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Joyner Lucas
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lightningdunker 7 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a>
taurus lyfeenergy
taurus lyfeenergy 7 timmar sedan
Fuckin iconic
LuvMystix 7 timmar sedan
Wut about Gemini Man
YA BOI NALON Bartlett 7 timmar sedan
How much time did this take
YA BOI NALON Bartlett 7 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> you could change this int anything Like- I turn the news on when I smell death in the air
D Wynn
D Wynn 7 timmar sedan
Bumpy Doo
Bumpy Doo 7 timmar sedan
This is simply amazing if for no other reason, then because he made bar with Shark Tale and it was 🔥🔥
Delphinus 7 timmar sedan
Bubbles&Fear 8 timmar sedan
Don’t you hate it when you’re reading comments and you get an ad and it makes you leave the comments so it can show you the link for the ad you’re watching like seriously I was reading a good comment
MzMuzyk Collins
MzMuzyk Collins 8 timmar sedan
They do say folks with ADHD has unmatched creativity ♥️
MzMuzyk Collins
MzMuzyk Collins 8 timmar sedan
I can’t stop watching this . Dopest shit ever
Adam Naamee Azim
Adam Naamee Azim 8 timmar sedan
Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records. Well, I respect that.
Yung Stunna
Yung Stunna 8 timmar sedan
I grew up on the fresh prince. This here my favorite song of 2020 by far 💯🔥🔥
Wilson p
Wilson p 8 timmar sedan
The truth
Olinebanggang777 8 timmar sedan
Well man i gotta say Joyner Lucas just told a story of Will Smith and it was true that will smith talking about a brick and you gotta build that brick okay here’s what will smith saying about building is building you get money facts and building the brick is building your future your family and your business and that right there was what Joyner was saying like from freshmen prime is wills first show to Aladdin the 100 movie he ever act in and Will was a rapper and he showed up with logic,Aladdin movie for end credits and this video of Will is what has been going threw him and this video does tell a lot of story’s of Will
Murtis Scott
Murtis Scott 8 timmar sedan
This song is lit🔥🔥🔥
ERoyal Redding
ERoyal Redding 8 timmar sedan
🤯How dope it would be to do the REMIX with "WILL" and call it "Phill" (truibute) u wasn't Blessed with an uncle Phill but gained an Uncle "WILL"🙏 BEST DEDICATION EVERRRRRRRR💯🔥🌬️🥶
Ass Juice
Ass Juice 8 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> pleas tell me that’s his kid ?😂
DJM 8 timmar sedan
Damnnn bro he forgot hancock
jam1e1234567890 9 timmar sedan
I think everyone i know in England watched Will Smith while we were growing up the guy is a Legend!
Willem Müller
Willem Müller 9 timmar sedan
Anyone else missed "7 pounds"?
Daniel Mealer
Daniel Mealer 9 timmar sedan
camo pant kinda thiccc, cute and has a nice chest
Tavareus Edwards
Tavareus Edwards 9 timmar sedan
Yes sir
Aaron Hall
Aaron Hall 10 timmar sedan
Im sorry I got side tracked but I Am Legend was scary scary😂
Nathan's Place
Nathan's Place 10 timmar sedan
tbh this is super iconic!!!
Leandre Whitted
Leandre Whitted 10 timmar sedan
Whoever calls this trash "WILL" die
Dimitris Virtue
Dimitris Virtue 10 timmar sedan
im better than this basic nerd.
Ramon Arellano Félix
Ramon Arellano Félix 10 timmar sedan
just missing Hancock
LB13 10 timmar sedan
what about Independence Day
KEYS 10 timmar sedan
@Joyner i did a remix to Revenge, i hope you hear it one day sevid.info/video/mZulqdWjsJ-Rs5w.html
Kianwill 421
Kianwill 421 10 timmar sedan
I've waited long enough for him to get recognised now could be the time but also we all have to thank the rap legend of decades eminem for hitting him up in kamikaze
Dyland Bravo
Dyland Bravo 10 timmar sedan
Good that eminem made him famous
Nathan Henderson
Nathan Henderson 10 timmar sedan
Man I love will smith bro
Gerv The 9erv
Gerv The 9erv 11 timmar sedan
Fun fact* Joyner didn't wanna cuss, so they cutout Hancock
Ashraf Ashkar
Ashraf Ashkar 11 timmar sedan
Syairazi Sunarto
Syairazi Sunarto 11 timmar sedan
Does anyone know what is type/name of the chair JayLucas sitting on before he started rotating?
