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What’s better than Jordan Klepper at a Trump rally? Here’s a compilation of his greatest hits: #TheDailyShow
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22 mar 2020



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Jesus patino
Jesus patino 10 minuter sedan
Klepper is quick.
vy sy
vy sy 16 minuter sedan
dystopian example of capitalism, that we talked about over and over in history. USA made it true!
striderOO7 21 minut sedan
i didn't vote during this time around cuz i don't care who runs office but this shits funny
angel villegas
angel villegas 24 minuter sedan
These people are so ignorant it’s freaking funny , trump supporters are so gullible💀
Just Joshin'
Just Joshin' 24 minuter sedan
In fairness to the Trump dynasty shirt guy, the issue with the shirt are the hyphens. If you made them commas or removed them then it works the way he explains. That being said, no support from me for this jerkwad family.
M M 27 minuter sedan
They cut the conversations up to make them say racist and stupid things tbh but it's still funny
Lesedi Ntuli
Lesedi Ntuli 30 minuter sedan
I like this guy
steve czerwinski
steve czerwinski 33 minuter sedan
angel villegas
angel villegas 34 minuter sedan
I love this guy😂😂
Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty 38 minuter sedan
This is pissing me off. What the fuck is this shit?!?!
steve czerwinski
steve czerwinski 40 minuter sedan
a trump supporter who is a republican does not know why Obama was not president during 9/11 dumba**!
Ashley Lauren
Ashley Lauren 42 minuter sedan
These are the SAME people who are more upset about the looting than the horrific MURDER of a BLACK MAN
Stacie First
Stacie First 42 minuter sedan
Well Done Jordan!!! 👍🏽😆💙
Water Gate
Water Gate 47 minuter sedan
Fu*k me ! Now I understand why Trump got in. Stupid is as stupid does..........
LaDonna Davis-Harper
LaDonna Davis-Harper 49 minuter sedan
The level of stupidity is sad!
Mantinhas 51 minut sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a> Shoenice
Tripp Whit
Tripp Whit Timme sedan
I support trump but some of these people are not the sharpest tools in the shed, this looks like cherry picked clips cause every person in this video is stupid, it makes republicans look bad as a whole, and I'm pretty sure not everyone he interviewed acted like this.
Al Goodie
Al Goodie Timme sedan
Lol this is gold
Cristian Lucas
Cristian Lucas Timme sedan
Lol😂these foos
T. Upton
T. Upton Timme sedan
Lol fuckin idiots.
Polygone Timme sedan
All cowards who won't just come oit and say it. They try and hide behind a veil of being civil and blindly follow a racist demagogue. Some of them do not even seem self aware of their racism.
Phillip Lopez
Phillip Lopez Timme sedan
They are " the common clay of the land , you know , morons "
Jeff Henry
Jeff Henry Timme sedan
Trevor, get your bias boyfriend off the air. He's an idiot, much like yourself. 😁😁
sheppfun 2 timmar sedan
Obama never in the office.I got a pissed off poop poo face.Arrrgh!!! Give me a steak!!
tayonna lumford
tayonna lumford 2 timmar sedan
I love the little jabs he throws at them 😂 he was going in on that woman who thought a woman shouldn’t be in office 😭
NZ Home Business
NZ Home Business 2 timmar sedan
It's hard to believe these people are serious
mg99smc 2 timmar sedan
With such well informed and discerning voters it's little wonder that Fox/Trump can brainwash them to believe in absolutely anything.
FM NRV 2 timmar sedan
The host doesn't have to try hard to be funny. These people are comedy, fooling themselves.
edgar melenedez
edgar melenedez 2 timmar sedan
That woman read the only redacted parts
Wazzie Black
Wazzie Black 2 timmar sedan
Donald trump could set fire to all the churches across the country and his voters would say it’s because he’s making America warm again
RageBerry 2 timmar sedan
What's your point? That there are stupid and uneducated people? Yeah, no shit sherlock. Do you want me to send a link of a video with examples of stupidity and ignorance of an uncomprehensible level but with supporters of the exact oposite ideology ? So you can finally see how fucking ridiculous you look/sound when you try to prove your point by using other's ignorance? I am not even American, so I don't give a single shit, but all I know is that if you base your opinion about other ideologies exclusively based on ignorant people that supposedly support and live by those ideas , you are just as stupid as them. Stop beeing such a moron, and realize once and for all that there are retarded people supporting everything, but they do not represent adequatly the whole group.
Felix Truvere
Felix Truvere 2 timmar sedan
I’m sickened. It is SO HARD for me to explain the existence of such ignorance to my 15 year old daughter. She feels lost and DEPRESSED for a lack of hope to regard the ignorance of these MANY severely uneducated, racist, adult Americans. WHY and HOW are Americans THIS ignorant?! ...just disgusting, disturbing, and frightening.
Shel coppler
Shel coppler 2 timmar sedan
And that folks, is how she met racism
Keliana K
Keliana K 3 timmar sedan
Gosh these dump supporters are really something... aren’t they?!! 😂
ThisIsADJEgoProduction 3 timmar sedan
#EqualityforALL. White, Black, Asian, Gay, Straight, Trans, Homeless, Rich, Food Stamps, Single Mothers, Single Dads....we all bleed red. TREAT OTHERS how YOU would want to be treated.
Nysaun Bartlett
Nysaun Bartlett 3 timmar sedan
These mfs retarded
Jeffrey Yeater
Jeffrey Yeater 3 timmar sedan
Wow college boy outwits the old working folk . he should run against Trump.
Lotte Kim
Lotte Kim 3 timmar sedan
Neran Okari
Neran Okari 3 timmar sedan
when he says 'show me someone here who isn't white', would he ask that at a Bernie rally? Or would he ask at a rally with majority black attendance, 'show me someone here who isn't black'?
