Corona Virus Isolation Box 

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Stay safe furze army and hope you don't end up needing the Furze Isolation Box!!!!
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See how made the Games Microwave sevid.info/video/k2Wsi5CEmJKXtHE.html
See my underground Bunker sevid.info/video/f4SWbK2So5quqGk.html
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1st Track is called "I'm Okay" and is by "Nosebleed"
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2nd Track is called "Tom Lambs Farm" and was wrote by Rick who brings me food in the video, see more from him here sevid.info/video/gau0m8mPyIuc04Y.html
In a band? Want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to furzemail@yahoo.co.uk as all music on this channel is from viewers
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colinfurze 21 dag sedan
Hope this is informative as well as entertaining, hope this all passes you by as best as possible. Stay Healthy Furzearmy.
PHANTOM APEX 4 dagar sedan
Were do I get one of these and how much
M.K. Frenky
M.K. Frenky 4 dagar sedan
After you come out from that box, become zombie
Dark Defender
Dark Defender 4 dagar sedan
@colinfurze you should do a full video where you're in the Coronavirus Isolation Box for 2 weeks straight!!😃😃😃
Khan imran new khan mobile mondka
I'ᗰ SᑌᗷᗷIᑎG TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE ᗯᕼO ᒪIKES TᕼIS ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎT 👈❤️🔥 I'ᗰ ᖴᗩST ❤️❤️❤️
Cosmickiller 2008ツ
Cosmickiller 2008ツ 6 dagar sedan
Why am I not subscribed.
benjamin garcia
benjamin garcia 4 timmar sedan
esta bueno
Stevo 6 timmar sedan
corona virus is actually good
Frank Hughes
Frank Hughes 7 timmar sedan
This isn't nothing new I see these all the time on the sidewalks of Los Angeles
Smart Man
Smart Man 7 timmar sedan
You were my childhood dream...but i could not made it through... But now at the age of 17, I do not loose my hope yet...
RynoProject 8 timmar sedan
Legend says he's still up there wishing he had tools and something to build.
Talha Younas
Talha Younas 8 timmar sedan
Good job
Pixel Crusader
Pixel Crusader 9 timmar sedan
Apocalypse: *starts* Colin: Bye lol
championarrow8 9 timmar sedan
Me when clicking: 😑 Me after watching: how much are you selling it for?!?!?!
нечеловечныйчеловек нечеловечныйчелоков
I love your videos Colin. You are just super cool.
[ИхТиЯр] [Курбанов]
Corona virus **** you
White Ranger Tiger Power
White Ranger Tiger Power 17 timmar sedan
Hell this guys well prepared and even scared more than me, I’ll believe it when I see when the isolation is done there can’t be answers for sure it’ll end this summer
Syncringe 18 timmar sedan
Okay. I want something like this as my ordinary living space only soundproof... Is that weird?
Sinyorita Brother
MacGyver come in real life! You are the best Mr colinfurze!
FireDemon94 YT
FireDemon94 YT Dag sedan
You can travel, if you have google earth vr
*• Galaxy Wolf YT •*
I wish i was smart like him 😔
Nathanial Dupont
When you were up on your JCB... How much poo? 😬😱
Clappa Dag sedan
LOL £emonetized
Man Of God
Man Of God Dag sedan
If you kick the bucket guess your already in a box.lol just kidding. Humorous video😷
Sagar Puri
Sagar Puri Dag sedan
Superb man superb superb superb superb
Halo Ninga 0257
Halo Ninga 0257 Dag sedan
How much can you prepare for
Muhammad Mbarek
Muhammad Mbarek Dag sedan
I knew it he's the inspiration behind Rick Sanchez fiction character
Agent Darkness
Agent Darkness Dag sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> wth is that lol
StePhan Mckillen
10 out 10 bro
Miles Dag sedan
Your manic energy is terrifying
Mobile Quizz
Mobile Quizz Dag sedan
why dont you give it to infected countries
De Ka
De Ka Dag sedan
전도자 Dag sedan
Are you afraid of death? Not sure what I should do? Jesus is the solver. Jesus is the savior. Jesus is the only light in the chaotic world. Satan deceives you. What has Satan given you? It's all about cheating, lying, killing, stealing, and perishing. Come to Jesus. Rest and receive eternal life. In front of Jesus' name, all powers and demons kneel down. I am the way, the truth, and the life. Only comes to the Father except through me. John 14: 6 You who want to believe in Jesus.If you who have COVID19, come to Jesus. Be healed in the name of Jesus, If you plagued by ghosts. If you wanna believe Jesus, Please say this words. "Jesus, I believe in Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God and my savior. you poured water and blood on the cross for my sins.And Jesus were resurrection in three days and I believe Jesus come back when in last world time."
Am I the only one who thought that looked like the acid bath from last day on earth
Tade Ojo
Tade Ojo Dag sedan
Phineas and Ferb in one
Christopher Elrod
Hey Colin I have a project I'm working on details currently. I'm wanting to build a splitter/air guide out of aluminum for my car. I'm wanting to be able to stand on the edge (nearest support is gunna be 2.5ft away). What mill thickness of aluminum do you think I'd be able to get away with?
Destroyer of Games
Destroyer of Games 2 dagar sedan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="208">3:28</a> I know that he is very responsible person, but if someone builds something like that and that put metal in the microwave, they'll lose a life besides a microwave. Please, DON'T PUT METAL ON A MICROWAVE! And also, STAY QUARANTINED, and STAY SAFE!
