Am I Introverted or Extroverted?! 

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we try and find who the introvert vs extrovert is
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Kommentarer 80   
Jenny Forsell
Jenny Forsell 11 timmar sedan
"everybody is on a spectrum" They sure are hahahahahha
Zombe killer
Zombe killer 12 timmar sedan
I would be a *GOD* at this I never talk to anyone even my family I lock my self in my room and just play games and watch anime all day never had a gf never go out unless I have to
monika laosi
monika laosi 12 timmar sedan
If I wasn't so ugly, I'd be less of an introvert.
Symen Le Roux
Symen Le Roux 12 timmar sedan
The girl who won still looked like the most introvert person after she won...
SUPAH XLR8 GAMING 13 timmar sedan
Anyone else notice pewdiepies us army ucp fleece tho
Dung aus
Dung aus 13 timmar sedan
Lol Ofc
Lol Ofc 14 timmar sedan
Well, apparently I’m an extrovert, I guess I just hate people huh?
monika laosi
monika laosi 12 timmar sedan
And then there's me, an extrovert with social anxiety.
TheCrimsonShadow21 16 timmar sedan
why did he call the g fuel the gay cup, i thought he was lbgt friendly, i hear people use gay as a negative term all the time so im surprised he didn't say anything to correct it when most say pride or rainbow
Eelis Kuusjärvi
Eelis Kuusjärvi 16 timmar sedan
American introvert = Scandianian/Northern European extrovert
Joe Hales
Joe Hales 16 timmar sedan
Emma was so god damn extroverted in the second round.
Ben goldlust
Ben goldlust 16 timmar sedan
who choose to have introverts in the same room also the first guy seemed very introverty but he got chosen out cough cough racism an, so the very first round every ones dead silent and when the dude leaves everyone talks, come on now
misaki usui
misaki usui 16 timmar sedan
haha although i couldn't be sure, from the 2 minutes point, i had this weird feeling that the "extrovert" was dressing very specifically to look more timid xD
Hipsta Inu
Hipsta Inu 18 timmar sedan
It was so obvious it was the ripped jeans girl. She just seemed so fake. She was almost always whispering like she was trying to sound quieter and more reserved.
Chiura Raimu
Chiura Raimu 18 timmar sedan
I can also get energy from other people.. but just to those close to me. I am still a pure introvert.
Mini Platinum
Mini Platinum 18 timmar sedan
Go back to speaking school
Sofia 19 timmar sedan
Im a shy extrovert and its pretty bad
A 352
A 352 20 timmar sedan
What did pewds say about kingdom hearts?
BreAnimat3s 21 timme sedan
when felix started talking about europe never talking to random ppl makes me want to move to europe so bad
Alyssa Wellnitz
Alyssa Wellnitz 21 timme sedan
Pewdiepie’s heavy breathing is so calm
Laleuca Claire
Laleuca Claire 21 timme sedan
You should do 6 people with a broken bone one that’s just got a bandage on
Cryotics 21 timme sedan
And then there's me, an extrovert with social anxiety.
BBG Mdbrow2
BBG Mdbrow2 22 timmar sedan
Pew die pie is now now dr Phil but dr pewds
PÆNGU X Gamer 22 timmar sedan
PewDiePie:grassopher noises Everyone:it's a f*cking cricket
Zai The Kuudere Delta Kohai
I'm an introvert
Black Zac
Black Zac Dag sedan
I might be a hardcore introvert then Bc I don’t go outside unless I rlly need to, I run a meme page and play video games all day, and when I do go to a party I just stand there
Arkidie Dag sedan
being an introvert isn't defined as being shy or awkward or nervous around large groups. It's literally an energy thing. Extroverts recharge by being around people, but introverts recharge from having their alone time. Although if you charge something too much it will fry.
PinkMonkeyBird Dag sedan
Silent round I guessed stripped shirt guy, Trying to sell it too much
Happy LemonPotato
who uses "recharge" alot tho?? I knew there was something weird with her
Bad Wolfy
Bad Wolfy Dag sedan
Pewds is an Omnivert.
Mantas Viščiulis
Yo i want the rainbow shaker cup
Olivia Young
Olivia Young Dag sedan
She kept using the term “recharge” and shit. Way too obvious, stinky liar
Davis Fisher
Davis Fisher Dag sedan
“Introverts deserve poor” if a government did something like that, 90% of streaming services would be forced out of business.
The Jams Dude
The Jams Dude Dag sedan
Everyone: introvert or extrovert Me: *Ambivert*
Garden Warrior
Garden Warrior Dag sedan
Black chick is extrovert
Abominable Yeti55
I’m an introvert and American this is not a hate comment btw
Beme Boy
Beme Boy Dag sedan
The boy talks Like a girl
Arlen Strohballen
Just to be clear, this whole extra- and intro- vertism is a spectrum. Its a normal distribution resembeling a belle curve, most people are more extra than intro or vice versa. Making all that discussion obsolete and quite funny.
Beme Boy
Beme Boy Dag sedan
I sit down and watch PewDiePie
Tabish Kazmi
Tabish Kazmi Dag sedan
If u text chat on omegle then you are an extrovert...
Suoh Bro
Suoh Bro Dag sedan
I'm an introvert but its more like i don't care about meeting new people, I just don't like too crowded of places. I like to spend my time alone but I'm not afraid of people.
Suoh Bro
Suoh Bro Dag sedan
Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh
Skirowth Dag sedan
Why at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="915">15:15</a> can I hear the smash bro’s announcer very faintly counting down
Climate Change
Climate Change Dag sedan
If the SATs taught me anything it's that an introvert and extrovert combined is a thing. It's called an ambivert.