Trill Boi
Trill Boi 11 timmar sedan
Bruh when the I , robot part came on i had to stop watching for like a week THEN came back
luke baxter
luke baxter 11 timmar sedan
Luv the song but hate the bit where he said I just hope they grow like willow and jaden , one is prostitute and ones gay I don't want my kids growing like that
line6reed 11 timmar sedan
This boy is different 🔥🔥
nathan blake
nathan blake 11 timmar sedan
He got bars but am I the only one who feels like he needs to clear his throat before he spits ? 😂
Guillaume Thomas
Guillaume Thomas 11 timmar sedan
sevid.info/video/e3vZe6assYjKraA.html when he accidently makes a hit. beat by crank lucas
Beastman Rules
Beastman Rules 11 timmar sedan
Will Smith is on youtube? Where is his comment? Lucas should highlight it.
Beastman Rules
Beastman Rules 11 timmar sedan
Kristin Major
Kristin Major 11 timmar sedan
Love this!! I love Will!! But can you do one for Keanu Reeves!!!!!
Maycon Douglas
Maycon Douglas 12 timmar sedan
Virtual James
Virtual James 12 timmar sedan
Made me think will Smith died bruh I had to search it up
Fly8oyAviation 12 timmar sedan
This is incredible. I love to see and hear the authentic respect and appreciation in this song.. Well done sir
dalaine222 12 timmar sedan
The ultimate compliment for a man
jose montanaro
jose montanaro 12 timmar sedan
Meeen this shit is fucking fire 🔥, big up from Costa Rica
USDMax 12 timmar sedan
I wanna watch a Will Smith reaction video to this.
AustinUnCensored 12 timmar sedan
Maaaaan. Should a had a will feature.
ROB BARKER 12 timmar sedan
On Repeat With This One @JoynerLucas 🎙🎧✊🏽👊🏽💯
FZN yt
FZN yt 12 timmar sedan
Its dope but the music video is a total copy of G-Eazy - Almost famous
a Guy
a Guy 12 timmar sedan
Give it up to Crank Lucas
Henry Kavari
Henry Kavari 12 timmar sedan
Guys that disliked this, really? Y'all need top shelf help fr😂
Austin Malby
Austin Malby 12 timmar sedan
Brad DanTanna
Brad DanTanna 12 timmar sedan
Hes fellin like Will but lookin like Carlton 🤣
bakeste R
bakeste R 12 timmar sedan
Who else just can’t stop listening to this
Ca Be
Ca Be 12 timmar sedan
Looking for Will Smith in the comments....
Ch33zyBreadTrellie 12 timmar sedan
He has a horrible rap voice... it’s just too unstable and sounds scratchy, not the DMX or Ja rule type sound, but a I need to clear my throat kind. It stands out a lot on this song. That dude red cafe had almost the same problem
Crónicas Absurdas
Crónicas Absurdas 12 timmar sedan
Don't want to compare but finally Em have a good rival
Guillaume Caillon
Guillaume Caillon 12 timmar sedan
Ben Granville
Ben Granville 12 timmar sedan
Ahh, that’s hot
Godzilla's YouTube Experience
I, Robot low key slaps. It’s a movie you can put on and enjoy.
Jammie Hale
Jammie Hale 13 timmar sedan
That was cool man..
Angie J
Angie J 13 timmar sedan
oh so this man is a KING KING
Barry R. Irving a.k.a. Dean Story Master
firefox1007 13 timmar sedan
If u dislike u a hater, and probably have no personality 🤦🏽‍♂️
favorite09 13 timmar sedan
"First things first rest in peace uncle Phil" Feels like Will looked up to him as well
Paige Reid
Paige Reid 14 timmar sedan
Men in black
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones 14 timmar sedan
Bruh this mug fire!
Matt Wool
Matt Wool 14 timmar sedan
Too bad rest of the album sucked
Nissan Gtr35
Nissan Gtr35 14 timmar sedan
Andre Friedrich
Andre Friedrich 14 timmar sedan
on my bday dang a good song birthday miracle
Dr.Cringe 14 timmar sedan
Its 0.2moni
Its 0.2moni 14 timmar sedan
This is going to hit one mill ❤️❤️
liran yakubovich
liran yakubovich 14 timmar sedan
damn it thats fire right there!!!!
Dridi Amine
Dridi Amine 14 timmar sedan
Just rialized its not really will at the end.
J'coby Bindon
J'coby Bindon 14 timmar sedan
But will Smith is not dead??
A Follower
A Follower 14 timmar sedan
Where is hancock🧐
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