AK MTB 2 dagar sedan
Put a genuine smile on my face
Gaby Páleka
Gaby Páleka 2 dagar sedan
Brian Barber
Brian Barber 2 dagar sedan
Suggestion for future builds: social distancing equipment Examples: Social distancing belt - based off spinning belt of knives, with knives replaced by 2 meter long chains/ropes with weights, or folding arms perhaps with paintbrushes on the end Helmet with face shield and rotating air soft gun that automatically shoots anything coming within 2 meters/anyone that coughs Cover/dome for the Mr Bean chair to isolate you while moving around, perhaps with scissoring/extending hands to pick up things/pay for things at a distance.
moreno3662 2 dagar sedan
Heat up a piece of iron and burn that shirt.
F L 2 dagar sedan
The pooper hahahhaa💩💩💩
PAUL_VLS 69_2 2 dagar sedan
Man, You alredy have a bunker . WHY !?
tygrysek467 2 dagar sedan
Moron!!! you will laugh when the disease reaches you.
Chlo the gamer!!!
Chlo the gamer!!! 2 dagar sedan
This is so clever
Hawey 123
Hawey 123 2 dagar sedan
Can you do some more designs please
Mr. Sanjoy Kumar Bhanja
Eli !
Eli ! 2 dagar sedan
Why does Yamaha sell wierd plastic things?
Bryan Nicolas
Bryan Nicolas 2 dagar sedan
Faz uma bicicleta intera de mola
Jay's World
Jay's World 2 dagar sedan
dont buy toilet paper go for water
Jay's World
Jay's World 2 dagar sedan
why are u such a show off..if u have the ability make 8billions of these and donate
Angel Fiel
Angel Fiel 2 dagar sedan
what a great idea ❤
Box of Randomness
Box of Randomness 2 dagar sedan
This guy will live through 2020
Jam W
Jam W 2 dagar sedan
If you want to learn coding Colin: compedu.stanford.edu/codeinplace/announcement/
Ben 2 dagar sedan
Jack Ball
Jack Ball 2 dagar sedan
Aren’t u the guy who made a bunker in his back garden
PyroJasonExplodes 2 dagar sedan
Hafiyyan Azmi
Hafiyyan Azmi 2 dagar sedan
Jimmy Neutron is that you?
Micah Philson
Micah Philson 2 dagar sedan
Pretty sure he could manufacture these as affordable, compact living in china or japan for millions of dollars!
Im BaTmAn
Im BaTmAn 2 dagar sedan
You should put an ice cooler in there and some bottle openers. Let’s drink some Corona lmfao
ben lapadula
ben lapadula 2 dagar sedan
The fake hand got me so bad!
Michael Njeng'a
Michael Njeng'a 2 dagar sedan
You are simply insane
sh00keth 2 dagar sedan
where can i buy one
qwer pol
qwer pol 2 dagar sedan
sevid.info/video/a6uwh8ifqpK71ZI.html You should try to build a low cost ventilator.
chris kinneman
chris kinneman 2 dagar sedan
to be honest i stay home 24/7 cause im a lazy fuck haha i love ur videos dude! keep up the good work! but yeah i dont leave my housE!
CharlieGirlPetersen 2 dagar sedan
I'm getting a blood clot just looking at this thing.
lucien antonson
lucien antonson 2 dagar sedan
I'm binge-watching your channel Colin...So f*€king inspirin!
Things 'bout to get GRUsome
Can I buy a play-o-wave?
Sam Foster
Sam Foster 2 dagar sedan
Any instructions for this
Matty Ice
Matty Ice 2 dagar sedan
I wanna be Colin Furze when I grow up
Ice Fox Airsoft
Ice Fox Airsoft 3 dagar sedan
Hacksmith sees colinfurze finally a worthy aponent
Joel V
Joel V 3 dagar sedan
Is it possible to get the blueprint for this?
SmallTown Barber
SmallTown Barber 3 dagar sedan
I was hoping for cheap and simple ventilator builded in to protect NHS
Alexander Lovecký
Alexander Lovecký 3 dagar sedan
Very good idea
Selectively Septic Cerebrum
These designs could help a ton of medical personnel having to isolate in their back yards and garages. Fabricators may be able to help their medical community with these!
Clappa Dag sedan
Lola Parra
Lola Parra 3 dagar sedan
Have you started learning coding yet?
Jean Claude Daout
Jean Claude Daout 3 dagar sedan
Winner winner chiken diner😂😂 If you love pubg like
Reece N
Reece N 3 dagar sedan
I would have to know what you’ve got planned for 10 million subs.
Matthew Squires
Matthew Squires 3 dagar sedan
Colin has it all, except for a modern version of a modified Porsche 928
Kamal Sarkar
Kamal Sarkar 3 dagar sedan
Valuable information. But everyone should know about common antiviral foods sevid.info/video/lZ7ehb1816W33Yo.html
Assembly Workshop Section
Fart Poo
Fart Poo 3 dagar sedan
I love you’re music on the videos
Nooby Miner
Nooby Miner 3 dagar sedan
You used a fake hand😟😟😟
Fk-Gaming-Kronos 3 dagar sedan
much fun to watch good sir
Lauren Lost
Lauren Lost 3 dagar sedan
How iDubbbz Fell From Grace
JET POWERED Vacuum Cleaner
Underground Beach Hut Build
Drake - Toosie Slide
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