Fati Z
Fati Z 3 timmar sedan
Omg the stupidity has no limits 😂
Beverly Johnson
Beverly Johnson 3 timmar sedan
Wow, the stupidity of these Trump supporters.
choccows 3 timmar sedan
Vote in November.
goodolarchie 3 timmar sedan
Where are these African Americans? Ummm.. lmao the one black guy doesn't like Trump
Craig Buzzart
Craig Buzzart 3 timmar sedan
Did you notice that at marker <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="413">6:53</a> look at the guy's T-Shirt? What the hell happened to the four years between Trump 2016-2020 and Ivanka 2024 -2028
Kenma_is _BABY
Kenma_is _BABY 3 timmar sedan
They are pretty big hypocrites 🤣
Christopher Fergusson
Christopher Fergusson 3 timmar sedan
omg this is awesome
Tazz MAN
Tazz MAN 3 timmar sedan
thats proof need i say more
Lee Barnard
Lee Barnard 3 timmar sedan
The Trump Dynasty t-shirt had the correct dates, Ivanka wins in 2024 and again in 2028, the next one down wins in 2032 and 2036, etc... Still as thick as a whale omelette mind you, but I couldn't let that one go by...
Mic Trebor
Mic Trebor 3 timmar sedan
This are stupid people not politically educated people so it’s easy to make fun of stupid people
Steve Sutherland
Steve Sutherland 4 timmar sedan
You people are just as bad as Trump and I hope you will wake up and see what this man is. This man is a antichrist and Satanist. This man believes in what Satan stands for and that Satan is a lier, thief and a murderer. And you should see the same in Trump. And that is why I'm supporting Mr.Biden in November. And you people and Christian people who don't see no wrong in Trump you are just as much antichrist as he is.
John Akhil Sabu
John Akhil Sabu 4 timmar sedan
Math 100
BcD L 4 timmar sedan
Good god, we really have some stupid, ignorant people in this country.
Tetro Bro
Tetro Bro 4 timmar sedan
Congratulations, you focused on the minority of uninformed voters and cut interactions down to five and eight second clips. Job well done, soy boy.
Marguerite Galimitakis
Marguerite Galimitakis 4 timmar sedan
What a bunch of morobs!
Renáta Kóti
Renáta Kóti 4 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="488">8:08</a> this guy looks like he is on a summer vacation from Alaska
Guam Jam
Guam Jam 4 timmar sedan
IQ average 50
Renáta Kóti
Renáta Kóti 4 timmar sedan
the saddest thing is that most of these people don't realize they are dumb
JoAnn Ephraim
JoAnn Ephraim 4 timmar sedan
OMG... The stupids are on parade! Maybe I should be crying but I can't stop laughing at the fact that we have sooooo many ignorant people in this country. WOW!
Fast Guyz
Fast Guyz 4 timmar sedan
Just the dumbest questions for the dumbest argument.
Bryan LMB
Bryan LMB 5 timmar sedan
I honestly don't know how to react on this....
clumox1 5 timmar sedan
Actually at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="420">7:00</a> the guy with the red shirt with the Trump dynasty is right. The interviewer didn't understand. If you look at the dates they all have 4 years gap. The dash is confusing and make you think it's from-to. But at the end it just shows 2 election dates per person. Next line come 4 year after...
7 5 timmar sedan
America wake up! You have one job! Vote this man out in November
Nelson Diaz
Nelson Diaz 5 timmar sedan
Sew Pink A.Williams
Sew Pink A.Williams 5 timmar sedan
Are they really that dumb... I mean stuck on stupid dumb...🤦
Joe Stubblefield
Joe Stubblefield 6 timmar sedan
Wow this country is FUCKED UP!!!!
Patrick Gomes
Patrick Gomes 6 timmar sedan
To bad stupid people have to vote.
Vignesh Nair
Vignesh Nair 6 timmar sedan
Only first world country with this much stupidity
Eggy Von Turbo
Eggy Von Turbo 6 timmar sedan
Me 13 minutes ago: "Everyone should have the right to vote!" Me now: "yeah, maybe not everyone should be voting..."
Ren The Villain
Ren The Villain 6 timmar sedan
This was a fucking goldmine
MrJtee666 6 timmar sedan
So blind i love his troll
Moonbot 7
Moonbot 7 6 timmar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="107">1:47</a> turn around lol Edit- The shirt guy is right, you might want to edit it out.
Rob R
Rob R 6 timmar sedan
This clown just proves how stupid he is and no one else. He tries to moronically say there are no black Trump supporters. There are plenty right here on SEvid that say they are, is he too stupid to even use the slightest effort to see that plenty of blacks do support Trump and they see through the lies and know that is the dummycrats who have been putting them down all along.
Rob R
Rob R 4 timmar sedan
@senseiPaul There are more white people than black people so that might be a reason, but ok.
senseiPaul 5 timmar sedan
there are way less black trump supporters then white but ok
nn 7 timmar sedan
i love watching all these angry libtards get mad lmao
Macknificent 7 timmar sedan
This can't be real right?
Laticia Lockleer
Laticia Lockleer 7 timmar sedan
So many mindless, uninformed, brainwashed folk!
HoneySapphire 7 timmar sedan
Wow...the stupidity is real.
Jenny Cagadas
Jenny Cagadas 7 timmar sedan
FoundGamer 8 timmar sedan
Ruthe Phoenix
Ruthe Phoenix 8 timmar sedan
Klepper is 🔥🔥🔥
M Z 8 timmar sedan
Why doesn't anybody shoot Trump or why don't you overthrow him. I don't get it.
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