right
Joel's Vlogs
Joel's Vlogs 2 dagar sedan
Joyner should make a song about Pablo Escobar tittle the drug lord
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
@Joel's Vlogs No problem
Joel's Vlogs
Joel's Vlogs Dag sedan
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics thanks bro
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
You just need 1 t in titles.
Bruno Cisneros
Bruno Cisneros 2 dagar sedan
I just realized that this video came out on my birthday
Aiden Barker
Aiden Barker 2 dagar sedan
This is fucked up but honestly, I don't blame him.
jamie waddon
jamie waddon 2 dagar sedan
Joyner could make movies with dedicated soundtracks like plan b and Ill manors
Ubi 2jz
Ubi 2jz 2 dagar sedan
Holy shit J 🔥
Apophis 2 dagar sedan
Only thing I'm sad about is he didn't snipe one of them
Ezra Ramos
Ezra Ramos 3 dagar sedan
I know he is the Best actor lol
Aris Samardzic
Aris Samardzic 3 dagar sedan
Geography now anyone?
Contet Deleted
Contet Deleted 3 dagar sedan
Use this in game when your friend kills you and you want to get revenge
ROBERT SMITH 3 dagar sedan
Me in gta ba loke
KING Wrld 3 dagar sedan
😂😂😂men I thought I was watching a movie until the music started
Cole Martin
Cole Martin 3 dagar sedan
YugiUzimaki 3 dagar sedan
they should have made this some sort of movie.
Death Row Records
Death Row Records 3 dagar sedan
awsome and very creative bro this is a perfect example of a creative artist
Fauzan Adima
Fauzan Adima 3 dagar sedan
heyy ,it's you from geography now <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="33">0:33</a>
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