Megan w
Megan w Dag sedan
infj gang??
sam nelson
sam nelson Dag sedan
Felix not trust the 2 black people in group
Srictly Do Not Care
What a lot of people don’t realize is that there is a difference between being an introvert and having social anxiety. Being an introvert just means your more focused on your inner world, while being an extrovert means you’re focused on the outer world (if that makes sense). That’s why introverts prefer to stay home because they are comfortable by themselves and have fun by themselves, while extroverts like being in public or in a presence of someone.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Dag sedan
Pewdiepie: "American conversations are BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM" Me An American: "well hes not wrong"
Funkyfunk Dag sedan
there personality's though wtf
James Begurrr
James Begurrr Dag sedan
It wasn't actually a silent round it was when they first got them together
Funkyfunk Dag sedan
the guy with the chain with the lock is definitely a simp hands down.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Dag sedan
Omg the whole introvert video just felt hella awkward
Are we forgetting the ambivert? Ambiverts live their life as half introvert and half extrovert.
Unagi LeBlanc
Unagi LeBlanc Dag sedan
Did he say "we have the new gay- shaker cups!
Napoleon Dag sedan
Americans really are more extroverted. I was an extreme introvert by NJ standards, moved to Canada and suddenly I'm more extroverted than most people.
Drew & Ross
Drew & Ross Dag sedan
Can we talk about Felix’s stutter
MarxMan0o Dag sedan
Uhh I hate this kind of fat people with their fake confidence
Abundant Videos
Abundant Videos Dag sedan
In America, there are alot of highschool classes and other things within highschool/collage that punish gaps in conversation stating that they are "Awkward" while in the U.K. and other places, highschools and colleges don't care about silence in conversation. This is why someone like pewdiepie is perfectly fine without forced conversation.
Der Schlagkäfer
“An introverted person: one who is considered more thoughtful than social, with a personality more inwardly than outwardly directed; one who often prefers to have time in non-social situations”- Wikipedia It doesn’t say to speak quietly or to not talk to anyone. This video just makes me cringe
Kira Dowrick
Kira Dowrick Dag sedan
They're confusing introvert with socially awkward...
Abundant Videos
Abundant Videos Dag sedan
I love public speaking, I used to love doing presentations in class. And now I'm a marketing expert.
Blake RB
Blake RB Dag sedan
i myself feel drained when forced to interact with individuals and often i feel energized doin stuff on my lonesome. and of course as most of us may know; people can be on different levels, since humans are severely complex.
Blake RB
Blake RB Dag sedan
I KNEW IT! They used the word "recharge(d)" one too many times for my liking, It was almost straight out of a textbook definition of introversion.
Julio Dominguez
Julio Dominguez Dag sedan
Felix “THATS RACIST” Also Felix “dOnT tRusT yOu”
arson liekbread
arson liekbread Dag sedan
Felix that means you're an AMBIVERT
Douglas Sutherland
Watch the chunky the small and the rando
Edisa Kuroki
Edisa Kuroki Dag sedan
Omg the whole introvert video just felt hella awkward
Lea King
Lea King Dag sedan
did you know that introverted people can't talk OR be confident??
Rachel X
Rachel X Dag sedan
Alex is so relatable
No I think im getting used to felix's shaved head. NO NO
focalix Dag sedan
excuse me but im American and I think we have all just collectively mastered the art of small talk, its a talent
Emily Ostrom
Emily Ostrom Dag sedan
im quiet with poeple who i dont really know or who i dont talk to a lot but if im around my friends im an extrovert
Samuel Boucher
Samuel Boucher Dag sedan
damn she was good
Jason Carter
Jason Carter Dag sedan
You can learn a lot about a person from their SEvid picture(avatar) Am I introvert or extrovert?
Gaming and memes Network
HIKE? What are you gonna do when you get to the top, HUH! Why don’t you just eat a rock and when you done you will at least fell like nature
Amora Campbell
Amora Campbell Dag sedan
Same, I also like to stare at walls
Desmond Wan
Desmond Wan Dag sedan
Introverts don’t look at anyone, I would know because that’s me
Gabriele Rigoni
Gabriele Rigoni Dag sedan
6 blind people, 1 can see. They ha e to find the mole
Rubygamer 10101
Rubygamer 10101 Dag sedan
Ok,ok imma talk to you guys about ambiverts, it’s basically both and u guys can look into it in other vids since this is all off my memory. So.. ambiverst are basically: People that have a ‘battery’ it’s mainly used on other people, interactions, being a normal person,etc. but those activities tire the ‘battery’ out and you can re-charge it just by being alone, playing video games, making music, reading, painting, etc. There was a statistic or some thin’ that said around two thirds of ppl were ambiverts and the rest were intro/extro verted You should really look into this and other types of things like this if you’re interested bc I surely am
Colten Cook
Colten Cook Dag sedan
I am a former martial arts instructor and I used to have to appear confident in front of a large group of people daily. I had to be energetic, loud, and chatty with the people around me at all times. It completely drained me every single day I went into work. It got to the point where just the thought of coming into work would cause to me to come up with any excuse possible not to come in. I loved how meaningful my work was and I was greatly proud of being able to help people. I just always got so exhausted at trying to keep up with people. I am way more genuinenly energetic when I am operating autonomously. I prefer driving now because I no longer have to work with people to so much of a degree. I very much so enjoy the time I spend by myself. In my experience, an introvert can be confident, and an introvert can be socially skilled. An introvert is just someone who holds a preference in experiencing the world around them privately.
TortoRacoon Dag sedan
What a nightmare for introverts being in a room judged by others like them to then see how the impostor gets away with the money XD
Julie H
Julie H Dag sedan
Very true. Europeans dont talk to strangers, worst culture shock ever when you come to America for the first time
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